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White Plains

Low Pay
Obey Not posted: 26-Jan
01/26/2008, 7 days

Director: Tracy Allan. This 1-2 minute film will support the maternal health work of a Not For Profit located in New York. The goal of the project is to attract donors and supporters of a birth kit project slated for Africa.
This project showcases two women in labor, one from an industrialized nation, the other from a developing nation. A VO runs behind the video showcasing statistics around maternal deaths throughout the world, mainly identifying the inequities between industrializes and...

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IN Studios posted: 16-Jan
Fall 2014, 20

For an appointment, visit: http://bit.ly/INTEAM. Company states: 'We believe strongly in diversity. Men and women who are 18 and over, from every race and sexual orientation, are strongly encouraged to apply.'
Seeking new members for an improvisational & sketch comedy theater (think 'Saturday Night Live' or 'In Living Color'). 'We provide customized instruction and...

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Toronto & GTA

My Perfect Princess Party posted: 27-Jan
Now, 20

Looking for performers who can sing and have acting experience to play Princesses at birthday parties.
Must be available all or most weekends and have a car
Must look like Cinderella or Barbie
Send current head shot, performance resume and work experience resume, current pictures to careers@myppp.ca
$75.00 + per hour
Great for working actors and acting students...

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Deadbird Films posted: 27-Jan
Feb 14 - Feb 16 (NIGHT SHOOTS), *Family Day long weekend

Director: Kevin Saychareun. When a young couple attempts to have sex in the back of a secluded van, they are tormented by a cult looking for virgin blood. A FILM ABOUT YOUNG LOVE is a genre-mashing short film combining romance, horror and comedy into a hair-raising story about well, young love.

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Bronx, New York

M&M Productions posted: 27-Jan
1/31/15, 1 day

Director: Martin Sola. STORY LINE:
Jane a campaign speechwriter is set up for leaking important information to the opposing side. She relies on the help of her childhood companion Molly Malloy in order to clear her name and save her job before security escorts her out of the building.

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Pen y fan

MTJ Media posted: 27-Jan
From 2nd Feb, 1 day

Director: Vanessa Marshall. LOCAL ACTORS ONLY!
Filming for one whole day only, but you would need to be available over a two week period from the beginning on February as filming is weather dependant.
There are no lines to be learned, but you need to be fit and able to walk and do hill walking.
£150 inclusive of all expenses and travel.
Please don't apply if you are not available on the first two weeks of February.
Filming in Pen-Y-Fan, local actors (Bristol...

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TvMediaG posted: 27-Jan
Sometime this weekend, One day.Few hours

Director: Steven. This video will be a recreation from pictures taken of an actual real life couple.The video will interpret the pictures in video as if they were being taken that actual moment.actress and actor should look like the real life couple on these pictures but it's not mandatory.This video will be used for a School project,therefor actors may keep this for their reel.

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Indore, MP

Miracle Productions posted: 27-Jan
1 Feb 2015, One Week

Director: Revealed Later. Short documentary film on education.

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Tampines / CBD

Ngee Ann Polytechnic posted: 27-Jan
31 Jan, 31 Jan - 1 Feb

Director: Rayyan Safari. 24 is a short film produced by Year 1 Mass Communication students from the School of Film and Media Studies in Ngee Ann Polytechnic as part of the Location Production module. The film details a man's journey throughout his final 24 hours in life. Meals will be provided to successful applicants and the experience can definitely prove useful for your future portfolio!

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Sheridan College posted: 27-Jan
TBA, 1-2 Days

Director: Scott Fretwell. A poetic and visual piece in which a wistful young woman reminisces on a past relationship until she finds a new light.

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Los Angeles

Low Pay
USC Viterbi posted: 27-Jan
February 7, 1 day

Director: Elizabeth Bayne. We are producing a comedic teaser for The Next MacGyver, our pitch competition to find the next female engineering TV hero. We’re looking for look-a-likes for some of TV and films’ most popular female heroes.

