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The American Dream, New York City (Manhattan / Brooklyn)
Another Day Production, posted: 5-Oct
24th October, 10 Shoot...

This is a short web series which will premier on YouTube. The show is a wild ride through New York City's art scene through the eyes of a young college student trying to find his place in the universe.The series will be shot on Canon C100 MKII with sharp prime lenses and edited/color-corrected to the highest standards. The videos will then be advertised through different social networks, blogs and print. We believe that the right actors can really make the show shine. This is a wonderful oppo...

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Zombie Farm, Palm Beach County
Common Machine Prod., posted: 5-Oct
Low Paid
October 7, 2015, 10-12...

Common Machine is casting three actresses, age 18-24, for the principle roles in a zombie horror flick to be shot Wednesday (10.7) from approx. 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Pay is $300. Every year for Halloween, Common Machine, makes a short zombie film for commercial client KA-BAR Knives for its popular line of zombie knives. The videos have gotten quite a bit of press and gone viral across the web. You can see last year’s Romeo and Juliet knock-off video here: can see a...

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Eduardo, Los Angeles
Road Agent Pictures, posted: 29-Sep
Low Paid
October 30th, 2015, 10...

Casting "Eduardo," a short student film. Synopsis: Eduardo has a toothache and has decided to handle it like a man: by pulling it out himself. Egged on by his wife Ana, the couple discuss the differences between men and women, and through their conversation a complex and loving relationship is revealed.

Auditions will be held October 9th and October 10th in Hollywood, CA at Space Station Casting Studios from 11am to 3pm. Please contact us to make an appointment. Thank you!

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Lo$t Boyz, Los Angeles
Happy Thoughts Productions, posted: 21-Sep
October 15th, 3 day shoot

This comedy chronicles the shenanigans Peter Pan and the Lost Boys' experience while living in under one roof, and how bad things can get when Captain Hook moves into the house. This is a raunchy comedy in which the Lost boys will be played by drug using, girl (mermaid) hunting adults. This is a mockumentary- style comedy, where the lost boys, Peter, and Hook will be interviewed by the camera. The first episode will roughly be 10 min and all shot in one location.

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Spec TV Show - German Mother ..., Los Angeles
Shay Nielsen Casting, posted: 6-Oct
October 18, 2015, 1 day

We are currently looking for a "German Mother" to be cast for a pilot episode that will shoot in Los Angeles, one day between October 18th and the 22nd. The actress must speak German and be between 55 and 70 years old. The character herself is a nun who lives in Germany, smokes a lot, and is the supporting actress to her daughter who lives in Los Angeles.

Thank you!

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Ghost Team, New York
GTM, INC, posted: 6-Oct
Low Paid
1 or two days between ...

Indie feature shooting in Long Island and NYC. Great script and cast. Two days may be shoot in Long Island, 3rd day in Brooklyn. $80 cover food, and transport.

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Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, New York
Friedman Films, posted: 6-Oct
ASAP, 2-3 months (once...

Hello! I am in the process of writing a short screenplay to be filmed before November 2015. The short is about a stand up comedian in his late 20’s. Can be male or female! I have the story outlined and mapped out now all I need is you! I am aiming to collaborate with a comedian to write the stand up sequences, as well as inject some of their personal idiosyncrasies into the dialogue and overall character.

Please respond with resume/reel and I will be sure to give you more details


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Pharmaceutikillme, Middletown
Wesleyan University, posted: 6-Oct
Nov. 21, 2 weekends (N...

Pharmacuetikillme is a Wesleyan thesis film -- a satirical dark comedy about teenage rebellion, set in a pill-addicted suburban dystopia. Shooting dates will be the weekends of Nov. 21-22 and Dec. 5. These will be full-day shoots; meals will be provided.
Auditions will be held in the afternoon on Saturday, Oct. 17. No preparation is necessary, sides will be provided. We will contact you to set up an appointment once we receive your application.

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Black Like Me, NYC
HK production, posted: 6-Oct
Saturday October 24th,...

We will be doing a reading of a short film that goes into production early next year

Saturday October 24th From 1- 3 pm New York, NY

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Producer, Miami
LUCKY STAR Films, posted: 6-Oct
Oct.23 until Oct.26, 1...

Director and writer of "TO DIE TWICE", a psychological thriller about a young man who discovers the value of friendship in his most darkest hour.

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NEED: Actors that can ride a ..., Downtown
Ghostpepper, posted: 6-Oct
Thursday, October 8th ...

