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Title: "Tengers"
  South Africa. English. 75 mins. DV. Animation (+Black Comedy). December 2005 (In Production).
  Political Correctness Challenged
Production Co: Mirror Mountain Pictures (view map)  They also have 1 other title.
  t: +27827160732 / +27827160732   Film and Television Production Company
Rights Available: All, Worldwide
Producer: Michael J.Rix
Director: Michael J.Rix
Writer: Michael J.Rix
Cast: Jo Day, David Kau
Target Audience:  General, 18 up
Total Budget: US$250,000  (Finance Sought: US$200,000)
General:"Tengers" is approximately 1 fifth shot and edited. with a temporary audio mix. The film is seeking completion funds including a reverse telecine to 35mm for festival and theatrical exhibition.
Synopsis:Rob is your average out of work South African White male who thinks his luck is about to change when he wins a monthly pay-out on a Lottery scratch card. Now maybe he can win over the beautiful artist he's had his eye on for a while... but plans quickly change when Rob discovers that the Lottery authorities would rather have him killed than pay out the money!
One other "Film For Sale" listed from Mirror Mountain Pictures:
The Game of My Life 61 mins. Hi-Def. Comedy. eng. $20,000. Completed. P: Michael J. Rix. D: Dumisani Vusi Nhlapo. W: Dumisani Vusi Nhlapo. C: Pethro Themba Mbole, Vusumuzi Ndumo. Football-themed comedy drama set in a contemporary South African township.
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Date Submitted:06-Jan-05 by user 217003

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