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London, Docklands

Low Pay
Zivkovic Productions posted: 29-May
05/06/15, 1-2 days

Director: Sasha Zivkovic. A call for actors & dancers keen on public outdoor performing, who want something exotic and special for their showreel. This is a fine art video set around several keynote sculptures in London’s Docklands. It’s a one-day shoot on Friday 5th June, with a possible spillover on Sunday 7th. The plot involves office workers who have escaped their workplace, and decided to perform exotic rituals in public. The performers will act out a heady mix of...

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London North

Lionwalk Productions posted: 29-May
Month of June, Month of June

Director: Helena Mambo. The show is a low budget mini web series of about 5 to 6 episodes with a small and amateur but talented crew. Set in London.
It is moderately a street drama. scraping elements of crime and gang life.
It is mainly based on a father daughter relationship and the life of some of the people surrounding them.
Auditions are this Saturday 30/05/15
Please message for details if you wish to attend
*Other role are available

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Spotted Mug Productions posted: 28-May
01/08/2015, 11 days

Director: Archie Guinchard. The Stages of man
Inspired by the Shakespearean epic, The stages of man follows one soldiers life as he is imprisoned whilst fighting in an unknown conflict, set outside the boundaries of our time.
Through his imprisonment, and driven by the torture he receives at the hands of faceless men, he delves deep into his own consciousness, revisiting happy times, back to different ages of his existence, the schoolboy, the lover, as well as seeing a glimpse of what...

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The Generation Of Z posted: 28-May
ASAP, Flexible

Director: Michael Hurst & Colin Mitchell. The Generation Of Z: Apocalypse is an immersive theatre show which since crossing the world from New Zealand, selling out at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014 is now bigger and bloodier than ever! Our show is where the proximity of theatre meets the detail and special effect quality of cinema in a narrative driven journey much like that of a video game - it's fast paced and unrelenting literally taking a chainsaw to the fourth wall as the audience find...

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South East London

Low Pay
NewPage Films posted: 28-May
13/06/15, 6hours

Director: Aoun Khan. A violent man named Charlie is back to look for the people who murdered his brother

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AG posted: 28-May
30/5/2015, 1 day

Director: AG. Based on this feature: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PY_8nkEOeM
A man makes a fool of himself after trying to copy his cool housemate's new hair style, or what he thinks is a new hairstyle... In fact, his housemate had a big night in town, and has come home and fallen asleep in paint! Unfortunately for the man, he doesn't know that, and decides to go to the hairdressers and get his own paint-hair style. When the chair swivels around and his hair is looking ridiculous, the...

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Independent posted: 28-May
08/06/15, 120 mins

Director: Nick Krauser. This is film for a men's dating advice company. The film will show two actors meeting in Shoreditch for the first time, going for their first date and then going back to an apartment together. Where both actors will be kissing in their underwear.
The film is being made to educate men on the do's and don'ts of dating and there will be animated text over the final video, offering further explanation.
Payment for all actors will be £40 an hour.

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MoQi Films posted: 28-May
13th June, 1 day

Director: Jonny and Leonora Moore. 'Made In Taiwan' is a hot art-house feature film shot on location in Taiwan, last November. We are now shooting an important pick up scene for the film on June 13th, and require 2/3 Asian models for a few hours.

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Ravensbourne posted: 27-May
29/30th May 2015, tbc

Director: Hope Mason. A film trailer part of a university project.
The film will be about a young couple who are like a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. The kill and steal for a living, all in the name of love and their hate for humankind.
This is an action film trailer.
PLEASE NOTE: There may be some partial nuditiy for both roles e.g. top off or bra only

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Janno Productions posted: 27-May
12th June, Half day (12pm - 5pm approx)

Director: Matt Wallace. As a successful and growing video production company, we require our own video advert for our marketing campaign. The video will demonstrate the breadth of our video production experience and expertise, and encourage prospective clients to contact us.

