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Chère (
A mockumentary crew follows the progress of a remarkable theatrical project: a love affair between one man and his kitchen chair. 7 mins. English. $500. P: brian g. smith. D: brian g. smith. W: brian g. smith. C: Ken Hall, Brian G. Smith, Jennifer Foster, Chris New
Chasing the White Dragon (Kat scratch Films, LLC)
This gripping tale depicts a fictional group of crystal meth users trapped in a torrent of violence, deceit, paranoia, and passion who must either le ... 95 mins. English. $750,000. P: Kathilynn Phillips. D: Katgilynn Phillips. W: Kathilynn Phillips. C: Ryan Kennedy, Amanda Ward, Austin Haley, Preston Vanderslice, Learyn Wilde, Johnny McPhail, Kree Harrison, Matthew Kimbrough
The Devotees (Image of the Mind Studios)
This is a Jammin rock video shot during a rehearsal session of The Devotees in Hoboken NJ. I shot this on spec, did some editing, then and put it on t ... 20 mins. English. $15. P: Arthur Greisiger. D: Arthur Greisiger. W: Solomon DiNiro. C: The Band- Solomon Diniro & The Devotees
Not Born Heroes (Mankal, Vishesh)
A post-apocalyptic short that deals with difficult questions of identity and integrity. 14 mins. Hindi. $400. P: Mamta Mankal. D: Vishesh Mankal. W: Vishesh Mankal. C: Farha Alam, Saransh Vaswani, Kushagra Parasher
Holistic Medicine around the World (Montage Productions / HD Pictures / z17Films)
The Kallaway a pilot film on the holistic medicine men of Bolivia. 4 mins. English. $250. P: Scott Bartlett. D: Scott Bartlett. W: Cynthia Moses. C: Kallaway
Mandarin Mask (Bad Turtle)
In this interactive thriller, a young woman, forced to navigate her way through a demonic corn maze, must confront the disturbing memories of her abus ... 5 mins. English.  x 15 episodes. $25,000. P: Patrick T. Brown. D: Patrick T. Brown. W: Patrick T. Brown. C: Jenny Garris, Billy Konsoer, Steven J. Anderson
Hollywood Bares (Baer, Nick)
Some of Hollywoods hottest male models pose in this visual art film. 60 mins. English. $1,000. P: Nick Baer. D: Nick Baer. W: Nick Baer. C: Jimmy S, Kerry Frederick, Sam Gibbs
RETRACE (Danielfilm Studio)
Kathleen travels to Ceausescus Romania for the first time since finding refuge in Ireland as a child escaping the Holocaust. Her traumatic memories an ... 98 mins. English. $2,300,000. P: Judit Elek. D: Judit Elek. W: Judit Elek. C: Kathleen Gati, Philip Zanden, Sarah Clark, Andras Demeter
Identical Secrets 1 & 2 (Ebkans Films & Video Productions)
West African Movie, shot and edited ihn Canada 249 mins. English.  x 2 episodes. $15,000. P: Ebkans. D: Ebenezer Owusu-Ansah. W: Ebenezer Owusu-Ansah. C: Dorothy Amoabeng, Eunice Asemia, Kwame Boakye
The Sacred One (LABANAA, INDERR)
The story revolves around TRUE incidents based on the life of a DEVDASI(wife of GOD).Dehumanizing tradition where women are married off to a diety of ... 15 mins. English. $12,000. P: Inderr Labanaa. D: Ken. W: Twinkle Talwar. C: Shanon,Pinky,Amit,Devendra etc
JUST A MINUTE is the dance of a woman stuck in the rat race-----she gets up, gets ready to go to work and tries to leave the house. 1 mins. Mute/Silent. $4,000. P: ALLISON BEDA. D: ALLISON BEDA. W: ALLISON BEDA / CLAIRE FRENCH / JAMES MAXWELL. C: JENNIFER CLARKE
See Saw (Hamptons Film)
In a quest to uncover who she is, a woman with no memory of her past utilizes the eyes and ears of New Yorks surveillance camera empire. 110 mins. English. $900,000. P: Aimee Denaro. D: Tom Muschamp. W: Tom Muschamp. C: Aimee Denaro, Michael Graves, Mike DiGiacinto, Lou Martini Jr.
Filth To Ashes, Flesh To Dust (Jeoa Productions)
A schizophrenic serial killer with a Hitler like mentality, hunts a group of friends, eliminating them based on their weaknesses. 86 mins. English. $200. P: Armont Casale, Terry James. D: Paul Morrell. W: Armont Casale. C: Meredith Laine, Teo Sajor, Allison Ochmanek, Diana Quesada
Natal Attraction (Anthony Richardson - OverVoice)
This Sordid Affair Has Got Him By The Balls. 4 mins. English. $1,000. P: Adam Comiskey. D: Tom Fry. W: Tom Fry. C: Anthony Richardson - Dr Wright, Mandy Kaplan - Mrs Wright / Nancy Heart
Fetu Afahye Festival Documentary (d'Souza, Salvador)
Fetu Afahye is the annual festival of the Cape Coast people of Ghana. The spiritual and mysterious, pomp and pageantry are all captured in this histor ... 42 mins. English. $70,000. P: Irene K. Odotei. D: Salvador L. dSouza. W: Irene K. Odotei. C: People of Oguaa Traditional Area
Henchin' (Badillo, Javier)
Father tries to connect with aloof teen son, while hiding true identity as henchman for a supervillain corporation. 10 mins. English. $3,000. P: Josh Larsson, Javier Badillo, Luis Balao. D: Javier Badillo. W: Luch Balao. C: Ridgeway Wilson, Travis Turner, Josh Larsson, Jessica Hill, Shayan Bayat
Catalina: A New Kind of Superhero (WOTR Ltd)
Ben Gerick is a rising star for a major corporate law firm. By day he dresses in a smart business suit, but at home he takes on a new persona…that of ... 98 mins. English. $2,000,000. P: K D Barker. D: K D Barker. W: K D Barker. C: Nathan Lubbock-Smith, George McCluskey, Laura Martin
East of Liberty series (Ivey, Chris)
Race, Class, Gentrification, Redevelopment... All Relative. 101 mins. English.  x 2 episodes. $35,000. P: Chris Ivey. D: Chris Ivey. W: n/a. C: Dr. Mindy Fullilove, MD, Maelene Myers, Ernest Prescott, Malik Bankston, Justin Strong
A Little War (MONttAGE Film)
Fantastic Movie which has won National Award for a NON- Feature Film. 29 mins. Hindi. $10,000. P: Atanu Biswas. D: Atanu Biswas. W: Atanu Biswas. C: ...
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