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New York City

Thier Productions posted: 25-Oct
Oct 29, 2014, 1 day

Director: Ela Thier. Seeking background actors for 3-4 hours this Wednesday for Ela Thier's science fiction comedy, 'The Great Despair'.
All background actors will be invited to attend a special cast & crew screening in NYC. We need a diversity of types for pick-up shots. You'll be working directly with the director and with a minimal crew.

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SUNY Purchase posted: 24-Oct
October 28th, 2014, 10-15 Minutes

Director: Devin Muckley. A short film about a story of a young man in mourning whom finds solace while talking with a blind old man behind a church.

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School of Visual Arts posted: 21-Oct
Nov 11th, 1 Day

Director: Sam B.. Student film shot on 16mm. 'Meta Noir' in vein of 'Twilight Zone'.
A one-character, dual-role piece, no dialogue, about a man who discovers a body alarmingly identical to his own…
Unpaid but transportation/meals will be covered and copy of finished film provided.
6 hour shoot will take place 9am to 3pm on Nov 11th in Manhattan.
Thank you!

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Chapman University posted: 10-Oct
Nov. 6, 10 day shoot

Director: Kali Baker-Johnson. 'This Is How I Want to Remember H.E.R.'
The story of Corbin, a quiet African-American boy who begins to struggle with his racial identity after his family moves his cousin Patience, a teenaged lesbian who’s been living on the streets, into their home in a mostly white suburb.
Chapman University Graduate Thesis Film
Accepting SAG/AFTRA and Non-Union Submissions

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Low Pay
Connected Health Solutions posted: 7-Oct
December 5, 4 days

Director: TBD. ABOUT US: Connected Health Solutions produces public service, web-based videos that address a variety of social issues. A few of our PSAs here: http://bit.ly/MMLPlaylist
THIS PROJECT: We are producing six (6) short vignettes (approx. 2-3 minutes each) that address the struggle associated with being a gay HIV+ gay man. The series will depict our main character going through the difficult process of dating and handling rejection about a year after he has found out he is HIV...

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09/18/14, 3 DAYS

We will be doing an open-casting call on 7/27/14 from 12pm-5pm with 15 minute blocks.
Please inquire within to reserve a time that works best for you. First come first serve.
Thank you everyone!
Director: JUSTIN MARR. LOGLINE: Four egotistical guys try not to kill each other or themselves let alone the yuppies and hipsters that come into their Brooklyn video store.

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New York City

Secret Dreams posted: 24-Oct
November 21, 22, and 23, 2 over nights (7 to 5 A.M.)

Director: Sam Seifnourian. This is a student thesis film. The entire movie will take place inside a frame shop. Food will be provided, and we are shooting in Upper West Side btw, Columbus and Broadway. You will be working with a very talented crew who are actively involved in the industry.
November 1, 2014 2:00 – 6:00 PM
(Please note all auditions will be given a specific time within this window)
Call Backs: Will be determined.
Shooting Starts: November...

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Tisch School of the Arts, NYU posted: 24-Oct
11/20/14, 2 Hours

Director: Isaiah Hoban Halvorsen. This is my final project for Sight & Sound Studio, a Sophomore level production class at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. We will be adapting a scene from Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master and shooting it over the course of 2 hours in NYU's Television Studio.
In this scene, Master 'processes' Freddie by asking him a series of questions to evaluate his psyche and manipulate him into joining his cult.
This is a great opportunity to build your reel and...

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Rockaway, NJ

Grey Sky Films posted: 24-Oct
11/15/2014, 3 day shoot, 1 day rehearsal

Director: Mark Serao. Join an award winning film team for a hilarious character driven short film!
Transportation will be paid for hired actors. Green Room and catering will be supplied for all cast/crew members.
Auditions will be held 10/20 in NYC. Afternoon and evening audition times available.
All scenes will be filmed outside. Actors must be available 11/15 for a rehearsal in NJ, as well as 11/18, 11/19, & 11/20 for filming in NJ. (Evening shoots starting at 5pm)

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Los Angeles

The Fallen Studios posted: 24-Oct
March 15th, 3 weeks

Director: Kristian. An unpredictable but loveable girl moves in with her reliable, but love-struck ex-boyfriend who copes her newly declared lesbian sexuality.

