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Title: "Mursala"
  Indonesia. Indonesian. (English subtitled? No. English dub? No.) 92 mins. 16mm. Drama. March 2013 (In PostProduction).
  The story about a success lawyer who can win his cases in the city, but He has no strength when he faces the Custom, the ancient law in his village. Because of the custom regulation, He cant marry his girlfriend.
Production Co: Deddy Tubagus (view map)
  t: +62818190121 / +6281240027443   Movie Screenplay, Documentary Script Writer, Directing Documentary for Wild life,Extreem Adventure, also Culture within Indonesia remote area.Organizing crew and safety in extreem condition.Negotiate with local people around Indonesia.
Rights Available: All, Worldwide
Producer: Anna
Director: Viva Westi
Writer: Tubagus Deddy
Cast: RIo Dewanto, Titi Sjuman
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Target Audience:  General, 18 up
Total Budget: US$800,000
General:The Set is shot in Mursala Islands, the scenic place with Mursala waterfall which falling directly to the Indian Ocean.
Synopsis:Anggiat is the succes lawyer in the main city Jakarta, He has to fight his case about the kid who is suspected to have stolen the sandal from one politician. The kid is proven not guilty, but the politician fight's back. Meanwhile Anggiat has other problem's when he goes back to Tapanuli, his village, he cant marry his girlfriend because of the custom forbid some marga (clan) in Batak to marry each other. Anggiat from Simbolon (clan) is not allowed to marry Clarisa Saragih (clan/marga). Anggiat is successful in law but has no strength in Custom ...ancient law.
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Date Submitted:29-Jan-13 by user 732632

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