We are working with a popup shop to create video content to promote a store that sells "segway boards". At the bottom of this description there is a link to what it looks like. The shop is sending us a number of their products and we plan to shoot a promo video towards the end of the week. We are looking for someone to be the "talent" in our video and showcase the boards.
We'll be following you and a few other actors around the city as you wheel around different locations. All the footage...

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Casting Confessions, Los Angeles
Major Newspaper (confidential for now), posted: 6-Oct
Will accommodate, 30 m...

Seeking actors and actresses for a short documentary to share your stories about either casting calls or auditions that stereotyped you. We want to hear how this industry can pigeon hole people based on their gender and race during the audition process. This mini documentary will explore the biases that exist in Hollywood. Please respond with a brief description of the story you would want to share. We are looking for specific examples that you have encountered. Thank you!

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A Good Place To Call Home, Brooklyn, NY
CNSUME&DIE, posted: 6-Oct
10/29, 4/5 days

For his whole life, James Halterman has felt left out of the relationship his two older brothers, Sam and Charlie, have. That feelings of brotherhood is something he’s missed his who life. Then, James finds a tape: an old home movie. He’s also just unknowingly discovered the truth behind a young girl who was found in the woods some 15 years ago. He discovers a truth far closer to home than he could have ever imagined. As James plunges into the world of the tape, Sam drives through the n...

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Strong People - PSA, Santa Monica
Women in Film, posted: 6-Oct
10-5-15, 10 hours

Public Service Announcement. WISE and Healthy Aging – Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease adult day care service center. 30 second PSA.

“STRONG PEOPLE” is a touching story about an Alzheimer’s patient and her adult daughter. This is a Public Service Announcement is produced in collaboration with Santa Monica City TV and Women In Film to benefit a non-profit organization in Santa Monica, which among other things, provides day care services for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s di...

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Reincarnation Inc., Los Angeles
Independent, posted: 6-Oct
November 15th, 2015, 1...

Production Title: Reincarnation Inc.Union/Non-Union: Non-UnionProject Length: Short FilmProduction Location: Orange, Orange CountyShooting Date: Must be available to rehearse on November 7th or 8th. Shooting November 15th, 2015.Shoot Length: 12 hoursDirector: Hadley Hillel“Reincarnation Inc.” is a darkly comedic short film written and directed by Hadley Hillel, whose films have won over twenty jury and audience awards at national and international film festivals and were nominated for t...

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Actor, Chciago
Bando, posted: 6-Oct
10/16/15, Three days o...

Logline: Paranoia fueled tension effects four new roommates in various ways.

Three friends move in to a house together. A couple of the roommates begin to develop paranoia when a series of strange events leads them to believe their downstairs neighbors are messing with them, or possibly not even there. The unsureness that they begin to feel of their neighbors presence grows irrationally out of control as tensions escalate.

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Ah la Vie, Brooklyn, New York
RJProductions, posted: 6-Oct
Low Paid
10-13-15, 1 day

Kevin, Jake, Carlton, and Sofia will ask Lea out on a "date" via mobile phone. No nudity.

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Mical, Chicago
J Lock Casting, posted: 6-Oct
Low Paid
November 1, 2015, 1 week

Mical is the story of the first fully autonomous-anthropomorphic-artificially-intelligent machine. He was created for military purposed, but has since been relegated to a mundane existence. Designed as a mimic-bot, he was never supposed have actual thoughts. But you cannot plan for every eventuality. Mical develops complex attachments to people and things, inexplicably. After living on his own for 2 1/2 years, He gets too close to one family, and is labeled a threat. Mical’s creators, John ...

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Plan, Steiner Studios, Brooklyn Navy Yard
Feirstein School of Cinema, posted: 6-Oct
Low Paid
Sunday, Oct. 11th 11am...

3-minute student short film called "Plans" about a patient under medical and behavioral observation, who attempts to hide contraband as the hospital clinician approaches. This is a class exercise for the Feirstein School of Cinema, so it is low paying ($40 for a few hours). I am happy to re-imburse your bus/metro fare and provide coffee/light eats. You'll also get a copy of the sequence for your reel.
I need two actors/actresses to fill two roles.
Shoot will take place this Sunday October...

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Actor, New York
Bifrost Productions, posted: 6-Oct
Low Paid
10/17/2015, 2 days

Student Thesis Film being shot on Oct. 17th and Oct. 24th in Manhattan
Log line: "A young man struggles to suppress his hallucinations when a former lover comes to visit."
Non-union, paid, undergraduate thesis film.
Actors will be paid $400 for 2 afternoons of shooting, and will be provided with a copy of the finished film.
Auditions will be held on October 11th and 14th.

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