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Full time, starts ASAP

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Apply to:Mike Mills
Created:9 Jul 2014, Expires: 29 Jul 2014

studio m is looking for an editor with at least 5 years experience working on advertising, marketing and/or branded content projects. You will be tasked with editing a range of projects, from 30 second TV spots to 5 minute content pieces. Experience with longer form narrative videos is crucial.

We are an exciting and growing creative studio located in Leslieville. We are all about creating content that engages and entertains, be it online or on TV. With an in house creative team, we are uniquely positioned to offer content ideas and execution to our growing roster of clients.

We cut on Adobe Premiere. A working knowledge of rest of the Adobe suite is an asset. If you are fluent in French, even better.

Please include a link to your online portfolio of work with your resume. Applications without a portfolio will not be considered.

Join us - we are doing awesome work - plus we have a popcorn maker and ping pong. And a bunch of big TVs.

Come help us to "make it better."

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