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NEW: Director, Brooklyn
City College of New York, posted: 26-Nov
December 12 or 13, 1 d...

This is a 3-5 minute film required by City College of New York to as the first-semester production class assignment.

A man who loves her ex-girlfriend so much that he wants to become her. However, when he’s dressing in her dress and wearing her makeup, he bumps into her.

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NEW: Tatiana Ep. 5, Jersey City
NYU Tisch, posted: 26-Nov
Sunday December 6th, 2...

"Tatiana" tells the story of a fortune teller's life as she goes deeper into the world of fortune-telling and voodoo. The fifth and final installment of the series will focus on Tatiana's last fortune-telling appointment as she decides to retire.
The film series has been a great success thus far, and the last installment of the series will be just as challenging and fun to work on! It would be a great addition to any reel!
Non-paid, but lunch and a final copy of the film will be provided...

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NEW: STOP Trafficking of People ad, Los Angeles
New York Film Academy, posted: 26-Nov
4th of December 2015, ...

A young woman explains her nightmare and ask for help. STOP trafficking of people is an NGO that fights sex trafficking and slavery worldwide. This is its first commercial.

For more informations, visit:

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NEW: THIS LIFE, Rockland
CC FILMS, posted: 26-Nov
late Dec to early Jan...

A story about a little girl and her father. Producer planing to apply for SAG contract.

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NEW: Undisclosed Spec. Chocolate C..., New York, NY
Adolescent Content, posted: 26-Nov
Low Paid
11/29/15, 8 Hours

Youth- oriented production company Adolescent Content is looking for a natural and upbeat personality aged 9 - 10. This is a spec commercial for a chocolate candy surprise toy that is coming to the states early next year. Inside of the chocolate candies are endangered animals and rare mythical creature collectible toys.

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NEW: South32, Los Angeles
Castifi, posted: 26-Nov
Low Paid
11/29/15, 1 day.

"South32" is a murder mystery set in the Malibu Colony focusing on bullied teens in America, from a female perspective.

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NEW: The Night Sitter, Nashville
Roller Disco Massacre, posted: 26-Nov
Low Paid
2/1/15, 2/1/15-2/20/15...

Dancers/Actors/Contortionists needed for feature film shoot in FebruaryOur independent production company Roller Disco Massacre is heading to Nashville in February 2016 to shoot THE NIGHT SITTER, a feature length horror film.The main villains of the films are a trio of witches, and we need local talent to portray them! The witches will be covered by masks and costumes, so we don't need classically trained actors.Instead, we're looking for dancers, contortionists, and others with exceptional c...

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NEW: Magical Realist Funded Short ..., Los Angeles, Santa Barbara County
Sunflower Sings Productions, posted: 26-Nov
Low Paid
December 31st 2015 - J...

GENRE: Magical realism
LOGLINE: A single mother is trapped in a work obsessed world. The growth of a giant magical sunflower will show her the path to freedom.
Lead Actors will be paid union rates of $125 per day. Extras will be paid $50 per day.
This will be a 5 day shoot. I'd ideally like to commence filming on December 31st 2015 and finish on the 4th of January 2016.
Please send a link to your showreel. I will email the script to all potential c...

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NEW: In The Name Of Skepticism, union, new jersey
Seton Hall University, posted: 26-Nov
11/28/15 or 11/29/15, ...

Student film about a therapist and his patient that is into conspriracy theories.

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DIAMONDS FILM, posted: 26-Nov
Low Paid

Doing A SPEC commercial for a CONTEST.
Literally need 2 SHOTS - Grandparents are walking with Grandchildren on the beach. 20 minute shoot.
You get paid $30 on the day of the shoot. If we win You will get an additional $400. Regardless you get to FEATURE IN A SPEC COMMERCIAL.
Meal included at the end of the shoot.
All footage will be given to you for your reel.
Check out Some of my past work -
Trailer for my film - Diamonds
Music Video

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TEST short film, Orlando
Broken Phonebooth Productions, posted: 25-Nov
Low Paid
Thursday, December 3, ...