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Bowie, MD

Low Pay
Ujunwa Asanwa Productions posted: 27-Jan
1/30/15, 3/31/15

Director: Ujunwa Asanwa. AC is character-driven dramatic comedy about a Naive Nigerian – American who is tasked with the connection to her African culture. She meets 5 fellows already weaving through the complicated yet tight knit African community of the DMV. They welcome her in to their own personal lives and give her a thrilling yet fulfilling experience in what it means to be an African living abroad. She returns the favor by helping them reconcile some lost connections of their own...

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Humber College Productions posted: 27-Jan
February 28th 2015, 2 days

Director: Natasha Latinovic.
An art Major must return home to attend her mothers funeral after years estranged from her family. Christina mother was her last connection to any sense of home, so her family reunion isn't expected to be a pleasant one, but it will have lasting repercussions on her relationship with her brother.
**This is a 3 minute short film (drama) that will be shot in 2 days ( 2 days for the lead character and 1 day for the rest of the cast)

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True Stories of a Shopgirl posted: 27-Jan
March 1st, about 1 month

Director: Becky Bastien. Abby Miller has just graduated from college, and has come to a striking realization: it is literally impossible to find a job with no work experience, and a BFA in Printmaking. With no source of income and no dorm room to go back to, she is forced to move back home. Back home, to a conservative mother who does not understand her free spirit, an annoying little brother that she hates to love, and a town with a twelve-store shopping mall. With nothing more to do than...

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Liquid Stairs posted: 27-Jan
Feb 2015, 1 month

Director: Andrew Wright. In the not so distant future, the War on Drugs is considered a failure, and prohibition is lifted. Recreational drugs are socially accepted and commercialized. A group of friends, becoming jaded with the now legal substances, risk their relationships and sanity to create the perfect new illegal drug.
Multi-episode web series will be filmed over 6 days per episode on weekends and some evenings. Filming days will be approximately 4 to 5 hours long. This call is for...

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Unsociables Productions posted: 27-Jan
Mid-Feb, 2 Days

Director: Elizabeth Mayer. Synopsis: Reena and K have just graduated university, and their lives are finally starting! - to suck. Between them, they hold two (useless) degrees, and enough social and life skills to realize they're lacking social and life skills. Given one year by their parents to find jobs and get independent, the two navigate the big, jobless world after graduation - with a little help from friends, friends of friends, family, unwanted family, feuding neighbours, forgetful...

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Brant Theatre Workshops posted: 27-Jan
March 2015, 5 months

Director: Peter Muir. Brant Theatre Workshops is looking for actors for their upcoming summer production of 'THE GREAT GATSBY', to be performed at the annual Bell Summer Theatre Festival in Brantford, ON.
No prepared material is required, actors will be reading from the script.
All ages and levels of experience are welcomed and there is no fee to audition or take part in the plays. To book an audition time, email btheatre@rogers.com. Everyone with a scheduled audition time will be seen...

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KS Productions posted: 27-Jan
January 30, 2015, 1 day

Director: Kanish. Hi I'm creating a film about the life of a modern day escort. I need some serious mature actors for some very dark roles. I will provide each actor a copy of the final print for their reel.

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New York

NPETG Productions posted: 27-Jan
February-March, 1-2 days

Director: Lucas Woods. Riley Torvino has been evicted by his girlfriend, lost his job, used up all his places to crash, and it looks like he's going to have to move back home with his parents. Things are looking bleak until an uncle he barely knew passes away, leaving him the acting landlord of a Brooklyn apartment.
He has no experience, no skills, no know how, and no place else to go.

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Sudbury/ Espanola

Dixon Films & Entertainment posted: 27-Jan
August 31st, 10 days

Director: Joseph Dixon. Private Property is the first feature film from Dixon Films & Entertainment. It's a low budget independent slasher that is a throwback to late 70's horror. A mans family brutally murdered in front of him, a curse placed on him denies his eternal rest. One young man camping with his friends activates the curse and now the hunt is on. The group lost in the woods being chased by a killer must find a way out before the killer or nature gets them. This project is unpaid...

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