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John Butcher posted: 27-May
End of June/start of July, 5 days

Director: John Butcher. Descartes Error - a gritty British crime thriller.
Enticed into corruption by his senior partner, a naive policeman finds himself involved in the murder of a drug dealer and responsible for saving the only witness, the dealer’s daughter.
The film opens with a violent bar scene, which introduces the corrupt detectives - Jack Carver and Tom Descartes.
Then, tipped off about a drug drop off on the Yorkshire Moors, they head out there to take the drugs...

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Student posted: 27-May
8th June, 2 Days MAX

Director: Marcus Thomas. Want to be a part of the production a short film? An easy credit and the chance to work among some ambitious postgraduate masters students.
We are seeking 2 female actors and 1 male.
Auditions to be held w/c 1st June
Shooting to commence w/c 8th June
A woman struggles to fulfill her marital duties after her husband suffers a stroke. She seeks the comfort of a loved one to help her pull through.
Happy memories of the...

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Low Pay
Aimee Productions posted: 27-May
01/07/201/5, 1 Day

Director: Aimee Smith. A short 10 minute piece filmed over the course of one day.
The piece features and centres around Jenny, who is leaving her new boyfriend's house in the countryside and takes a wrong turn. Her car becomes utterly bogged down in the mud and we see how she manages, wondering if she'll get it out.
To those applying there is £150 travel/food expenses, as well as another £150 for your time that day. Totalling £300 max for the actress.
Must have a...

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lionstooth productions posted: 27-May
25th - 26th of July 2015, one weekend

Director: Jonell Rowe. Blanket prelude is a coming of age crime drama short film with the story following the early life of Colin Miller. A smartly academic, yet violent natured teen, who along with his delinquent friends have an unfortunate run in with the top dog of the crime underworld, Sebastian King. This event pushes Colin towards the pursuit of revenge as he starts to target the one thing Sebastian holds more dearer then any of his ideologies, his daughter Mary King. However this road to...

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Low Pay
Level TV posted: 26-May
June, 1 day

Director: Julian. Web based video for a company website to explain what they do.

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Independant posted: 26-May
30th May, 1 day

Director: James Atkins. This is a dark comedy about a man who gets increasingly confused and frustrated by his landlord's use of cockney rhyming slang. We will choose the right actor based on his showreel. This film will be directed by an award winning director and will be submitted to festivals worldwide. Travel expenses will be paid, there'll be food on set and you'll receive a copy of the film.

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Propaganda posted: 26-May
24/5/2015, 6 Hours

Director: Michael O'Connor. We are filming a music video for the third single for a Scottish artist, the previous single received several plays on BBC Radio 2 and was playlisted by BBC Radio Scotland. The artist has a large forthcoming tour and many festival appearances and this is a video for a single released in July.
We are looking for two male actors to take part in a fight scene in Glasgow for a few hours this Sunday 24th May 2015 and for an hour on Monday 25th May.

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Hyde Park London

McKay Williamson posted: 26-May
30th May 2015, 1/2 Day

Director: McKay Williamson. 2 females actors to play blonde bombshells in a comedic film. Role will require jogging through Hyde Park in running gear. You need to have the looks and moves that will always turn heads. Think FHM cover stars and male deodorant adverts. Shy wallflowers need not apply.
- Must be fearless about performing in public.
- Available morning of Sat 30th May
- Must supply appropriate dress/make up etc. (Minimum coverage jogging gear!)
- Please reply with...

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PurpleMedia posted: 26-May
28th June, One day

Director: Nigel Steer. We are looking for a number of actors and actresses for a corporate training video. Will be shot on green screen. Immediate availability. Please get in contact with stuart.farrar@purplemedia.co.uk

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Silent Secret posted: 26-May
Immediately, A week

Director: Silent Secret. We are looking for a few actresses and an actor aged 12 to 17 for an upcoming project we have lined up for YouTube.
Established in 2014, Silent Secret is an anonymous social network app for teenagers to share their secrets, thoughts, feelings, news and lifestyle. It has been built specifically for teenagers aged 11-19 and aims to support all young people to have less stress and anxiety and increased emotional well-being; (and connect them to local...

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