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Title: "Reconstructing Creole"
  USA. English. 56 mins. DV. Documentary (+History). January 2007 (Completed).
  An unflinching view of culture, race, and history on one Louisiana plantation, Reconstructing Creole blends verite scenes and excerpts from a vivid 19th century memoir to reveal a world of slavery and society balls, of race-mixing and family bonds, of cruelty, love, and joie de vive that is, uniquely, Creole.
Production Co: Fresh Media, L.L.C. (view map)
  t: (504) 452-0788   Award-winning video production house, focusing on creative non-fiction storytelling. We use the latest digital technology to inspire the look of film in our documentaries, network television, sales videos, commercials, creative photography, and editing.
Rights Available: All, Worldwide
Producer: Jennifer John Block
Director: Jennifer John Block
Writer: Jennifer John Block
Cast: Bruce Sunpie Barnes
More info:
Target Audience:  19-30 years
Total Budget: US$100
Screenings:1st Place, Best Documentary Feature, Hollywood HD/DV Festival 2007
Synopsis:The Laura Plantation manor in Vacherie, Louisiana sits gutted by fire. As a young team of builders begins a careful and eventful 2 year restoration, the vivid memoir of 19th century plantation mistress Laura Locoul Gore reveals a world of slavery and society balls, of race-mixing and family bonds, of cruelty, love, and joie de vive. Scenes include: A brick mason working on the restoration realizes “this is where my people are from.” An assistant plantation manager meets the black branch of his family for the first time. From Lauras memoir, a slave is branded by Lauras cruel grandmother. Laura marries an American and moves to St. Louis, but when she meets her mixed-race nephew at a society ball there, Laura is compelled to write the story of her life in Louisiana. Her home, her life, exemplify how and why Louisiana culture is different from the rest of America. Reconstructing Creole weaves past and present with music by 19th century Creole composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk, as well as original works from Louisiana musicians Bruce “Sunpie” Barnes, Mitch Caponetto, and Adam Kennedy. Shot in 16:9 widescreen format. Length 56 minutes. Reconstructing Creole offers an unflinching view of culture, race and history on one Louisiana plantation.
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Date Submitted:18-Apr-07 by user 287566

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