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Newcastle Upon Tyne

Bay Video posted: 26-Nov
3/1/15, 3 days

Director: Stephen Robertson. We are currently casting for our new Sci-fi comedy short “Firmware”. Firmware is a story of a lovelorn man called 'Adam' who purchases a female robot companion 'Emma' only to find she isn’t quite what he bargained for.
The film will be between 5-10 minutes long and will look to enter it into short film festivals.
The roles are to be unpaid, but expenses will be included.
Is this is of interest please contact us and if possible send a...

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Low Pay
2CreativeCrew posted: 26-Nov
6/12/14, half day

Director: Olga Lagun. I'am looking for a mature actor (60 years old and over), who is interested to take a part in a music video. Unfortunately this role is unpaid, but expenses will be covered.

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No Easy Days posted: 26-Nov
18th Dec, 1 day

Director: Paul Tanter. We're shooting a London based segment for a US TV show, called NO EASY DAYS, and are looking to fill 3 roles for the shoot. Filming will take in a studio in London, and all roles are single day, 1 episode parts.
The rate is 375 per actor, for the one day shooting.
The show is about the Kidnapping of the US presidents daughter by suspected terrorists, and the efforts of a Navy Commander to get her back. This show will be airing on UK TV early in 2015.

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Uni Wolverhampton posted: 26-Nov
5th/Dec, 4 Days

Director: Will Bates-Harrison.
We are working on a short Drama/Thriller film. Vincent is the father of a teenage girl who has gone missing and he is on the hunt for her. When he finds the kidnapper, chaos ensues.
This is a University project so there will be no pay, but travel costs will be paid and actor will be catered for. Ideally looking for replies from people living in West Midlands or Staffordshire.

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Team Chameleon posted: 26-Nov
13th December, 2 days

Director: Simon Dymond.
Bitter Me is a comedy/horror that revolves around Mark and Dave - two twenty somethings with nothing better to do than hang out, drink beer and play fifa. When Dave starts seeing more of his girlfriend Kelly, Mark finds himself getting pushed out of the picture. Mark takes drastic actions to restore the status quo.
The script is a darkly comic tale of obsession, jealously, friendship and flat mates. Our budget is limited, but we can cover travel expenses and...

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Islington (London)

Proportion Productions posted: 26-Nov
early jan TBC, 1-7 days depending on role.

Director: Jerome Coreman. Feeling unfulfilled from her unfaithful husband Elise meets a photographer who introduces her to a whole new world of kinky sex. Their passionate affair leads Elise to have sex with numerous men. When Elise wants to go back to her 'normal life', the photographer makes Elise that there is no 'normal' left.

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South West Film posted: 26-Nov
28 Nov, 2 days

Director: Nick Gear. 50-70 woman to play grandmother.
Advert is for legal firm
To be broadcast on daytime ITV. Fee is £250. Ideally we would prefer a local actor. No dialogue, voice over.

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London- central

Black Teeth posted: 25-Nov
27th November, 1 evening

Director: Thomas James. This is a music video for the band Taman Shud, for their upcoming song 'Viper Smoke'
An unsuspecting couple are walking home from a date, only to be followed by a suspicious character. However, all is not what it seems and when he finally confronts the couple he is the one who is attacked.
We are looking for a charismatic, imposing and authoritative older actor to play the role of the SUSPICIOUS MAN in this video. Although this job is unpaid, we are confident we...

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Finite Productions posted: 25-Nov
13th January, 4 nights

Director: Jack King. Finite productions is looking for 2 ASIAN MALES to play the lead-roles in an upcoming mixed-language dark drama short film production; ‘Pit-stop’, shooting early January 2015 in BRADFORD, Yorkshire.
Pit-stop is a dark drama that focusses on the struggle of 22 year old ‘Noveed’; an immigrant working and living at a hand-car wash alongside his depressive and violent father, a man hell bent on ensuring Noveed doesn’t neglect...

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Manchester / North-West

Maccykid posted: 24-Nov
February, Weekends - 3 to 4 weeks.

Director: Andrew McIntyre. Kickdrum Hearts is a short film about a reclusive man and the serendipitous nature of falling in love.
The film has no dialogue and will require actors to be able to expertly portray their character and their emotions using only actions.
Filming will be at weekends, no wages can be paid due to the low-budget nature of the film but reasonable traveling expenses will be reimbursed.

