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Kingdom Motion Pictures posted: 11-Jul
01/10/2014, 6 Months

Director: Najan Ward. IMPERTINENCE takes a dark and subtly humorous look at multiculturalism in Britain whilst pushing the boundaries of political correctness. Hard-hitting performances from this character driven story, shatters the ideology of modern day Britain, and delves into the underbelly of our collective consciousness. Unearthing many surprises and unexpected realities. This prime-time production is not for the faint-hearted or the easily offended.
Several stories interweave during...

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Greater Peterborugh

Low Pay
SunEatsMoon ltd posted: 31-Jul
October, Dates Depend on Character

Director: Jack Towell. Without giving much away
The film - A comedy/thriller - which will use a mixture of comedy and serious issues together much like in films such as Rush Hour, Bad Boys or Beverly Hills Cop. The Main character's sister is abducted and she has to get her back but her flaws and her friend she has help her's flaws both make the task in hand more difficult but also add in the humour.
Email Address: Jacamoo@hotmail.co.uk - Reference 'The Auction'

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Low Pay
Thoroughly Professional Produc posted: 31-Jul
25/08/2014, 1 day

Director: Marielle Birks. Symbiote follows two people on a near-deserted Earth, as they face the dangers in the aftermath of a catastrophic invasion entirely of humanities making.
With a third of the film already shot, we are completing shooting in the next two months.
Pay is £75 per day, plus travel. We are expecting this role will be required for one days shooting.

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A2A posted: 31-Jul
11/08/2014, 3 months

Director: Ana Galera. We need a voice over actor/rap singer to put the voice in an educational video game we are working on. Tailless is an interactive storybook for children. Tailless talks about a kitten, Aki, who is clumsy because he was born without a tail. Blue Batak, the naughty hiphop cat, is always teasing him because of his clumsiness. Aki makes up for his limitations with smartness and the aid of his good friends: the clever tortoise Kotea and wise old Granny. In every episode he meets...

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Avignon, Provence

Low Pay
Tom O'Dwyer posted: 31-Jul
17th August, 4-5 days

Director: Tom O'Dwyer. 'A Summer in Avignon' is a soon to be shot Independent feature length, narrative drama set in and filmed on location in Avignon, France and London, England. Written and Produced by Director Tom O'Dwyer. 'A summer in Avignon' tells the story of SOPHIE (Early 20's) a city professional who becomes emotionally exhausted after she loses everything meaningful from her life one evening. Sophie's solution is to leave it all behind and escape to a picturesque camp-site in the...

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Film and Video Umbrella posted: 30-Jul
w/c 11th August 2014, 2 days

Director: Jane & Louise Wilson. Artists moving image film production from Jane & Louise Wilson, supported by the Imperial War Museum.
It will be a 15 minute multi-screen work with a mix of WWI archive footage and live footage of the artistes re-enactments inspired by WWI archive pictures. The overall focus is on how the WWI was the beginning of a new way of looking at war & carrying out war and how war affects the earth. So a focus on aerial photography, reconnaissance...

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LONDON FILM posted: 30-Jul
1st Sept 2014, 3 days

Director: S MALIK. Actors required for a Music Video shoot in London. Leading and supporting actors required and the filming will be at a multiple locations such as, office, living room, bedroom, park, club and at the riverside.
Makeup Artist will be provided and many different outfits will be required.

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Swindon, Wiltshire

Low Pay
Lipstick On Your Collar posted: 30-Jul
3rd Aug, 5-9pm

Director: Nicola Seeking-Smith. Male Model/Keyboard Player Wanted
We are looking for a Caucasian male model/keys player, between 20-35 years old, for a photoshoot for a 50's/60's band.
Ideally we are after someone who has their own professional keyboard which we can use purely for photographic purposes.
The shoot will take place in a Retro Diner in Swindon on Sun 3rd Aug from 5-9pm.
You must be completely clean shaven and happy to have your hair styled, but not cut.

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Nevermind Films posted: 29-Jul
08-08-2014, 1 month

Director: Seemab Gul. Synopsis: Sam is harassed earlier in the morning and is fired up to prove she can fight alongside the boys. When she later watches her friends beat a young racist, instead of joining the fight, she saves the boy. An unlikely friendship sparks when the two teenagers are stuck in a shed hiding from threats outside.

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Low Pay
Spirit of '76 Films posted: 29-Jul
sept/oct, 4 days

Director: Sam Stephens. A man goes into the woods upon hearing that a murder victim has been found in the local area.
He walks deep into the trees to find the graves of two other female victims. As his paranoia builds his victims appear to him standing on their graves.
One questions him and asks him how he felt killing her, the other is an emotional mess. It becomes clear that in the killers mind is a concern that he left physical evidence with one of the women he killed.
Can he...