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Makena Costlow posted: 24-Oct
November 21st, 2 days

Director: Makena Costlow. When old and lonely Lucy comes across Howard, an elderly man whose memory resets every thirty seconds, she is faced with the challenge of getting him home.

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San Francisco Bay Area

Low Pay
Evelo Electric Bicycles posted: 24-Oct
10/26/14, 3-4 minutes

Looking to cast one or two actors for b-roll footage to be used in a promotional video for a new product from Evelo Electric Bicycles. Age range 30-60, male or female. Scenes will be shot this weekend or next week, at a date and time dependent on actor availability, at an outdoor park or bike trail in the East Bay or Marin (exact location TBD). We just need action shots, no audio/dialogue required. You should be confident in your ability to ride a bicycle, which we will supply. This is a small...

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tribeca, nyc

none posted: 24-Oct
10/25/2014, 40 mins

Director: Renee. this is a very short student production , that will take place in borough manhattan community college located in tribeca . the actual filming will take place next Thursday 10/30/14 at 9 a.m sharp. i would also like to have a short rehearsal before the filming ASAP . please email me

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New York

School of Visual Arts posted: 24-Oct
11-21-14, 4 shoot days

Director: Saskia Cohen. This is a story about two girls: one Jewish, one Middle Eastern who become friends and realize that their similarities outweigh their differences.

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South Brunswick

HaMonkey posted: 24-Oct
ASAp, 1 day

Director: Crisanto Jorda. This webseries is a mock reality TV show like Ben Stiller's Burning Love or Real Husbands Of Hollywood. This show revolves around Jai and his schemes to get famous, and then once you get to know a few of the characters we will showcase them more in season 2.

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Utica, NY

KAM Media posted: 24-Oct
11/2/2014, 2 days

Director: Matt Ossowski. Seeking 2 male actors age 30-40 years for a short dramatic film to be shot and submitted to Tribeca Film Festival by Nov. 26th 2014.
The Story: When a man's family is brutally killed in a hit and run accident he takes the law into his own hands only to find the man he's after is not the person he thought.
It's a short yet powerful story and the Male lead will play a very emotional part. The part of the man behind the wheel of the car we're also looking for, he...

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New York, Pennsylvania

New York University posted: 24-Oct
January 30, 2015, 9 days

Director: Calvin Nemeth. A Grim Reaper named Steve must, unwillingly, take on the responsibility of raising a child.

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Long Island

Gorilla Airplane posted: 24-Oct
11/13, 3-4 Days

Director: Cameron Trentalange. The Not-So-Wright Brothers is a historical and literary farce, deconstructing the stories of the Wright brothers and the classic novel, Charlotte's Web. It is a comedy about two brothers who must learn to become their own men and spread their wings beyond the nest, despite their father's wishes. Join them on their plight for flight.
All travel and food expenses covered.

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MDC SEDT posted: 24-Oct
Filming Nov. 22nd, 8am- 8pm

Director: Keiter Liriano. Rose, an older woman, is having a hard time coping with the fact that she is never going to be young and beautiful again. One day when she sees an ad on TV she may have a chance to be young again, but everything comes at a cost.

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Washington, DC

Low Pay
Nameless posted: 24-Oct
Nov 8th, Show Date - Dec 6th

Director: Nia Barge. The social event of the season has arrived and the entire town is buzzing for the Big Heart Charity Awards Banquet. As the event begins, everyone is on the edge of their seats to see who will take home an award - everyone except for aspiring detective Simon Sutherland who can be found taking a nap in the back. The rookie cop would much rather be solving a real crime instead of spending the evening babysitting a room full of philanthropists. But when the recipient of the...

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