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Title: "Nadine"
  Belgium. Dutch. (English subtitled? Yes. English dub? No.) 100 mins. S16mm. Drama (+Psychological). June 2007 (In PostProduction).
  Nadine is a career woman: successful, independent and ambitious. But she’s single, just over forty years old and still childless. Inside her body, the biological clock is ticking like mad, till the point where it begins to jump and finally derails into a bizarre and extreme act...
Production Co: Serendipity Films (view map)
  t: +32 54 56 84 65 / +32 499 46 36 95   f: +32 54 56 84 65  Serendipity Films is an independent production company concentrating on producing exciting European film projects, feature films and documentaries, that highlight social relevant issues, initiated by young, fresh and innovative talent.
Rights Available: All, Worldwide
Producer: Ellen De Waele - Erik Schut
Director: Erik de Bruyn
Writer: Erik de Bruyn
Cast: Monic Hendrickx, Sanneke Bos, Halina Reijn, Fedja Van Huet, Beatriz Batarda, Frank Lammers, Kurt Rogiers, Tom Van Landuyt, Matthias Schoenaerts
More info:
Target Audience:  31-50 years
Total Budget: US$2,300,000  (Finance Sought: US$95,000)
Synopsis:On a busy morning, Nadine (41) an independent modern woman, snatches a baby boy, SAM, from a Mega-supermarket. She flees, heading for Southern Europe. During this adventures trip we gain insight into Nadine’s life via flashback-sequences, as well as through (inner) monologues. We see her struggling relationship with her mother, the sudden death of her father, her ambitious career and her growing wish to have a baby. Although Nadine has the choice of many men, she is single again after some failing relations.

We also witness how the father of the baby, DANIEL, has to relay the terrible news to KIM, the mother. Police investigation is slowly set in motion, but Daniel starts his own investigation and tries to track down Nadine.

Nadine, travelling with the baby, is confronted by herself in her role of sudden mom, as well as by her past.

Nadine (35) has made a career for herself as a successful interior designer. She is financially independent and has become increasingly materialistic. Her relationships generally don’t last much longer than a single night. Gradually, something begins to nag at Nadine... Doubts begin to creep in at her mother’s death. Doubts about her racy, supposed sexually liberated life... She panics, and decides she wants a child, even without a partner.

But at the point of being completely hopeless, she unexpectedly becomes involved in a passionate and genuinely loving relationship. Unfortunately, when Nadine hits 40 even this relationship remains unwantedly childless.

In the present Nadine settles on an island. She meets the charismatic BARBARA. When at some point Sam disappears and seems snatched again, Nadine collapses and tells her tragic secret to Barbara. Driven by love and torn by internal conflict, Nadine realizes she is depriving the baby from something quite essential: his parents. Heartbroken, Nadine decides to return baby Sam to his parents and she finally begins to accept the devastating truth that she will never become a mother.

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Date Submitted:29-May-07 by user 445778

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