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Trinity Princeton Academy posted: 29-May
06/20/2015, 3 Days

Director: Babara Weissman. Shooting a promotional ad/web series for dating app Tinder

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Upstate New York

Junkyard posted: 29-May
6/6/15, 6/7/15

Director: Adi Chand. Two clones who are not supposed to experience feelings fall in love. This short film follows their journey as they try to escape from their institution.

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Brain Crane posted: 29-May
July 20th, 3 months, infrequently

Director: Joshua Briggs. Jefftown is an upcoming independent comedy feature about Jeff, a struggling musician who uncovers a plot to gentrify Bushwick while searching for his stolen guitar.
Slightly satirical, slightly surreal, Jefftown is an exploration of the emerging bohemian population in Bushwick, focusing on the dynamics of change in a community undergoing gentrification. The film will be shot in two to three day blocks over the course of 3 months, with the intent to submit to all the...

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Miami Dade College posted: 29-May
October/November 2015, 4-5 days

Director: Eddie Gibson. A web series about human trafficking. Nina was raised by loving parents. She never did anything wrong, yet she grew up in a little box of safety. Her reality is flipped when she becomes a victim of human trafficking, suffering the same fate that many women and children live through in the modern-day United States and throughout the world. As she gets tossed into the most successful underground escorting service in the US, Nina must fight to remember whom she really is...

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New York City

Low Pay
Penn Street Films posted: 29-May
Early June, N/A

Director: N/A. Voice over actor needed for short film set in the 1950s. Looking for a white all-american upper class type to play lead actor's boss for small scene. Strong, can be raspy. Might use actor's chin and body in scene.
Please submit audio and/or links to videos with your natural voice.

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New York City

Low Pay
Panmansoljan.com posted: 29-May
6/3/2015, 4 hours

Director: Andrew C Lyman-Clarke. Witness Films is casting for (5)Principal roles for our upcoming feature film, 'Night Sweats.' 'Night Sweats,' is a feature length film to be shot in New York City and to begin production 11/1/2015. Because of the intensity of the principal roles we have begun casting now. Please respond with your most recent headshot and resume and any video clips you have. We are looking to audition people for 6/3 & 6/7 of this week. Please submit if you are available to...

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Low Pay
Marked Man Films posted: 29-May
June-July, 3 days

Director: Bob Hughes. Dead Man is down on his luck. After meeting the gorgeous Ash, believing her to be the answer to his dreams, Dead Man soon finds she is the nightmare from which he can never awake.

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High Velocity posted: 29-May
June 20, 10 days

Director: Dwight White. All Pope wanted was new clothes for school, but what the local drug dealer gave him was a dark-side experience that changed his life forever.

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New Brunswick

Low Pay
Tobi-Keith Productions posted: 29-May
June 2015, One day

Director: Tobi Sigona. Dear Stranger is a post apocalyptic drama centered around five characters and their inner struggles of trying to survive. As one of them becomes too sick to carry on, they decide to take shelter in an old abandoned house to rest and find medicine.
Please include your headshot, resume, and any links to reels/ videos. If auditioning for Stranger, please also include any audio reels.
Auditions will be held on Sunday May 31st in NJ. If selected, you will be contacted...

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Society Rebels Production posted: 29-May
Filming July 24th - 26th, 3 Day

Director: Paola de Pablo.
When Principal Pal decides to cancel Homecoming due to budget cuts Melanie, a determined high school senior, “persuades” him to allow her to raise the money herself. With the help of her insouciant Committee of idiots she is devoted to follow through with her “destined” perfect Senior Year.
- reoccurring character

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Melcher Media posted: 29-May
5/31/15, 2 hrs

Director: Luke Jarvis. We are shooting a few photos to be used in an internal company video. The photos will depict an active duty husband outfitted in his service uniform surprising his son with a visit for his birthday party, all organized by the supermom who's just had a very busy but successful day at work. This is a reunion moment filled with surprise, joy, and love. The photos will include a dad surprising his son (possibly with a puppy gift), dad hugging son, mom putting a cake with...

