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Low Pay
Nova Music Group posted: 20-Aug
Friday August 22nd 2014, 1 day

Director: Jakub Gronowski. I'm looking for a female actress/model for a music video shoot this Friday August 22nd 2014. Specific times will be figured out upon casting but we will need you all day. It is a low-pay job. Actress/model needs to be comfortable with being silly on camera and dancing a little (don't worry, not booty-clapping rap dancing, although this is a hip-hop song). It's a 50's glamour aesthetic. All ethnicities please apply!
To be considered, you must submit a headshot.

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Toronto GTA Area

Unspoken Words Pictures posted: 18-Aug
August 25th, 20

Director: Billy Ikosipentarchos. A modern day high tower oil corporation in the same building with a pharmaceutical corporation. Both head quarters are located at the top floor of the tower of the same building. The receptionists sit in desks across each other for each company which are merging to form one global trillion dollar a year massive corporation never seen before. Both companies have female CEO leaders as a marketing directive from investors to project a more nurturing and caring pair...

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New York tri state area

Night Horse Productions posted: 18-Aug
September 8, 1 day

Director: Charlie Polinger. We are looking for FEATURED actors for a feautre-length film starring tony-award-winning Alice Ripley. The shoot will be one half day, within an hour train ride of manhattan (shot in new jersey). Transportation and lunch will be provided.
Please send headshot resume.

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New York

Low Pay
IN Studios posted: 14-Aug
Spring 2014, 20

For an appointment, visit: http://bit.ly/INTEAM. Company states: 'We believe strongly in diversity. Men and women who are 18 and over, from every race and sexual orientation, are strongly encouraged to apply.'
Seeking new members for an improvisational & sketch comedy theater (think 'Saturday Night Live' or 'In Living Color'). 'We provide customized instruction and...

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Walthamstow, London

Low Pay
Dennis and bell posted: 2-Sep
18 September, 2 days

Director: Sarah-Mace Dennis. Everyday Stories of Colossal Importance is the story of a stylish African woman who goes to a new neighbourhood to buy a house, unaware that she has the key to unlocking an important secret from its reclusive owner’s past.
If you are interested in any of the roles below, please send an email to studio(at)dennisandbell(dot)com with a head shot, contact number and email, and if possible, a link to your show reel.
The work is being created by Dennis and...

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F F Films Inc. posted: 2-Sep
September 20th 2014, five days

Director: Fantavious Fritz. Outline of the project: A wandering neighborhood cat named Lewis decides not to return to his owner Michael one August evening. During his adventure he makes an unlikely friend in the 81 year old widow, Aldona.
LEWIS will be directed by award-winning Canadian filmmaker FANTAVIOUS FRITZ. FRITZ's last two shorts have premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. His last short PARADISE FALLS was named by TIFF as one of 'Canada's Top 10' shorts of the year...

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Toronto Downtown

McElwain & Company Inc. posted: 2-Sep
Sept 11, Half-day

Director: McElwain & Company Inc.. A fun, elderly parody of the infamous 'Mikey' Life Cereal commercial:
Shoot will be brief. Actors aged 60+ are preferred.

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Culver City

Daakins Productions posted: 2-Sep
09/04, Sept.

Director: Ryan Rachall. Casting the remaining roles for the feature film, The Tale of a Pusher. We have begun production and would need to rehearse/shoot the first scene THIS THURSDAY 09/04 in Culver City from 3:30pm-7:30pm. Please confirm if you are available for that scene or not when submitting.
Our antagonist, Kurtis has a crew of close friends that beef with our protagonists.
There are four remaining roles.
We are shooting with heavy improv and ad-lib which allows actors the...

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New York City

Low Pay
SeeThink Films posted: 2-Sep
Sept. 6th, 1 Day

Director: Andrew Neel. A happily married couple moves into their new New York City apartment. This is a stock footage shoot. They will be unpacking books, plates and plants.

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Low Pay
LP Productions Inc. posted: 2-Sep
October 1st, 8 weeks

After the death of a friend, teen thief Jo fantasizes about getting away. When people close to him are victimized by violence, Jo is forced to choose between fighting back or saving himself and leaving behind everything he knows.

