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Alameer, Feroze

India Production House, Film Service Provider for Foreign Productions in India, Co-Production, Executive-Production, Line Producer, Production Manager, Recce, Crew, Equipment, Casting, etc... *City of Joy (FF); *Little Buddha (FF); *Kama Sutra (FF);
Production Services, Producers and Production Companies, Producers, Line, Production Managers / Supervisors in India, Myanmar (Burma)

Angles Unlimited India Productions

New Delhi & Mumbai based Production Services Company, Fixer, Camera Crews, multi cam set ups, Locations, Filming Permits and Equipment Rental. *Volvo, American Express, Glaxo, HSBC (CC); *Access 360 - Taj Mahal for Nat Geo (DO); *The Doha Debates for BBC (TV); orgs: Indian Motion Pictures Producer' Association (IMPPA).
Production Services, Video Equipment - Rental, Producers, Line, Location Services, Camera Rental - Video, Cameramen / Videographers, Producers and Production Companies, Camera Crews - Equipped in India

Elements Production Services Pvt Ltd

PHOTO PRODUCTION, COMMERCIALS, LINE PRODUCTION *Sound Trek on Fox Traveler (TV); *The Local Train (MU); *Laffaire (CO); orgs: IMPPA,IDPA.
Producers, Line, Location Services, Producers and Production Companies in India

India Film Services

Production Services company operating out of Delhi and Mumbai. Fixers,do permits,locations,budgeting,camera rentals,grips,lights,sourcing equipment for documentaries,commericals,features,photoshoots,tv series, interviews,corporate,music videos. *Johnnie Walker,Renault,Tetrapack,Maiyet, (CO); *Operation Change,Merck,Body Bizarre, (DO); *Bourne,Warrior,Indian Emerald,Shadows of (FF);
Cameramen / Videographers, Producers, Line, Location Scouts, Producers and Production Companies, Camera Crews - Equipped, Camera Rental - Video, Location Services, Production Services, Fixer in India

1080 Films

1080 Films is a new-media production company, which specializes in film making and integrating the moving image into live performance. *Fizz, the truth uncorked. (SH); *Tata Tea (CO); *Hypermart by Essar Steel (CC);
Producers and Production Companies in India


TV Programme production, direction, Editing, Cinematography , Printing *Editor (MU); *Director (DO); *Director (CO); orgs: 12by1creations.
Producers and Production Companies in India

24framesindia. com

English Tamil Hindi Telug Film Production, Crew support , Distrubtion *SIXTEEN (FF); *SOMETHING (MU); *R .i.P (SH); orgs: Union.
Producers and Production Companies in India

2nz Animation Co.

Be it hundreds of Ad films for leading brands to short films or path-breaking, compelling special effects for feature films, multimedia and online animation, 2nz has been one of the front-runners in Indian animation.
Animation Facilities, Producers and Production Companies in India

69 Productions

Committed to producing and distributing media artworks including but not limited to feature films and documentaries. We are a group of creative freelance artists with expertise in different areas of production...
Distributors; Film & TV Programming, Producers and Production Companies in India

a 1080 Studios

One size fits all is a myth, especially when it comes to film making. Each film is a piece of pure communication and unbridled creative impulse. At Toolbox, we believe in hand crafting each idea into perfection. Our mantra - customized film production *Shahrukh Khan In Conversation With Lady (TV); *Lady Gaga Live Concert: F1 After Party (TV); *Hunt for the Kingfisher Calender 'Superm (TV);
Producers, Line, Producers and Production Companies in India

Aabhas Communication

26 years of exp. Specializing in tv comedies, docus, corporate films and ads. Production,Direction, Editing, Writing. Based in Mumbai. *Mughal e Azam a classic redesigned (SH); *Sabse Bada Rupaiya, Daddy Samjha karo, (DR); *Chandrika Soap, Ajanta toothbrush (CO); orgs: IFDA, IFWA.
Directors, Producers and Production Companies in India

AA Entertainment Channel

Ajit Kumaar, Producer/Line Producer/Associate Producer offers production services, crew, equipments, locations, permissions for International film shoots in India. *A Peacock Spring (DR); *A Passage To India (FF); *Octopussy-James Bond (FF); orgs: AMPTPP.
Producers and Production Companies in India

Abstract Films, Maxen

Producers, Production team operating from Mumbai, India. *Chik Shampoo (CO); *JetKing (CO); *FirstPost (CO); orgs: AMPTVPP.
Producers and Production Companies, Production Services in India

ABworld Creations

We take great pleasure in providing you necessary platform and information to start and build up your career through films, commercial ads, documentary films and musical albums productions, celebrity management, artists co-ordination, modeling and media. *Nyaytantra-The Black Decision (FF);
Actors, Producers and Production Companies in India

Active Illusions

Film Production in Mumbai & New York. TV commercials. Music Videos. Audio Visuals. *Ab Bas (MU); *Karma aur Holi (FF); *Indian Fish in American Water (FF); orgs: IFWA, IMPA.
Directors, Producers and Production Companies in India

Ah Graphic Studios Private Limited

specializes in 2D/3D animation for Movies, TV serials, and audio-visual media.3D Walkthroughs,Special Effects,Corporate Branding. *Advertisement,Special Effect,Print Media (CO); *Content development ,website development (MM); *2D/3D animation for Movies, TV serials (AN);
Animators, Producers and Production Companies in India

Ahmed, Hasan

smoke artist, compositor & Editor *aether media (ED); *Rajtaru Videosonic (MU); *Rajtaru Videosonic (CO);
Producers and Production Companies, Post Production Consultants in India

AIM Television

An award winning, premiere production house, with office in Delhi. Since its inception in 1993, the company has positioned itself as a boutique production house focussing on the creation of high value quality programming.
Directors, Producers and Production Companies in India

A Little Anarky Films

Our team of 15 fulltime media professionals, ranging from writers, artists, animators and producers works to create high quality visual content for some of the biggest brands in the country. *Solly on Style web series (MM); *Harley Davidson Freedom series (CO);
Production Services, Producers and Production Companies in India

Amar Chitra Katha

Some of India's most-loved brands including Amar Chitra Katha, Tinkle, Karadi Tales and well-known proprietary characters like Suppandi. We develop products for multiple platforms including online services, games, Television and Film.
Producers and Production Companies in India

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