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Title: "Sharing an island"
  Cyprus. English. 100 mins. Hi-Def. Documentary (+Political). June 2011 (Completed).
  Sharing an island records the journey of three Greek Cypriots and three Turkish Cypriots across divided Cyprus.
Production Co: Danae Stylianou
  t: 0035725354810   Danae Stylianou is the producer and director of the film 'Sharing an island'.
Rights Available: All, Worldwide
Producer: Danae Stylianou
Director: Danae Stylianou
Writer: Danae Stylianou
Cast: N/A
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Target Audience:  19-30 years
Total Budget: US$80,000
Screenings:Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2012
General:2011 Best Project of Civil Society Award (awarded by UNDP) 2011 Stelios Award for bicommunal business cooperation
Synopsis:Six young Cypriots who have never met each other before, three who live north of and three who live south of the UN controlled buffer zone in Cyprus, are invited to share a house for five days. Together they will travel across divided Cyprus in an attempt to explore their identities as Cypriots. They will argue from different perspectives of history, they will share stories of the past and together they will envision the future. Will they succeed in breaking down prejudices? Will they be liberated from the traumas of the past that have been passed on to them? Will they discover truths they had never encountered before? Is peace a long way ahead?
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Date Submitted:02-Mar-12 by user 1018071

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