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Title: "Om Namah Shivaya"
  Bulgaria. Bulgarian. (English subtitled? Yes. English dub? No.) 43 mins. DigiBeta. Documentary. March 2004 (Completed).
  A boy is a victim of heroin. At death`s door only a miracle can save him. A trip to India and the Om Namah Shivaya mantra become his life bealt.
Production Co: Sophia studio (view map)
  t: ++359 887 697 402 / ++3592 988 50 17   Sophia studio is a company producing documentaries,tv programmes,educational films,corporative films,public social initiatives, commercials/advertising spots, music videos,reporting news events,casting,PR activities.
Rights Available: All, Worldwide
Producer: Boriana Dimitrova
Director: Petko Gyulchev
Writer: Boriana Dimitrova
Cast: Stantcho
View clip:
Target Audience:  General, 18 up
Total Budget: US$10,000
Screenings:festival in Jaipur,Rajasthan, btv
General:This documentary aims to show that everyone is capable of changing consciously. By traveling the holy places in India we meet real-life gurus, who help people find their other hidden self.
Synopsis:A 18 years old boy is a victim of heroin. He feel a desperate need for a change - his body and mind suffered the consequences of the addiction. At death`s door only a miracle can save him. A trip to India and the Om Namah Shivaya mantra become his life bealt. 10 years later he is on a pilgrimage, revisiting the holly places and the people who once saved him. He went to some sacred places in the Himalayas. Through Haridvar he reached Gangotri-the spring of the Ganges. After he went to Haldvani where his guru Muniraji is living and doing every morning a fire ceremony . We understand what is the meaning of the ceremony and how it is done. Guru Muniraji has an exclusive interview. After that the hero went to Heirakan - to the Babaji ashram where he meet people from Europe,Usa,indian gurus. Heirakan was the place where the miracle has happened 10 years ago. After that the hero meet Swami Niranjan- the guru which has sent him the mantra 10 years ago and has invited him to India. An exclusive interview with Swami Niranjan in Munger- in his yoga university. The end is in Varanasi - the oldest living city,the city of Shiva.
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Date Submitted:06-Apr-07 by user 274339

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