We are shooting a non-union, TEST, suspense, short film (script is only 6 pages) for in-house viewing only. It is not for public viewing or distribution.Actresses will need to provide:Own wardrobe - blouse or t-shirt with sleeping shorts or sports shorts.Own makeup - not much will be needed since it is an in-home scene at night.Food provided on set.DVD provided to both actresses.AUDITION INFORMATION:DATE: Monday, November 30TIME: 3:30 - 5:30 PMPlease have as many lines as possible memorized...

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No Reason, Manhattan , Queens
Me Production, posted: 25-Nov
11/27/30, a day

I am Looking for main talents for 3 minute student short film The story is about an art student who is quite , peaceful and willing to made a gift for his mom but the night before the birthday there are spooky situation happened with him that connected him to something.
Location : Midtown Manhattan / Queens
Casting call : 1-27-15

Shooting date : 11-29-15
,,,Please sent your head short or reel.

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Someone will scream, New York City
Columbia University, posted: 25-Nov
12th of December, 1 day

This is a 3-5 minute film required by The School of The Arts to complete our first semester as student filmmakers.
Tomás, a bubbly and smart mouthed 13 year old prepares to come out to his mother on new year's eve.

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Director, Culver City
West Los Angeles College, posted: 25-Nov
Dec. 5th, 1 day

"Hey" - A short film about an awkward encounter with a an unseen stranger in a very strange place.
Heyward is a quirky guy. (30-35) Should have something uncommon about his look and have good comedic timing.
One day of shooting in Culver City.
One audition.
There is no pay, but I can give you a copy of the final edit.

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Buried in the Woods, Brooklyn College WEB Building room 206
Ditmas Films, posted: 25-Nov
Sunday Nov 29, 2015, 2...

A young city boy named Morton is forced to move to a small house near the woods. On his first day there, he finds a secret map that will lead him to a treasure hidden into the woods. On his journey, he meets Skinny, his same age neighbor who helps him find the treasure. What they find will change their relationship forever.

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Lead and supporting, Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn
The New School, posted: 25-Nov
December 11, 2015, 3-4...

This is a short film which delves into the inner thoughts of our main characters Steve and Amy, whilst they are in an argument. Amy goes to her best friend for advice who has heard it all before. The main point to the film is they things we don't say and how they can both help and hurt our relationships. Must be comfortable with voiceover.

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Actor / Actress for short fil..., new york
Series Zero, posted: 25-Nov
TBD, 1-2 days dependin...

Hey, I'm looking for an array of characters. I could most likely use you no matter who you are because there are a lot of background roles. You would be prioritized as a speaking role if you want to be heard.

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Blacker the Berry, South Orange/New York City
Hill Boyce Productions, posted: 24-Nov
Low Paid
Sunday, December 6th, ...

I am creating a short film for my film production class. I am looking to cast for this film ASAP. I am willing to compensate for acting services and would like to get into the particulars of that after finding some possible candidates. The shoot will be 1 day and the setting is in a clothing store. If interested contact me through this site and I will send a copy of the script.

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CHIPPY, Burbank, CA
Womack Film Works, LLC, posted: 24-Nov
Low Paid
01/16/16, 1-2 days

CHIPPY is a short film that will begin production on 1/16/16 in Burbank CA. There will be a medium sized dog on set, so please consider allergies and/or fear of dogs before applying.

Audition Date: 12/06/15

SPACE STATION CASTING STUDIOS: Studio 7, 950 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038

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Actors, Auditions in Manhatten, filming in Belleville, NJ.
Shaolinfilm Production Corp, posted: 24-Nov
Dec.2 11am, 2 days inc...

This project is for the first episode of the TV/Video series for 1T Entertainment. The concept of the story is going to be like a reality TV show that shows the conflict between the models and the director. Behind the scene of a fashion shooting: The troubles and conflicts the model experiences while pursuing her dream. She finds unexpected events in every episode. 1T Entertainment is looking for actors who can participate in long term for upcoming episodes as well.

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