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rjscastings posted: 2-Sep
immediately, 2 weeks

Director: Jack Pratt. The film takes place 3 and a half years after the collapse of society. It follows our antagonist, Lauren, on her journey to get to safety. She starts off a member of an unorganised, uncooperative group. She soon find herself on her own and on the run from The Militia, a group that aims to take everyone under their control. When captured, she is freed by Danny - an ex Army Sargent, who is leading the local resistance to The Militia on behalf of The Loyalists. Lauren decides...

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The Mop Film Co posted: 2-Sep
23/09/14, 1 month

Director: William G Marsh. We have secured funding to make a 30 minute sitcom pilot that we are sending to a number of broadcasters and have already had some interest.
Filming will be paid at £175 per day inclusive to each actor with a 5 day maximum shoot.
It will all be shot in a chip shop in Huddersfield.
We are looking for Yorkshire based actors only on this.
We are looking for 6 main roles with a sprinkle of others to follow.

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Rave Films posted: 2-Sep
3 September 2014, 1 day

Director: TBD. Hi,
We are auditioning for a TVC for a women's fashion accessory brand.
Looking for female actors aged 18 to 25 yrs old, pleasant looks.
Audition on Wednesday, 3rd Sep, 2014 between 12-8pm
Venue: Nirvana, 97, 2nd floor, Link Plaza, Above Shreeji Restaurant
Oshiwara, New Link Rd, Andheri(W), Mumbai
Dress Code: Western casuals
Team Rave

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SiE posted: 2-Sep
September 5, 3

Director: Jamal J. Female main Role:
We are also looking for a female martial artist who knows sword fighting, for a separate horror/martial arts short as protagonist
Please send video with martial arts skills.
Ages looks from 18 to 23

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North/Central Jersey

Tobi-Keith Productions posted: 2-Sep
September 20, 2014, 1 month

Director: Keith St. Lawrence. Please email your headshot, resume, and reel by September 7th. (We will not accept submissions without a reel.) In the subject of the email include your name and the name of the character you are auditioning for (YOUR NAME - CHARACTER). Only seeking NJ based actors.
This is a 30 minute short comedy intended for film festivals. 'Casting Couch' is the story of two young adults trying to accomplish their goals and dreams while learning that reality doesn't always...

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Sam Berns posted: 2-Sep
Friday Sept. 12, Sunday Sept. 14

Director: Aaron Alter. Recovering my Relevance is a mockumentary comedy film about an egotistical man trying to regain his Google search ranking relevance from a dead teenager of the same name.

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NYC & Elizabeth, NJ

Low Pay
422 Films posted: 2-Sep
September 22, 2014, 1-2 days

Director: Jeff Turick. Director/DP Jeff Turick ('Allison', 2011 Sundance Film Festival) will be helming the gothic music video Purgatory, about a suicidal recovering alcoholic who attempts to exorcise his demon in an abandoned church. Please send head-to-toe photograph(s) with headshot and resume.

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Low Pay
Jill Van Epps posted: 2-Sep
October 15th, 4 days

Director: Jill Van Epps. Night Sketches is a short film about a haunted, washed-up comedian who contemplates suicide. We alternate between a live comedy show in the eighties, where he made the mistake that would compromise his career, and an isolated country house in the present day. The atmosphere careens between hilarity and horror.
*The goal is to eventually turn this into a feature.

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North Central MA

Low Pay
Advanced Cinema Productions posted: 2-Sep
October 18, 2014, November 23, 2014

Friday to Sunday September 12-14th, 2014
*Please note all auditions will be given a specific time within this window.
Weekends of October 18, 2014 to November 23, 2014.
“My Nihilism” is a 1930’s period piece that revolves around a legendary bootlegging family during the prohibition era. The primary focus is set on Nick Mayfair, a teenager who has developed a drinking problem since his father, Tom Mayfair, killed his...

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Five Leaf Films Production posted: 2-Sep
4th October, 1 day

Director: Timothy Atkinson. Looking for one male and one female performer, around the Sefton/Aigburth/Wavertree area of Liverpool for a short, silent 3 minute short. Shot all within one afternoon, possible two on Saturday/Sunday 4th/5th of October.

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