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The Parrot, West Hollywood
New York Film Academy, posted: 27-Aug
Low Paid
Monday, October 26, 20...

· This is a 1 day shoot on October 26, 2015 (no nudity). We're offering $100 per day.
· The shoot will be professionally edited and displayed on YouTube and Vimeo.
· Auditions will take place September 8, 9 and 10, 2015.

Willow, a teenage girl sneaks in an old obscene brothel-raised parrot into the family home while her mother entertains wealthy clients, this will lead to a series of events that will change Willow's image forever.

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Kid Hip Hop Dancers, Pasadena
Sparkle Motion Films, posted: 21-Aug
Low Paid
8/30/15, 6 hours

Award-winning filmmakers are looking for 6-8 youth dancers to participate in a short film about a dance instructor who struggles with an eating disorder. Production company has three films currently circulating the film festival route.

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Death Kissed, Lake Bluff/North Chicago area
Art Institute Schaumburg, posted: 19-Aug
8/28, 3 days

An aggressive man gets more than he bargained for with his dinner date when his dinner date shows her true vampiric side.

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Actor and Actress needed for ..., Port Washington
Reach, posted: 17-Aug
August 31, 2015, 1- 2 ...

· This is a Professional 1-2 day video shoot starting on August 31, 2015 (no nudity). We're offering $500 per day.
· The shoot will be professionally edited and displayed on YouTube, Vimeo and website.
· Successful candidate must be clean-cut, attractive, well groomed, personable, easy going, take direction and exhibit a professional business-like appearance, (Must be 18-23).
· Both roles will require the actors to successfully project emotion without speaking as there is no dialogue...

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CASTING: female late 30s-40s, Los Angeles
YouTube, posted: 28-Aug
AUDITIONS: Aug. 30th &...

Hello we are casting for the role of a Mother from the ages of late 30s-40s
this is a short film being shot for YOUTUBE. We are collaborating with the coordinators at the YouTube space to create a pschological horror/thriller short film.
we are holding auditions Monday Aug. 30 and Tuesday August 31, and Wednesday Aug. 1st. We shoot Friday September 4th (day shoot from 9am-9pm). It's a 12 hour shoot but you will only be on set no more than 6 hours -max 8 hours. Minimum 4hours.
Our talente...

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The Evidence of Things Not Seen, New York, New York
The Evidence of Things Not Seen, posted: 28-Aug
Low Paid
10/2015, 5-7 days

Seeking two African American women for upcoming feature documentary: "The Evidence of Things Not Seen," directed by Ja'Tovia GarySynopsis: A troubled young artist goes through the looking glass and discovers trans-generational trauma and mental illness throughout her family tree. But the return journey with her new, adjusted perspective offers opportunity for enriched relationships and possibly, a more serene future.**AVAILABLE ROLES**Young Black Girl (Age 8-11) - Expressive, creative and tak...

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Actors/Actresses, Staten Island
DIA Universe, posted: 28-Aug
*tbd*, *tbd*

The DIA Universe is an entire comedic viral universe featuring shorts, webseries, films, and more. Each story intersecting while still telling their own tales. We've been called a live action South Park and compared to Clerks and It's always sunny in Philadelphia. We have a cast of over 50 but were always looking to expand as our product is.
To anyone interested in being casted I ask that you first watch a few episodes of the product. ( look up "Isle of Shaolin" on youtube) to make sure t...

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Final, Sarasota
Ringling College of Art and Design, posted: 28-Aug
October 31, 2015, 26 h...

Comedy. 10min-15min. Josh is in the middle of his last final at high school when suddenly his pencil snaps. He is unable to finish his test and quietly begs everyone around him to help him out. Unfortunately, Ms. Meyers hears him and believes he is attempting to cheat. He is sent to the principal's office where he meets a very quirky girl named Annie. Annie eventually gets Josh to dump his problems on her and, after much convincing, agrees to help figure out a way for him to get back in the c...

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The Will, Sarasota
Ringling College, posted: 28-Aug
October 3, 2015, Octob...

A Ringling College Junior Film Production
Duration: 6 minutes

The Will is a heartfelt story about the relationship between siblings Claire and Derek following the death of their father. Claire struggles to come to terms with the realization that her father may never have loved her because of the path her life took, as Derek tries to reconcile their relationship.
Given that this is a student film, unfortunately we will not have the budget available to offer compensa...

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Father, Borough of Manhattan Community College
Short productions, posted: 28-Aug
TBD, 1-2 days

Father is about a young man sitting at the death bed of his father in his hospital as his father is on his last breath. While trying to get his son to comfort him for his last moments bitter rage comes out as his son still has troubling emotions towards him.

Auditions at BMCC main building on Thursday September 17th room S114 from 12pm-3pm

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Girls Are the Worst, Chicagoland
Columbia College Chicago, posted: 28-Aug
September 24th, 2015, ...

