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Jonathan (Neo Technology)
Film about love and freedom. Inspired by the novel "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" by Richard Bach. 26 mins. Bulgarian. $1,500. P: Julian Minkov. D: Julian Minkov. W: Julian Minkov. C: Nina Stoitsova, Julian Minkov, Kitodar Todorov, Nikolay Kanev
Jack's House (Hiltz Squared Media Group Inc.)
Jack's House is the Story of a screenwriter who wants to finish a screenplay in one weekend and is constantly interrupted by a strange list of charact ... 90 mins. English. $200,000. P: Jonathan Hiltz. D: Naomi Hiltz. W: Myles Shane/Naomi Hiltz. C: Christian McKenna, Jonathan Hiltz, Myles Shane, Maestro Fresh Wes, Ed The Sock
Fairy Tale (Hiltz Squared Media Group Inc.)
Fairy Tale is the First Ever, Gay and Lesbian Dating Series. 26 mins. English.  x 26 episodes. $1,400,000. P: Jonathan Hiltz. D: Naomi Hiltz. W: Trevor Boris. C: Nelson Tome
Explore Thailand (Digital Media Group)
A travel adventure series showcasing the amazing resorts and attractions all around Thailand. 10 mins. English.  x 12 episodes. $24,000. P: Pat Caudullo. D: Al Caudullo. W: Al Caudullo. C: Nick White
The Smell of Flowers (Asa Movshovitz)
What happens when you don't want to be what is expected of you? 5 mins. English. $5,000. P: Asa Movshovitz. D: Asa Movshovitz. W: Asa Movshovitz. C: voice -Collin Penny
You Are Here (The Jeffrey Porch Productions, L.L.C.)
Mimi is the one everyone relies upon. But menopause can be rough - sometimes she doesn't recognize herself. Things are out of place and she's made car ... 117 mins. English. $65,000. P: Beverly Jeffrey. D: Timothy Jeffrey. W: Timothy Jeffrey. C: Lizzy Chamberlain, Randy Murzynski, Kim Brooks, Michael Monaco, Mary Faktor, Jacqi Loewy
Sau Jhooth Ek Sach (Think 16)
`Sau Jhooth Ek Sach' is a film about all of us. Growing through various stages of life, we weave a fabric of illusions around us, and choose to remain ... 110 mins. Hindi. $270,000. P: Amitabha Singh. D: Bappaditya Roy. W: Pankaj Kapoor. C: Mammootty, Vikram Gokhale, Lilette Dubey
Cocos to Katanning (Circling Shark Productions - libraries)
Over a period of 30 years the Malay Muslims of Cocos Islands have been migrating to and forming bonds with a small outback community in rural Western ... 60 mins. English. $60,000. P: Chris Hetherington. D: Chris Hetherington. W: Ray Pedretti. C: The people of Cocos Island
'The Liberation of the British Channel Islands from 5 years of Nazi Occupation (Tomahawk Films WW-II German Archive)
Channel Islands Occupied - Hitler's Blueprint for Britain - It Happened....! 50 mins. English. $200. P: Brian Matthews. D: Brian Matthews. W: Brian Matthews. C: Residents of Guernsey, Jersey etc
A Walking Stranger (Chatterbox Productions, Inc.)
Two human beings, hopeless and lost, come together again through the eyes of a stranger. 9 mins. English. $1,500. P: Marjory E. Leposky. D: Amir Shahidpour. W: Amir Shahidpour. C: Daniel Alm,Pamela J. Garber,John Katsoulis,Matt Milano,Hali Lula Hudson, and Amir Shahidpour
Black Sugar (Kanchi, Swaroop)
Black Sugar is aN Undrground film shot in bangalore. 62 mins. English. $20,000. P: Swaroop Kanchi. D: Swaroop Kanchi. W: Swaroop kanchi. C: DJ Vachan, Rajeev Gupta, Shilpa
Tramps Like Us (Ultra Mega Corp)
Documentary on Bruce Springsteen fans. 55 mins. English. $10,000. P: Ultra Mega Corp. D: Michael Whitmondt. W: Michael Whitmondt. C: various
The Transfiguration of Harold Maines (Midsummer Movies)
A man abandons his family in order to pursue his life-long dream of becoming a horse. 35 mins. English. $4,000. P: Midsummer Movies. D: Jared W. Johnson. W: Jared W. Johnson. C: Elizabeth Rich, Jackie Wynes, Troy Sabourin, Deborah Leydig, Neal Williams
Jaw Breaker (Firelight Creative)
A dark comedy which brings to the surface, the fragile nature of relationships. 10 mins. English. $15,000. P: Terence Hayes. D: Terence Hayes. W: Terence Hayes. C: Liviu Rain, Laurie McLay, Stefanie Von Pfetten
Planet Frey (Bonato, Hans)
PLANETA FREY is a 56 minute program on a very special location of the Patagonian Andes, a place that attracts rock climbers from all over the world. T ... 56 mins. Spanish. $35,000. P: Hans Bonato. D: Hans Bonato. W: Hans Bonato. C: none
sex, lies and video diaries (krown films)
a 30-something woman on a diet sees her life crumple, all witnessed by her daily video diary. 52 mins. English. $175,000. P: alan brown. D: alan brown. W: alan brown. C: gordon warnecke, rebecca simmons, lisa jennings
Bad Night (Rockscar Films)
Danger is only a few steps behind. 83 mins. English. $1,000. P: Peter Matsoukas. D: Peter Matsoukas. W: Peter Matsoukas. C: Chad Corbitt, Michael Nathanson, Natalia Hernandez, Yasmin Vossoughian, Daryl Lathon, Dan Truman, Ruben Ortiz, Andrew Forsta, Rocco Malozzi, Brian Corr
Outback Opera (EMERGINT)
Outback Opera focuses on several Australian lives, as our touring opera performers come face-to-face with their outback audience, in this entertaining ... 56 mins. English. $140,000. P: Veronica Sive. D: Jennifer Crone. W: Jennifer Crone. C: Oz Opera
The Second Degree (Foe Entertainment)
A young slacker finds out he is six degrees away from Kevin Bacon, and it gives his "life" purpose. 89 mins. English. $20,000. P: Andrew Scott Bryner. D: Randall Clark Gifford. W: Randall Clark Gifford. C: Henry Phillips, Carolyn Henessey, Maggie Fleck, David Man, Tim McGrath, Avner Garbi, Alisson Barcott, James Saeur, Gena Ponitowski, Dan Newman
Everything is Everything (Studio 8 Entertainment)
A documentarian explores the small city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the home of many notable characters - sports legends, serial killers, movie stars - ... 87 mins. English. $5,000. P: Brock LaBorde. D: Brock LaBorde, Nathan Borck. W: Brock LaBorde. C: Truston Aillet, Brock LaBorde, John Lambremont, Jr., Jared Richard, Chris Trew
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