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A-FILM Productions

A-FILM is a RUSSIAN-GERMAN FILM PRODUCTION company with offices in Berlin and Moscow. Apart from producing both features and documentaries and creating a wide range of corporate videos, the company provides PRODUCTION SERVICES in the whole of RUSSIA/CIS. *Ubijstvo Gauleitera / Wilhelm Kube (DR); *Moscow Dreams (ST); *Beslan Insmonnia (DO) orgs: Verband der Deutschen Wirtschaft vdw.ru.
Producers and Production Companies, Production Services in Russia

Action Film

Full production company. TV commercials, music videos, feature films. All post-production facilities *Reebok (CO); *Corona beer (CO); *Panasonic (CO)
Producers and Production Companies in Russia

Anthless Films

Film Productions Company / Full-Post Company / Photografy / Music video / Commercial / Feature Film, Own Crew: Director - Art director - Effect supervisor - D.O.P - Make up Artist - Hairstylist. Office in the Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Moscow (Russia) *Avraam, Valeria, Umaturman, Iquana,Linda (MU); *Kristina Orbakaite, Alesia, 21gramm (MU); *fanta, coca cola, bmw, picknick etc. (CO)
Producers and Production Companies, Post Production Consultants in Netherlands, Russia

Art Pictures Studio

Founded in 1991 by Fyodor Bondarchuk and Stepan Mikhalkov as a production company specialized in music videos and ad spots. Music videos produced by Art Pictures won a lot of awards of All-Russian and international competitions,
Producers and Production Companies in Russia


On of the oldest FULL SERVICE PRODUCTION HOUSE in Russia. Full production and post-production services. Young and dedicated team of professionals. We produce Feature Films and TV Commercials. *Day Watch, Night Watch, Wanted (VFX) (FF); *Panasonic, Mars, Ikea, ING (CO)
Producers and Production Companies, Directors in Russia

Bedna Films, s.r.o.

Film, TV production and postproduction *Vekra (CO); *BESIP (MU); *Supercroo (MU)
Producers and Production Companies in Germany, Russia

BigFoot Studio

Tv&Film full service production and post-production based in Moscow. Full broadcast non-linear editing and graphics. *Panasonic Lumix (CO); *Comet Gel/ P&G (CO); *Sanyo Xacti (CO)
Producers and Production Companies in Russia

CTB Film Company

One of Russia's most prolific and successful producers and distributors of theatrical motion pictures.
Producers and Production Companies, Distributors; Film & TV Programming in Russia

CTC Media

A leading independent media company in Russia. It owns and operates the CTC, Domashny and DTV television networks. CTC Media owns two TV content production companies: Costafilm and Soho Media, and operates Channel 31 in Kazakhstan
Producers and Production Companies, Television Stations in Russia

Central Partnership

A producer and distributor of high-quality film and television products, and is the largest independent company in the Russian film industry.
Producers and Production Companies, Distributors; Film & TV Programming in Russia

Chizhenok, Alexander

Researching, fixing, production services. St. Petersburg location. Our teams and producers can travel in the rest of ex-USSR. *Number of documentaries with German TV. (DO); *News coverage for national channels (TV); *News video for Reuters' TV (TV) orgs: IFJ (Int. Federation of Journalists).
Producers and Production Companies, Researchers in Russia

Cyclops Moscow

Production house sister from cYclops New York City. Full production service from pre production till master tape delivery *Aeroflot, Avon, Benefiber, MTC, Ramstore (CO)
Producers and Production Companies in Russia


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! I have the honor to present the trailer for the film project in the U.S.. URL: https://vimeo.com/48611870 Thank you for your attention! And good luck! Sincerely Sergei Orlov. *'The second Blow' (SH)
Producers and Production Companies in Russia

EastGate Media Production, Michael Mirbach

We provide production assistance to foreign film and tv crews in Russia and the former Soviet republics. We also help Russian crews in Scandinavia. *Microsoft-Gazprom B2B video (CC); *Vikings in Kievan Rus (DO); *Between the Duty and the Senses (DO)
Producers and Production Companies in Russia, Sweden

Focus Films Moscow

The independent production house - Focus Films - is one of the oldest and the most authoritative production studio of Russia. Company was founded in 1992 for production TV commercial, musical videos, TV shows, documentary and feature films. *Samsung (CO); *Coca Cola (CO); *McDonalds (CO)
Producers and Production Companies, Production Services in Russia


With its very experienced producers Godofilms is fully equipped for any kind of production ranging from service and commercials to short films,documentaries and music videos. *Thai Air, BMW, TELE 2,EFES (CO)
Producers and Production Companies in Russia

Grishin, Dmitry

Filming & Editing sports, travel, educational, ads for 6 years, RED/BlackMagic/DSLR, editing with AP and AE. Steadicam, glidetrack, timelapse in motion. Showreel: https://vimeo.com/110615927 *DoP, Editor (SH); *DoP, Editor (SP); *Director (ED)
Producers and Production Companies, Editors, Picture in Russia

HotShot Films

Hotshot Films is St. Petersburg based production company offering a full service for TV commercials, music videos, documentaries, photo shoots as well as production service for feature films all around Russia. *Greenfield tea (CO); *Krupskaya Dark Chocolate (CO); *Jardin coffee (CO)
Producers and Production Companies, Production Services in Russia

Interproduction Film Company

Our specialty: Advertising & music video production. Corporate video and presentation materials production for advertisement agencies and for private clients. Documentary and fiction films production on film/video
Producers and Production Companies in Russia

Key Productions Moscow

Moscow-based agency uniting top-notch television and film professionals. Full production support, fixing and logistics services, and crewing and equipment packages for news, documentaries, features, corporate and commercials in the ex-USSR. *BBC World News (TV)
Producers and Production Companies, Camera Crews - Equipped in Russia

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