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About A Boat posted: 29-Jul
8. September 2014, 6 days

Director: Heidi Iro. Looking for scandinavian actors for challenging narrative drama short, shot on a beautiful lake in Austria including shots on a sailboat:
Emily’s life seems to be out of control, to find some clarity, she reconnects with her estranged father on his sailboat on a beautiful lake in the alps. They haven’t seen each other for a while, but their family bond, is strong and Emily can open up and explore what has been tormenting her for some time. But will her...

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The Short Film Factory posted: 29-Jul
29th August, 3 days

Director: Ed Kitchen. The Vault is the opening sequence to a variety of short films that are currently being made by the Short Film Factory.
Two men have been given the task to search through old scripts in ‘The Vault’ in order to save a dying film studio.
Both roles will need people who are comfortable in comedic roles.

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parachute pictures posted: 28-Jul
01/08/14, 2hours max

Hi, I am looking for a female voice over artist with a flat to broad northern (english) accent, who has previous experience in voice over/narration.
The film is a short documentary about the fishing industry in the south pacific. we need someone to cover the main narration of the film.
The right candidate will be required to come down to east london and record in a studio for a couple of hours at most.
I can Pay £100 pounds for the work.
If you are interested could you...

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London and Sussex

Environment Films posted: 28-Jul
4th August 2014, 2 days

Director: Benjamin Todd. We are looking for one male model/actor to be the face of a small photographic film.
This is a chance to be part of a visually stunning piece with a possibility of further work with established filmmakers who have done extensive work withing fashion, film and advertising.
Shooting will take place on location in Sussex and one day in London, the 1st week of August.
Pay is £120 x day.
Please send headshots/link to portfolio to:

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Tunbridge Wells

Low Pay
Tree posted: 28-Jul
Immediately, 3 - 4 months

Director: Aaron Sage. 'HENRY' is satirical SHORT FILM about the growing fears of a retired couple. Following
Henry and his wife during an average Sunday afternoon in a middle class, suburban household, their simple domesticated peace is threatened by the appearance of a gang of youths sat in the couples’ parked car.
We are looking to cast the roles of HENRY and his WIFE.
This is an independent production, done for the love of film making, so we are unable to pay for the...

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Plasma Vista Episode III posted: 28-Jul
Aug/Sep 2014, 1 or 2 day shoot.

Director: S. Cockings/H. Fleuriot. PLASMA VISTA is an agency and store that acts as an evolving platform of curated ideas encompassing Art, Furnishings, Menswear and Womenswear. We create an interior with a theme or idea and everything on the set becomes a saleable commodity that expands on the given concept for that installation. We aim to develop the website beyond its retail facade, introducing art gallery functionality, showcasing video, sculptural, installation, multiples, performance and...

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UK - Various

Rent an Actor posted: 28-Jul
28th August, 1 day

Director: NA. We are currently looking for actors for a client's campaign they are doing for a brand roll out.
One of the themes to do with this brand is Pulp Fiction. In Pulp fiction there is Winston Wolfe aka 'the fixer'. We need the actor to replicate his role...
We will need 9 actors - who can play the same personna as Winston Wolfe, the same age, gender, look, ethnicity etc
In person, interactive live acting for half a day. £175 plus expenses.
The 9 actors will be...

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London/South East

LSD Films posted: 28-Jul
04/08/2014, 5 days

Director: Laurence Donoghue. Eric has lost his way. Separated from his wife, estranged from his daughter, his life rolls through week, month and year, unchanging. When a postal mail mix-up delivers a packet of marrow seeds into Eric's hands, he plants them with no real intention of following the process through. However, when the first signs of life begin to break through the soil, Eric experiences the joys and toils of watching over a something develop and grow first hand. Will Eric be able to...

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n/a posted: 25-Jul
Mid - Late September, Odd days over Sept

Director: TBC. Hi there, we have an awesome script for a 15 minute comedy sketch pilot and hope to take it places! This is the creation of me and my partner Craig who have a background in acting and writing. It is being completely funded by ourselves and so apologise in advance that we cannot pay wages, you will however be supplied with tea and biscuits and fares to the filming location.
We are looking for people who want to be involved in something fun and funny but will be committed to...

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Lewisham South East London

UrbanGemz posted: 25-Jul
August, 2 months

Director: Gary Haynes. 'HOMEBOY' (Urbangemz Productions)is an urban comedy set in inner city South London. Written & Directed by Gary Lee Haynes the film revolves around the central character Homeboy and his exploits during one day of his life. Living on his own, a hip hop head, and a budding producer with a taste for good weed and girls Homeboy’s door is always knocking. On this particular day Homeboy has to deal with a range of characters. These include, bible bashers, the local wack...

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