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Broken (Firestone Productions)
A camping vacation that begins as a friendly escape for old college friends turns into a tragic disaster as the two couples get trapped in one woman's ... 94 mins. English. $1,500,000. P: Joy Czerwonky. D: Scott Firestone. W: Scott Firestone. C: Brenda Bakke, Sue Cremin, Gildart Jackson, Thomas Vincent Kelly
Between a Smile and a Tear (Storm Productions)
One More Night At The Montmartre” 97 mins. English. $500,000. P: Jørgen Bo Behrensdorff. D: Niels Lan Doky. W: Niels Lan Doky. C: main characters - Jazz legends Johnny Griffin, Toots Thielemans and Albert “Tootie” Heath, plus - as supporting characters – Niels Lan Dokey, Danish Jazz Pianist, the French violinist Didier Lockwood
A Joker's Card (Media Design Imaging - MDI)
A comedic parody/fan film that blends of 60s Superhero TV Show with the wire-fu of the 90s. 18 mins. English. $8,000. P: James Geier, Jeffrey Lubell, Johnny Wu. D: Johnny Wu. W: Johnny Wu. C: Kyle Znamenak, David Levy, David Milam
Purple Pastures (Alias Films)
Sometimes the greenest grass isn't. 80 mins. English. $25,000. P: Jacob Waxler. D: Jacob Waxler. W: Jacob Waxler. C: David Clayton Rogers, Henry Stone, Eric P. Robinson, Joshua Burrow, Hettienne Park,
Ottoman Odyssey (Ocean Eye - underwater division of FreeFlow SL)
Ottoman Odyssey - a fly on the wall, no holds barred true adventure story 50 mins. English.  x 6 episodes. $1. P: Paul Marley. D: Sheila Widdrington. W: Dave Oldale. C: Underwater fauna and flora
Dakota (El Duo Motion Pictures)
When six estranged friends re-unite for a weekend of house-sitting they soon begin to realise what went wrong in all of their lives. 90 mins. English. $45,000. P: Shawn Myrick. D: Matthew Atkinson. W: Brendan Gall and Mathew Atkinson. C: Chad E. Donella, Brendan Gall, James Cade, Tricia Lahde, Carrie Nicols, Robert Kingston
The Power of Harmony (AMS Production Group)
The journey of a gay men’s chorus through the struggles and triumphs of coming out, religion and faith, AIDS, and creating families of their own. 63 mins. English. $162,000. P: Andy Streitfeld. D: Ginny Martin. W: Ginny Martin. C: members of the Turtle Creek Chorale, a gay men's chorus in Dallas, TX
Fishing with Tink n Earl (MPM Productions, Llc)
This is a tale of two enthusiastic, likeable West Virgina fisherman and their hapless adventures on... 22 mins. English.  x 3 episodes. $80,000. P: John Doyle. D: John Calvin Doyle. W: John Calvin Doyle/ Steven Michael Kovalic. C: Sandra Lynn O'brien Steven Michael Kovalic John Calvin Doyle
Power Stretching (Global Star Productions)
Exercise Video for Stretching to the extreme. 50 mins. English. $25,000. P: Brandon Michaels. D: Michael Wehrhahn. W: Michael Wehrhahn. C: Michael Wehrhahn
Sports@highdefinition (Jeff Cools Productions)
Fringe sports exposed in a higher-definition...Action! 24 mins. English. $31,000. P: Jeffery Cools, Barry Strader. D: Jeff Cools. W: Barry Strader. C: Various sport professionals
A love apart (beetz brothers filmproduction)
An intimate inside-look into an important moment in Tuareg life and a story of a special wedding. 52 mins. English. $90,000. P: christian beetz. D: Bettina Haasen. W: Bettina Haasen. C: Rhaissa - a tuareg girl
Lolita's Plight (Completing the Square Pictures)
Just when you thought your marriage was beyond reproach, the doubts begin to creep in! 7 mins. English. $200. P: Michael Franklin. D: Michael Franklin. W: Michael Franklin. C: Noelle Perris & Joe Harris
Inside (Deep Sett Productions)
Insanity is not a state of mind. It is robed, tangible, and within walking distance. 10 mins. English. $5,000. P: Robin Dunn. D: Robin Dunn. W: Robin Dunn. C: Nina Josephs, Michael Mohammed
Small Town Bands (Co-Dependent Pictures Inc.)
Small Town Bands struggling to succeed and get out of their "one horse" factory town. 90 mins. English. $50,000. P: Ian Jacklin. D: Ian Jacklin. W: Ian Jacklin. C: Independent Bands
Paper (Goodman Brown Productions)
Two guys on the crapper - One of the men has leverage and the other doesn't; until..... 6 mins. English. $12,700. P: Rob Goodman. D: Rob Goodman. W: Tom Brown & Flip Schultz. C: Rob Goodman & Tom Brown
Privacy II (The Punany Poets Entertainment, LLC)
An Erotic Stage Play about the Oldest Game Known to Woman! 90 mins. English. $140,000. P: Yulonda Washington,Jessica Holter. D: Samm Styles. W: Jessica Holter. C: The Punany Poets, Max Julien
The 13th Bridge (PicaVoice Films Production)
The real disaster that happen to every children arround the world in big cities, this is a dramatic story who you can see every day. 97 mins. Farsi. $300,000. P: Hooman Atiyabi. D: Steven Rush. W: Steven Rush. C: Jamshid Mashayekhi, Alireza Osivand, Majid Salehi, Sharareh Rokham, Bita Tavakoli
Time for Print (SavvyMediaGroup)
A voyeuristic look into the lives of potential and not so potential models and photographers in the fashion industry. 52 mins. English. $10,000. P: Zoe Sanguinetti. D: Greg Miller. W: Frederick Blaney. C: Various models and Photographers
Voices Inside (Aqua Vita Films Ltd)
Forgiving others is hard, forgiving yourself sometimes takes a miracle 14 mins. English. $35,000. P: Bernard Walton. D: Bernard walton. W: Elisabeth Charbonneau. C: Tom Harper, Austin Newby
The Punany Poets' Roulette (The Punany Poets Entertainment, LLC)
The Punany Poets' Roulette - Not since they debuted on HBO Real Sex Have these Punany Lovers been so wildly erotic and absolutly unbound! Stand up for ... 100 mins. English. $130,000. P: Yulonda Washington, Byars Enterprise. D: Jessica Holter. W: Jessica Holter, Cait La Dee, Keniece Ford, Keno. C: The Punany Poets, Sheryl Underwood, Vanessa Blue
Film-Title (Production Company)
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