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Totally Saturday (Vorhees, Darcy)
Totally Saturday is an adventurous, colorful, and cheerful music video that goes with the pop group The Weekendersʼ catchy tune of the same name. 4 mins. English. $2,000. P: DarcyVDesign Inc.. D: Darcy Vorhees. W: Darcy Vorhees, Al Romero. C: Adam Toren, Matthew Toren
Ecotrippin (Cloudcap Audio Post, Inc.)
Environmental education thru adventure travel. 30 mins. English.  x 13 episodes. $100,000. P: Andrew Held. D: Corey Carthew. W: Corey Carthew/Andrew Held. C: Corey Carthew, Supatra Hanna
Alaska Trout Fishing (Alaskan Gyre Productions)
Alaska Trout Fishing 43 mins. English. $100,000. P: Nathan Kimmell. D: Nathan Kimmell. W: Nathan Kimmell. C: Alaska Trout
Toumast guitars and kalashnikovs (Margot, Dominique)
a film about the tuaregrebellions and the music which was created by the young rebells 88 mins. French. $100,000. P: D: Dominique Margot. W: Dominique Margot. C: Toumast and Tilwat
BDSM: It's Not What You Think! (Palmquist, Erin)
“BDSM: It’s Not What You Think!” confronts stigma and stereotype surrounding kink and fetish play through leading voices within the BDSM community. 30 mins. English. $20. P: Erin Palmquist. D: Erin Palmquist. W: Erin Palmquist. C: Janet Hardy, Jorge Vieto, Robert Black, Sybil Holiday, Master Hines and Mrs. Hines, Ms. Heart, Nova and Atticus, Lord Falcon, Domina Selina Raven
Flowers Tomorrow - Short Drama (Pete Middleton Pictures)
A film about love and loss 10 mins. English. $20. P: Pete Middleton. D: Aidey Pugh. W: Aidey Pugh. C: Jem Dobbs, Kuki Keaton, Viki Bailey
Fish For Tomorrow (Kaltenbach Productions)
Sustainable fisheries 60 mins. English. $500,000. P: Ernie Panacek. D: David Kaltenbach. W: David Kaltenbach. C: Fishermen
Gettin' Lucky (Jones Films)
Four Guys. Four Girls. One thing one thier minds...Gettin Lucky 91 mins. English. $160,000. P: Jamison Jones. D: Mike Andrews. W: Mike Andrews. C: Jack Maxwell Robyn Cohen Christopher Mur Lisa Lo Cicero Michael DeGood Jamison Jones
BASTARDI (Fusco, Carlo)
Le famiglie Iuvara e Patene sono rivali storiche. Alessandro Patene viene accidentalmente ucciso nella discoteca in cui si trova anche Luca Iuvara. 92 mins. Italian. $4,500. P: Nicolino Matera. D: Andres Alce Meldonado. W: Andres Alce Meldonado. C: Franco Nero , Giancarlo Giannini , Don Jonson , Enrico Montesano
Pochi giorni per capire (Fusco, Carlo)
Sinossi: Un piccolo paese del sud, Salvatore dieci anni vive un dramma , suo padre che ricopre un ruolo istituzionale in paese ne abusa sessualmente d ... 80 mins. Italian. $250. P: Pecchia Adriano. D: Carlo Fusco. W: Carlo Fusco. C: Tony Sperandeo , Luigi Maria Burruano , Enrico Lo Verso
ROOM 36 (Ivory Tower Entertainment Ltd)
Its not the cost of the rooms that will kill you! 90 mins. English. $1. P: Tim Dennison. D: Jim Groom. W: Jim Groom, Tim Dennison, David Read. C: Brian Murphy, Paul Herzberg, Portia Booroff, Frank Scantori, Nicola Branson, John Cater
A Glaring Emission (Moorhead, Aaron)
An environmental con artists scheme is discovered, and he has one week to come up with an impossible sum of money, or go to jail. 86 mins. English. $100,000. P: Lazaro M. Trejo. D: Aaron Scott Moorhead. W: Aaron Scott Moorhead and Andrew J. Preston. C: Sean Dennison, Simon Needham, Mark Petersen, Joseph Reed, Caitlin Musgrove
Annie's Religion (Leprika Productions)
Annie is an 8-year-old Christian girl growing up in the 1950s. Against her mothers wishes, she forms a friendship with her new Jewish neighbors and st ... 18 mins. English. $15,000. P: Jordan Strand. D: Laura DAntoni. W: Laura DAntoni. C: Cassidy Gruning, Alexandra Devin, Lori Gardner
Rock'n'roll...Of Corse! (Guedj, lionel)
The amazing life of The Police original guitarist: Henry Padovani, throught the punk/rock years. 88 mins. English. $300,000. P: Sebban/Guedj. D: Lionel Guedj. W: Lionel Guedj. C: Sting & The Police, The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Kim Wilde, The Bangles, The Stranglers
Billy & Lilly go to New York (Pie and Mash Film Productions Ltd)
Shocking Docu/Drama - British Maverick documentary filmmakers shot to death on the streets on Manhattan 114 mins. English. $20,000. P: Maria Maloney. D: Bill Maloney. W: Bill Maloney. C: Lilly Starr, Bill Maloney,
Kill Everyone (Movie) (Vallier, Michael)
Jerry Hill, a deceitful and corrupt film professor escorts his students to a cabin deep in the woods of Maine to shoot the film Killer In The Woods wh ... 90 mins. English. $10,000. P: Michael Vallier II. D: Richard Tobin Jr.. W: Richard Tobin Jr.. C: Caitlin Robert, Najwa Rosdi, Ryan Tully, Amy Lee Connell, Kaitlyn Bouchard, Jason Kindschy, and Nate Maphis
Nieruchomy Poruszyciel/ Unmoved Mover (WFF Blyskawica)
„The Unmoved Mover” is a movie about sexual addiction and enslavement, about unfulfilled desires and yearnings, about the fact that even having obtain ... 92 mins. Polish. $1,000,000. P: Lukasz Barczyk. D: Lukasz Barczyk. W: Lukasz Barczyk. C: Jan Frycz, Marieta Zukowska, Andrzej Chyra
The Village Parfumerie (The Indy group)
Custom Fragrance Creation at the Village Parfumerie 2 mins. English. $900. P: John Maler. D: John Maler. W: John Maler. C: Wendy F
NoWhere, PA (Stimulus Productions)
A recent college drop-out attempts to sort out his lifes problems after taking a job as a maintenance worker at an abandoned amusement park trying to ... 134 mins. English. $25,000. P: Alex Lewis. D: Hal Cramer. W: Hal Cramer. C: Sean Egan, Graeme Hogan
Return To Virunga-The Battle To Save The Mountain Gorillas (West, Sam)
Endangered Mountain Gorillas and the rangers who protect them. 45 mins. English. $20,000. P: Stefan Lovgren. D: Stefan Lovgren. W: Stefan Lovgren. C: Emmanuel De Morode, Innocent Imburanumwe
Film-Title (Production Company)
Log-line. Length. Original Language. Budget US$. Producer. Director. Writer. Cast.

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