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My Boyfriend's Wife

(TH) Mychea INC DC (25 Jan) TBD- Fall 2014 / 2 months Lo/no


(SH) Dirigible Chicago (23 Jan) February 21, 2015 / 6 Non-Consecutive Lo/no


(FT) Lee Hayes Production Washington D.C. (23 Jan) N/A / N/A Lo/no

Dating App

(CO) Modern FilmWorks DC (23 Jan) Mid February / 1 day Lo/no

VGL Seeks Same

(SH) Jack-A-Lope Production Fort Lauderdale/Holl (23 Jan) March 2015 / 2 days Lo/no

Untitled Instructional Medical

(WB) Stock Productions LLC Arlington, VA (23 Jan) TBD / 1 Day Lo/no

Arcade Movie

(SH) Dream Machine Creative Philadelphia (22 Jan) March 14 / March 14-15, March 21-22 Lo/no

Things They Left Behind

(SH) University of Miami Miami (22 Jan) May 8th / 8 days Lo/no

Live and let Die

(MV) Venize Films Fort lauderdal, miam (22 Jan) March 2nd / 1 week Lo/no

Game On

(FT) Last Minute Studios Tacoma, WA (22 Jan) February 23, 2015 / 1 month Lo/no

Down and Out

(SH) UNT Advanced Film 2015 Denton (22 Jan) 3/26/15 / 4 Days Lo/no

19th Century Model

(SH) Columbia College Chica Evanston (21 Jan) 2/20/15 OR 2/27/15 / 3 days Lo/no


(SH) Drexel University Philadelphia (21 Jan) Feb 28th / Feb 28th,March 1st,14th,15th Lo/no

Looking Down (Senior Thesis)

(SH) Drexel Senior Film Philadelphia (21 Jan) February / 3 weekends February-april Lo/no

The Wretched

(FT) Bearded Dragon Product Tulsa (21 Jan) May 2015 / 2 weeks Lo/no

Equal Chances

(SH) Independent Columbus (21 Jan) February 2015 / 40 minutes Lo/no

'The Ab-Normals'

(WB) Florida Atlantic Unive Ft. Lauderdale/ Cora (21 Jan) Now / Ongoing Lo/no

Little Emma

(SH) MIU Miami (21 Jan) February 6th / 2 days Lo/no

The Big Frozen Gumshoe

(FT) Very Serious Films LLC Palm Beach County (21 Jan) 5/11/15 / 20 days Lo/no

The Fourth

(SH) David Gilmore Chicago (20 Jan) Feburary 12th / 2 days Lo/no
(Type) key: CO = Commercial. CC = Corporate. DA = Dance. EV = Event. FT = Feature Film. MU = Musical. MV = Music Video. OP = Opera. RD = Radio. RE = Reading. SH = Short Film. TV = Television. TH = Theatre. VO = Voice-Over. WB = Web/Interactive.
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