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Images In Motion (L) Inc. posted: 3-Mar
Immediate, 3 months +

We are looking for fluent Italian Speaking voice artists for recording the announcements on airlines.
1) Please translate the below English Script in Italian Language and record the following message as a demo and if accepted, you will be the new voice for one of the biggest airlines in Asia!
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a safety announcement.
Please ensure all of your hand carried items are placed in an overhead
compartment or completely beneath the seat in front of you.

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g2tv Production posted: 6-Mar
19/3/2015, 30 seconds

Director: Sorcha. We are making two 30sec ads for the NHS Solent geared towards young girls between 16-25 promoting LARC (Long Acting Reversible Contraception).
The 2 ads will be shot over the course of one day during the week of the 16th of March (final dates T.B.C.). Filming will take place in the Richmond area.
We need:
4 girls between 18-20 for the first ad.
1 male and 1 female that are 21-23/4 for the second ad.
-The first ad will involve the 4 girls getting ready...

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STUNNER Films posted: 6-Mar
Unknown, 10 Minutes

Director: Bradley Cauchi. WHOPPER
A black comedy about dysfunctional youth.
There will be simulated sex so please be aware when applying for the role.
See Gaspar Noe (Enter The Void), Harmony Korine (KIDS) and Lar Von Trier (Nymphomaniac) as a reference to the films overall tone.
Due to character age, all abilities and experience will be considered however, I have a preference for showreels or a video extract from your best work.
There will be rehearsals before the shoot...

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Aspect Videography Limited posted: 6-Mar
29/03/2015, 4 Days

Director: ANDY RUDDIFORTH. Male actor Required to play the alcoholic Gambling father, aged around 50 years.
A short Gritty film about a late teenage Son still living at home with his uncaring and unemployed alcoholic gambling father and mother on a council estate in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.
Loosely Based on real life events and artistically filmed by our Professional talented film crew, with powerful emotions and conflicts.
Initially it is unpaid but we can offer 5% From the...

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Eleanor Knaggs posted: 6-Mar
ASAP, tbc

Director: Eleanor Knaggs. Opens on a little girl curled up in her bed looking at a memory box, which she opens and pulls out a drawn picture of her ‘imaginary friend’. It then cuts to later the same scene with the memory box. Her name is called and she drops the box in fright and gasps. She then hear footsteps up the stairs and you hear an angry voice, you see a man come in to the room and start shouting at the girl, then you see him suggestively throw her on the bed then it cuts to...

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Milton Keynes, Luton

Madphat Films posted: 6-Mar
FEB 2015, weekend shooting

Director: Eddie Madphat. Madphat Films is casting actors for 'SOAP” a short satirical film that looks at the obsessive compulsive and paranoid nature of individuals. This will be filmed in February 2015 in Milton Keynes and surrounding

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Winchester, Hampshire

Blinker Pictures posted: 5-Mar
27/03/2015, 3 days

Director: Elliott Caen and Stewart Allen. What happens when the flashing indicator light of the car in front slips your world out of sync?
We are shooting a short film from the 27th to the 29th of March and we are looking for our male lead. Indicator Music is a comedy drama filming primarily in a residential house in Winchester, Hampshire. Local digs or flexibility with travel is preferred.
The project is completely self funded and so has a very minimal budget. The role is on an unpaid...

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London (Whitechapel)

Low Pay
Victoria Casting posted: 5-Mar
13th March, 1 day shoot

Director: Victoria. 7 people who need to look like strong survivors or a dystopian future, so can be quite tough looking facially. Acting experience a must.
Race: African & Asian
Everyone should look interesting- With very strong features.
Our rate for this will be:
Shooting Friday 13th March

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Scotland (to be determined)

Edinburgh College of Art posted: 5-Mar
06/04/2015 - 12/04/2015, 5days-will vary for each actor

Director: Anna Tyminska. GRADUATION PRODUCTION
Shooting on RED
SYNOPSYS: Sands – An emotionally detached loner is challenged when a mysterious woman accidentally invades his isolated world. It turns out that one may need the other one in order to return to life
CASTING INFO: Casting will be taking place until the middle of March. Rehearsals in March and April will be required. If casted, transportation and expenses will be paid for, and catering will be provided on set...

