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Production        (Type) Employer Where (Ad posted) Starts/Duration Pay


(SH) 1863Films London, N1 5DL (22 Oct) 1st and 2nd November / 2 days Lo/no

Mock News Report in tv studio

(TV) One Touch Media Online Liverpool (21 Oct) 10th November 2014 / 5 Days total Lo/no

Business Production Advert

(CC) Red Book Productions Basingstoke (21 Oct) 25.10.14 / 9am-5pm Lo/no

OCTOBER LETTER (working title)

(SH) marieslaboratory London (21 Oct) Mid November / 3 days Lo/no

Childhood Nightmares

(SH) University Of Portsmou Portsmouth (21 Oct) November / Unknown Lo/no


(SH) Carolina Petro London (20 Oct) 4th December 2014 / 3 days Lo/no

Love & Movies

(SH) Kenneth Spencer London (20 Oct) Late November / 3 days Lo/no


(SH) Freelance London - Harrow (20 Oct) 30/10/14 / 4 days Paid


(SH) LFS MA FILMMAKING STUD London (20 Oct) 2014/10/29 / 1 Day Lo/no


(MV) Middlesex University Hendon, North London (20 Oct) 5th November 2014 / 1 Day Lo/no

MusicVideo for SouthWales Band

(MV) N/A Barry, Vale Of Glamo (20 Oct) 4/11/14 / 2 Days Lo/no

You Should Know

(MV) Backlight Flms Kent (20 Oct) Mid November / 2 Days Lo/no

Asian and european actors

(SH) MeMe Production London (20 Oct) 15/11/2014 / 1 day Lo/no


(VO) Reckoner Anywhere (20 Oct) Immediate / 1 day Lo/no


(SH) Red Fox Films Leicestershire (20 Oct) 15th November / 1-4 Days Lo/no

Under the music hall

(SH) Under the music hall Nottingham (20 Oct) November 18th / 4 days (only needed for one) Lo/no

Meat (Working Title)

(FT) Light Films Ltd Derby/ Midlands (17 Oct) 3rd Nov / 2-3 months Lo/no


(TV) Telepathymedia London (17 Oct) 4/11/14 / 2 days Lo/no

Chrysalis organisation

(CC) CL Productions Southampton (17 Oct) 22/10/2014 / Two days Lo/no

It's just Sidney!

(SH) GandG Productions Brighton and London (16 Oct) November / 1 months Lo/no
(Type) key: CO = Commercial. CC = Corporate. DA = Dance. EV = Event. FT = Feature Film. MU = Musical. MV = Music Video. OP = Opera. RD = Radio. RE = Reading. SH = Short Film. TV = Television. TH = Theatre. VO = Voice-Over. WB = Web/Interactive.
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