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  • Q: Problems staying logged in?

    A: We suggest you clear all cookies registered with, open a fresh browser and use a new, direct link to

    Click here to Delete mandy cookies automatically. If you still have issues, use the manual method mentioned below.

    Problem not fixed?
    Talk to us. Send us details on your computer's configuration and we'll help you get it fixed. (

  • Q: Can't apply for jobs or update resume?

    Follow the login steps above, and re-apply to those jobs.

    Problem not fixed?
    Talk to us. Send us details on your computer's configuration and we'll help you get it fixed. (

  • Q: How much does it cost to create a account?

    It is free-of-charge to sign up. This lets you apply for jobs, and create one posting per month free-of-charge.

  • Q: How do I create my account?

    Its easy - click on the sign in button (top left), and follow the instructions.

  • Q: I have not received my password?

    Please check that emails from us are not going into your spam folder and if they are, mark them as not spam, and add, and to your contacts list.

  • Q: Can I change my password to something that I will remember?

    Of course you can! Log into your account with the details sent to you on registration. Once in your account click on 'Edit Logon-profile'. If you still have problems, please contact us at

  • Q: I want to sign up for email alerts. How do I do this and how much does it cost?

    To sign up for email alerts, please log into your account and click on 'Email Alerts for production-jobs and castings'. You can set up your search criteria here, and confirm this by clicking on the Create Alert button.

    If you sign up to the daily alerts the cost is UNSPECIFIED for 1 year. This will ensure new postings are emailed to you each week day within 24 hours of publication.

    If you choose to sign up for the weekly alerts - this is free of charge. You will receive one email per week, with listings that are at least one day old, so employers may already be in touch with several applicants.

    Why should I pay for daily alerts?
    • Receive jobs alerts with 24hrs of publication
    • See both job/casting title and breakdown
    • Receive one email weekly, some jobs may already have sufficient applications
    • Due to space restriction only see job/casting title and no breakdown

  • Q: Why haven't I received my alerts?

    We only send you Alerts when new ads arrive which match your place/skill selection.

    Alerts are sent out on weekdays. If the problem persists, please contact us on

  • Q: If I apply for several jobs and edit my cover letter for each position, will the employer receive the correct letter with each job application?

    Yes, the cover letter that is sent with the job application is the cover letter that the employer will receive, regardless of changes made for other positions. You can save one cover letter in your account. (By contrast, your resumé is not sent to each employer; instead a link is emailed to wherethe resumé is stored on so, you can tailor cover-letters to each application, but not resumés.)

  • Q: Can I save my showreel on

    We do not host video content. We suggest that you instead upload videos to streaming sites such as Vimeo, then link to that when applying for jobs.

  • Q: Why is the job confirmation email only half of my application?

    The confirmation email that you receive from is a snapshot of your application. Rest assured that your entire application was sent to the employer. You can see your full application when logging into your account.

  • Q: How do I list my company or freelance profile in your Yellow Pages?

    Create an account (see above), then log in and click on Promote your Service. A basic listing is free.

  • Q: How do I create Yellow Pages searches and how much are they?

    You get two category+territory Searches uncharged. ('Sound recordist in Florida' is an example of one Search). Thereafter we charge UNSPECIFIED for 12 months per extra Search.

  • Q: I would like my Yellow Pages listing to be in bold. How do I do this?

    You can purchase the bold front of queue enhancement at UNSPECIFIED for 12 months. This will then ensure that your listings appear almost always on the first page in rotation. Its a one-off fee and all your text listings will benefit from this enhancement. This enhancement is also included in banner advertising.

  • Q: How do I edit my contact details, description or credits?

    You can edit your Yellow Pages profile by logging on and clicking on the 'Promote your Service' button. Click on the name of your text listing. Click on 'edit service text', and follow the instructions.

    Once you have finished it will take approximately 2 working days for our team to approve the changes.