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Hendon, North London

Low Pay
Middlesex University posted: 24-Nov
12th December, 1 day

Director: Emily Mitchell. Based on the book 'Will Grayson, Will Grayson' by John Green we are currently casting for 2 male leads to feature in a book trailer
This is a student film and the work is unpaid but food and travel expenses will be covered
Applicants must be available to shoot the whole day of December 12th
As the film will be using copyrighted material, the final film will not be published but actors are welcome to use the material in their show reel
If interested...

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Salford University posted: 24-Nov
1st december, 2 days

Director: Leo Hendrikse. I am planning to recreate two scene from the film true romance, an action thriller written by Quentin Tarantino, for a five minute short.
The first scene involves friends Clarence and Clifford meeting up for the first tome in three years. After a small chat, Clarence reveals that he needs Clifford's help, and that he is in trouble. Clarence then agrees to help him.
In the next scene we see Clifford tied up, he is being interrogated as to the whereabouts of...

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Low Pay
University of Salford posted: 24-Nov
8th December 2014, Three Days

Director: Martyn Warren. Hello Everyone,
The Champions is a working title for my fourth production as part of my MA in Children's Television Production and I am looking for cast members to join in this engaging project that will also be used as a pilot to send to numerous companies who specialise in children's television.
Alex is a teenager who loves playing sports and working hard to improve herself. After training for an upcoming football tournament with her teammates, she gets...

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Low Pay
22/11, till 14/12

Director: maya. Excellent opportunity for young female actor looking to gain serious experiance through our web series pilot.
Episode Synopsis: young girl travels alone to London to meet her father for the first time (up till now he was unaware he had any children). Episode tells the story of their first encounter.
Shooting date 13/12 in London

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University of Westminster posted: 24-Nov
Wednesday 26th November 2014, Maximum of 5 days

Director: Adam Sutcliffe. The short film focuses on the subject of identity and looks at mental illnesses; it follows a troubled man who is conflicted with himself and the controlling twin he has created in his head.
Auditions will be held on Wednesday 26th November 2014 between 11am - 2pm and 2.30pm - 5pm
Filming will take place between December 1st - December 5th
If you want more information feel free to contact us.
There will be food and drinks on set and you will be...

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Zodia films posted: 24-Nov
December 1, 2014, 5 days

Director: Elena. Our client is looking for a woman with elegant personality and fluent in English for a series of video commercials and corporate videos, with a theme on 'Living healthy'. Having a prior experience in acting and or as a model is an advantage but not a necessity. Newbies are welcome to try, however, do consider the fact that, this is not a one time project, this will be an ongoing project which will be filmed once in every 6 months with newer themes. Applications are requested to...

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University of South Wales posted: 24-Nov
10/12/2014, 1 day

Director: Kevin Hayward. Marked is a short film about the power of symbols, specifically how a Jewish family reacts when the youngest gets a tattoo.
Is it an insult to great-grandmother's experiences in the camps? Is it just foolish youth? Or is it motivated by love?
Auditions will be on wednesday 3rd December 2014; filming will be on 10th December 2014.
Contact me at: khayward68@gmail.com

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Northern Film School posted: 21-Nov
11th December 2014, 11th - 15th

Director: Stephen McBriarty. I am a producer currently working on a short film for our second year assignment at the Northern Film School. I am currently looking for actors to cast so take a look at the Synopsis and character descriptions and give me a shout if your interested.
The Game - Synopsis
Robbie is an intelligent guy with a huge loyalty to his friends, big enough to help get them apprenticeships at his uncles Garage. However, after an altercation after a football game with his...

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UoG Films posted: 21-Nov
29/11/2014, 5 days

Director: James Silvanus-Davis. Hi There! We are making an exciting film on a girl called Maiya! We would like to film over the next few weeks so obviously it depends on actor availability!
We are final year Film Production students from the University of Gloucestershire, this is one of our final films so we want to make it as good as possible.
We intend to submit this film to festivals!
We will be working with children so please only apply if you like working with kids!

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Crayon Films posted: 21-Nov
05/12/2014, 2 days

Director: Tobias Cahen. Synopsis:
Set in a 1930’s New York appartment, an italian family accidentally stumbles into the life of a interracial couple when they discover a hole through their wall leading to the neighbouring flat. The couple soon realize what is going on and decide to make them aware of the fact they are intruding.
Hole in the wall is a five minute short in the style of early black and white silent films. At that time interracial relationships were not...

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