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Dreamscape posted: 5-Mar
Apr/May[short] Aug/Sept[Feat], 3Days [Short] 8Days [Feature

Director: Lewis Jordan. We're producing a short film April/May, a hyperbole addressing addiction; A psychological drawing room thriller with some fantasy elements.
Two characters, with a history of addictive disorders, trying to rebuild a new life for themselves find themselves ensnared in a scavenger hunt with almost supernatural consequences; opening old wounds and finding strengths that were once considered weaknesses.
The short is based off a feature that we're hoping to film...

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City College Brighton posted: 4-Mar
ASAP anytime after March 5th, 5 minutes

Director: Alfie Robbie. We are 4 students creating a short film for our course and are looking for 2 actors who are willing to get some unpaid camera experience, the film is only 5 minutes long maximum, so feel free to email me at alfierobbie1@hotmail.co.uk

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Low Pay
Production posted: 4-Mar
9th - 16th March, Flexible

Director: Simon Dales. We are shooting a music video between the 9th and 15th March, and are looking for 5 talented actors. Although this is a music video, it is being shot with a strong narrative and will be made as a short film.
The project is completely self funded, so the budget is not very high, but the video will be produced to a very high standard.
We need to cast 5 people. We are looking for:
2 x Male - 40+ years old
1 x Female 40+ years old
Male - 20 -30 years...

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UCA Farnham posted: 4-Mar
13th March 2015, 3

Director: Cameron Dibb. Short 16mm black and white film
The story is about a homeless man down on his luck. He resorts to begging on the streets and sleeping rough. He is a former family man who experienced a messy divorce and as a result is now on the streets.
Along his travels he comes across an abandoned teddy bear in a nearby playground area. A kid enters the playground and trips over, the homeless man goes over to the kid and gives him the teddy he has to cheer him up.

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LFP posted: 4-Mar
MAY 2015, 35 DAYS

Director: Salman Malik. Actors required for a British Film. We require LEADING and supporting Artists with good acting skills and looks.
It is a Horror Film based on misuse of black magic to get love..
Filming will be in London and Scotland.
Auditions are open now and selection is in process. If you are passionate and interested to take part then please apply with your details asap
Payment: £75 + per day depending on the role

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London & Edinburgh

Low Pay
Elicit Theatre Company posted: 4-Mar
Feb 2015, On Going

Director: Sharron Spice. ETC seeks female 4 actresses for The Femmetamorphosis to debut next year in London again before heading off to Edinburgh Fringe in 2015.
The Femmetamorphosis has already debuted in London for Lewisham Fringe and has been greatly received:
1 x Actress White/Mixed Raceacting age 23 plus yrs
1 x Mixed race Actress acting age 19-23yrs
1 x Black Actress acting age 50-60yrs
1 X Exotic actress - looking model (non-black only pls)
I seek only hard...

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Coventry University posted: 3-Mar
ASAP, 1 Day

Director: Franklyn. Black male Actors , playing age 18-25
No Height restrictions.
Female Actress - Playing age 18-25
No Height restrictions.

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Danger Zone Films posted: 3-Mar
Beginning of April, 1 Weekend

Director: Andrew McIntyre. Kickdrum is a short and quirky love story about two reclusive people who find love in a rather unusual way.
The film has little dialogue so it will be told visually. This is a voluntary position and we will not be able to cover expenses due to there being no budget however we will provide lunch and refreshments, a photoshoot with the make-up artist for all cast and a digital package which includes a copy of the film, production stills and your photoshoot stills.

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Bear Bait Films posted: 3-Mar
20th March 2015, 4 days

This is a low-budget, independent short film. We are looking for 2 dedicated actors, one to play the two leading roles and the other to support. The film will be shot in and around the Derbyshire area, so a local actor, or an actor with enough flexibility is preferable.

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East London

Shine Bright Productions posted: 3-Mar
Wednesday 11th March, From 11/3/15 to 15/3/15

Director: Mariam Afrahi. Calling all Actors!!
Shooting a student short film. Short Film Title: Emily
Our story begins with Emily, a seven-year-old girl who finds a lucky penny on her way home from school. Things start going bad when Emily’s mother returns home, drunk with a man. Witnessing this, Emily passes on the wish onto her mother hoping for a change. We are looking for a male actor to apply for the Drunk male character. Transportation will not be paid on both audition dates...

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London (central)

The Silver Cut posted: 3-Mar
28th March 2015, 2 days

Director: Sabine Lang. The film is a short thriller/horror which tells the story of Sally. She is an office clerk who lives a reckless live full of drug abuse and one-night stands. Not even her unexpected pregnancy changes things. Then tragedy strikes and forces her to turn her habits around for her baby's sake. But will she succeed?

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