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Crunch GmbH posted: 29-May
around July 11, 3 weeks

Director: Mirjam Germann. Our production company is going to shoot a travel short film that follows Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica. We combine stunning visuals with a fictional story, so it is not only a documentary. We want to educate them about Route 66 as well as entertain them. The goal is to animate people to see the world.

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Low Pay
Stryker Productions posted: 28-May
June 7, 2015, 1 Day

Director: Keith Ernst. In light of the Twilight Zone, our 25 minute supernatural film is about a father and his struggle to protect his family from complete devastation.

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West Coast Players posted: 28-May
June 21, 2015, Production Dates Aug 14-30

Director: Rand Smith. West Coast Players will hold auditions for The Nerd by Larry Shue at 7 pm on Sunday and Monday, June 21st and 22nd, 2015.
Synopsis: Architect and all-around nice guy Willum Cubbert has spoken often of Rick Steadman, the man who saved his life in Vietnam. A man he never got to meet but to whom Willum has pledged that as long as he’s alive, “you will have somebody on Earth who will do anything for you.” Now, at a gathering at Willum’s apartment to...

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Rochester New York

Low Pay
MM Mayhem Films posted: 28-May
June 22nd, 7 days

Director: Nicholas Boise. Award winning Producer & Filmmaker with the recent success of their distributed horror / thriller film 'Awake In The Woods' are gearing up for their next project 'TIME WOUNDS ALL' to be shot upstate in Marion, NY. Awake in the woods is available worldwide at fine retailers such as Amazon, Target, Best Buy, F.Y.E, Barnes & Noble and many more. This new project horror / thriller 'TIME WOUNDS ALL' will be distributed as well. Looking for actors to fill these lead...

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Loaded Pixel Creative posted: 28-May
June 7th, 4 Hours

Director: Timothy Lanzone. We're a team of talented Philly-based filmmakers who are banding together to boldly go where millions of filmmakers have already ventured before us: short-film land.
Seriously though, this is an amazingly talented team who are all excited to work on a narrative project and flex those creative muscles which are generally confined to commercials, promos, or corporate videos!
This is a total labor-of-love for all involved. To pay all of our day-rates for the pre...

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Washington Heights Area

Community Healthcare Network posted: 28-May
the week of June 14th, 2 days

Director: Aubrey Hardwick. Teens P.A.C.T. positive actions and choices for teens is a non-profit pregnancy prevention program. This public service announcement was produced entirely by teens for teens. It is just one in a series of public service announcements. The series aims to empower young people to make positive decisions, create social change, and reduce the rates of teen pregnancy, STDs, and HIV. Our first PSA discusses the importance of knowing the right information and debunking myths...

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New Jersey/ New York

2vida Magazine posted: 28-May
Asap, Its on event basis

Director: Ana Milena Rojas. About 2VIDA
2VIDA Magazine (www.2vidamagazine.com) is a rapidly expanding online magazine that features up and coming artists around the world. As of today, we have worked with and featured over 70 artists in the artistry of music, spoken word, fashion, painting, film, modeling, and many much by means of written interviews, behind the scenes as well as covering live events since our start in December of 2011. This summer we are providing opportunities for artists...

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New York

Anywhere Film posted: 28-May
7/3, 3 days

Director: Derron Campbell. Logline:
The world of a well-intentioned basketball coach is rattled when a troubled client walks into her life.

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Synergy posted: 28-May
6/10/2015, 4 afternoons

Director: Tom Lassu. 'Stripling on the Olympus' is the adaptation of a classic novella by a European author, originally written more than 70 years
In this short film, a middle aged writer, who had to make many compromises in order to have a comfortable civil life, runs into a young hopeful that confronts him about the many dreams he had. The outstanding goals that he should have accomplished are slowly but surely fading from the older man's horizon.
Will shoot on the Hudson...

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