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Blue Sky Films

Blue Sky Films is a Film Production Company renowned for facilitating the production of outstanding film and Tv commercials, feature films, television programs as well as documentaries in the East and Central African region. www.blueskyafrica.com *The Constant Gardener (FF); *The Amazing Race CBS (DR); *Coca Cola (CO)
Producers and Production Companies, Production Services in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda

Ginger Ink

From a live uplink for Good Morning America to 'Soul Boy', a master class with the German film director Tom Tykwer, to MTV's Inaugural Ball televised at President Obama's inauguration...our list is varied, as is our experience in Africa. *ABC News - Modern Wonders of the World (TV); *Soul Boy, Master Class with Tom Tykwer (FF); *Make Poverty History - Live 8 footage (MM) orgs: Production Guild of Great Britain; FCA East Africa.
Producers and Production Companies, Location Scouts, Production Services, Camera Crews - Equipped, Producers, Line, Location Services in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda


A UK television producer with 13 years experience with the BBC, Discovery Channel, PBS. Based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Producer/Director/Cinematographer/Fixer. Full production service available. Full HD equipment available including Canon C300. *Malaria Fever Road (BBC/PBS) (DO); *Kilimanjaro Lager - Taifa Stars (CO); *South Africa Atlas (Discovery US) (DO)
Producers and Production Companies, Fixer in Tanzania


JCK Creativity Center is Pre-Production, Production and Post Production. It’s like for a sturdy building, you need to have a strong core, alike for a incredibly amazing music/video *Mama Nakupenda (Tina) (MU) orgs: -.
Producers and Production Companies in Tanzania

Kijiweni Productions

We offer: film production, cinematography, editing, equipment rental, consultation on films, games shows and series. Commercial creation and documentaries and interview for large events, that need professional work but with a Tanzanian Flamboyance *Samaki Mchangani (SH); *Shoeshine (SH); *Who Killed Me (SH)
Producers and Production Companies, Directors in Tanzania

Real2Reel Film Productions

With 12 years of experience in East Africa, we are a professional and creative team, producing anything from 30 second adverts, music videos to full length documentaries. *Yaya - Ashimba (Maisha Music) (MU); *We Believe in Partnership (EU) (DO); *Malaria Campaign (PSI) (ED) orgs: Flame Tree Trust,.
Producers and Production Companies, Camera Crews - Equipped in Tanzania

True Vision Production (T) Ltd

David Sevuri Filming documentaries, Feature films and TV commercials. script writing, location scouting, casting and editing. DSR 400P Dvcam and Betacam Sp Camera. Professional and talented crew with 11 years experience in the industry. *East Africa Scenarios (DO); *Pumua (FF); *Dahaco - Swissport Tanzania Ltd (CC) orgs: Taipa - Tanzania Independent Producers Association.
Producers and Production Companies, Camera Crews - Equipped in Tanzania