Girls Are The Worst depicts the story of Ben, an impressionable high school senior who is called upon by his father Ed to learn how to become a man and "pull the trigger". Ed demands that Ben ask a certain girl to prom in order to raise his own political status. When the girl turns Ben down he goes to extreme lengths to prove he is a man and can actually pull the trigger.

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Obligation, Brooklyn
RC Productions, posted: 28-Aug
Low Paid
October 15th, 3.5 days

OBLIGATION is a film about young women in the male-dominated Hasidic community whose passions, sexuality and freedom to love are constantly under the strictest control and repression. All meals and transportation will be provided.AUDITIONS ARE SATURDAY AUGUST 29TH, 11AM TO 4PM - Please message me for details

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HOST for Film Screening of Ca..., Venice, CA
Fourth Horizon Cinema, posted: 28-Aug
Low Paid
Sept 5th only, 3:30PM ...

Come HOST our premiere film, Caesar and Otto's Paranormal Halloween. It is Directed by Dave Campfield and features some good fun Cameo's! My Partner Dan Sullivan and I need a HOST (character details below) for this event held in Venice, California at the Electric Lodge (1416 Electric Ave, Venice, CA 90291.) You will only be needed for about 4 hours but almost half that time is checking out the film! You don't need any experience hosting or even acting really but just a good fun attitude and f...

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I Want You Inside Me, Minneapolis
Columbia University, posted: 27-Aug
Sept 28th, 1 week

A Columbia University (NYC) Production shooting in the Twin Cities. Writer/Director Alice Shindelar grew up in Minnesota and left a few years ago to pursue film in New York. Now she's gearing up to return to the home state to shoot her Columbia MFA Thesis film, and we're looking got a brilliant local cast!
SYNOPSISAn introverted teenage girl searches for her boyfriend when he mysteriously disappears after she convinces him to take her virginity. Hurt and feeling abandon, CJ searches for Co...

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Terminal Delivery, New York City
Celluloid Rain Productions, posted: 27-Aug
Oct.1, 2015, 2 weeks

TERMINAL DELIVERY is the much anticipated sequel to DELIVERY HOUR (2014 - Trailer:
The action in TERMINAL DELIVERY takes place 5 years later, and revolves around Anthony's last chance for emotional and spiritual redemption as he makes one final drug deal before starting a new life outside of the States.
The production will contain scripted and unscripted dialogue. The Director is interested in working with motivated actors who look forward to the challenge of ...

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Casting for Mock TV show, Chicago
The Institute of Art-Chicago, posted: 27-Aug
September 2, 2015, 12p...

Casting Call- Student Short - Mock Talk Show

I am seeking a female actress to act in a student 5 min TV show for the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago.

Role-Harley Quinn

We're looking for a female between the age of 20 & 30 to play Harley Quinn as the host of a mock TV show and the guests are Batman and Joker. Actress will be needed on the date of September 2nd @ noon- 3pm, 11am makeup/wardrobe and for a rehearsal one week before this date. A copy of the completed show...

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Birth of Hip Hop Original Web..., Bronx NY
Skidigital Productions, posted: 27-Aug
October 15, 2015, 8 hours

“Birth of Hip Hop” will be the first ever, Web Series depicting The Evolution of Hip Hop Culture. “Birth Hip hop” Chronicles Stories Based on True Events, of a broad conglomerate of artistic forms of self expression originating within marginalized subcultures from the Bronx, Harlem, New York City and other inner cities among Black and Latino youth during the 1970s. Characterized by four distinct elements, all of which represent the different manifestations of the culture: RAP MUSIC (...

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Music Video Cast - playing fr..., Venice, LA
Independant, posted: 27-Aug
September 1st, 1 Day

Hello -
We are putting together a music video for a well known hip hop artist returning with fresh new music to make his come back. The music video we are shooting will be paired with three of his new songs, just released.
We are looking for 3 actors to play the "homies" of our artist, with a very Venice-specific grungy/young and hip look. Age 20-28 preferred, open to a wide variety of styles. Separately, we are looking for one male (no demographic preference) to play a homeless man push...

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Fathers, Glassboro
Baus Entertainment, posted: 27-Aug
October 16th, Three days.

When mysterious circumstances land Derrick stranded in field with burning wreckage all around him, he seeks help from the family that lives on the nearby farm. Jessie, a single mother, has a hard time trusting Derrick when he can’t reveal how exactly he got there. Not everything is as it seems with Jessie either. She’s keeping just as many secrets. These two characters pasts and future intentions are unclear and will eventually lead to some shocking discoveries.

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Actors Needed for a music video, New York
Independent, posted: 27-Aug
Low Paid
09.07.2015, Full day

Music video for student thesis in media school Looking for Actors between the ages of 18-25 With background in theater/acting to participate in a Pop music video to play a role of undisciplined students in a college classroom(12 in total)Actors will get a call sheet 48 hours before the shooting day with the call time and the exact location(Manhattan)Please provide reel

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