Matching Services
Coriell, Taylor
Actor. Trained soprano. Comedy writer. WORKED ON: Online: Bite Me- A Webseries (upcoming), Redheads Anonymous
Categories: Actresses
Located in: United States (New York)
John Scura
Writer/TV Producer/Print Journalist WORKED ON: TV Dramas: Losing It (Northern Monkey Productions) Feature Films: Cold Fusion (Conquistador Productions, Vampire Point (Conquistador Productions)
Categories: Writers
Located in: United States (California)
Kate Frey
Make-up & SFX Artist WORKED ON: Online: Baby is it Warm in Here?, Universal Studios Hollywood HHN Music Videos: The Architekz
Categories: Health and Wellness, Make Up
Located in: United States (California)
James Haydon
Freelance producer, camera operator, lighting engineer, audio/video technician and editor in UK/US for 10 years now. I am writing to you to inform of you of my services and let you know that I am s...
Categories: Crew
Located in: United States (Florida)
Emi Sano
Scriptwriter, Script Supervisor, Production Assistant WORKED ON: Short Films: 140 Characters or Less, Purple Heart Student Films: Mr. Perfect
Categories: Crew
Located in: United States (Ohio)
Dziuba, Catelin
Talent for organization, creativity, and time management. Five years experience in various mediums. Specialty in horror productions. Will provide own sewing machine and kit. Able to design and prod...
Categories: Costume Designers / Costumers
Located in: United States (California)
Lee Gladstone
An innovative writer/producer/editor/cameraman with over 20 years of experience. Specializing in original Television Production, Video Production for Multimedia and the Internet, and Motion Graphic...
Categories: Crew, Production Companies
Located in: United States (Florida)
Helen (Skip) Skipper
Driver (cube trucks or passenger vans) Production Assistant Loader/Set Decorator Native New Yorker!!! WORKED ON: Music Videos: Great Ceasar 'Dont ask me why' Short Films: Goddess of Time
Categories: Crew
Located in: United States (New York)
Rick Reynolds
Artist, Storyboard Illustrator with a 'terrific sense of framing, perspective and great blocking' Brad Rushing, CSC WORKED ON: Student Films: Hannah and her sisters, The Pack, Whereabouts
Categories: Storyboard Artists
Located in: United Kingdom, United States (California)
Isabel Rubio
Costume Designer / Wardrobe Supervisor,Stylist, touring experience , dyer distresser, crafts WORKED ON: Feature Films: Mattie Fresno and the Holoflux Universe, Nomads TV Curr.Affairs/Ent.: Lat...
Categories: Costume Designers / Costumers
Located in: United States (New York), Mexico
Catharsis Media
Catharsis Media is a multimedia production house in central Maine. We offer photo/video/design/music services & an in-house studio with sound booth. WORKED ON: Feature Films: The Eighteenth...
Categories: Crew
Located in: United States (Maine)
Matt Kaplan
Actor, Improvisor, Clown, Writer WORKED ON: TV Commercials: CA Technologies TV Curr.Affairs/Ent.: Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall, My Dirty Little Secret
Categories: Actors, Writers
Located in: United States (New York)
Specialize in VFX Compositing, Paint & Roto, & Motion graphics. Paint-outs, clean plates. logo replacement, Digital make-up. 3D CGI
Categories: VFX
Located in: United States (Utah)
Kirk Markarian
I offer low-fidelity/experimental music/audio as well as highly-complex electronic music compositions. I don't create typical music, unless you need it! WORKED ON: Online: For Those Whose God i...
Categories: Music, Sound
Located in: United States (Arizona)
Jamie Carroll
Actor, Story Producer/Casting Producer WORKED ON: TV Documentaries: Chopped Feature Films: Don't Open Your Eyes Short Films: DADS
Categories: Actresses, Casting Directors
Located in: United States (New York)
Alex Stikich
Alex is an award winning freelance cinematographer/DP based in New York. He works professionally on a wide range of documentary, narrative and corporate projects around the globe. Some of his corpo...
Categories: Crew, Directors of Photography
Located in: United States (New York)
anghus houvouras
I am a screenwriter with several produced features & shorts. I am also a film columnist for Encore Magazine and WORKED ON: Feature Films: 20 Funerals, Dead Heist, Furnace
Categories: Writers
Located in: United States (California, North Carolina)
Michael Cardeiro
I am an editor/animator/compositor/programmer with nearly two decades of experience. I have worked for tv stations, post houses, ad agencies and production companies.
Categories: Editors, Foley Artists / Sound Effects
Located in: United States (Pennsylvania)
Jen's Voiceovers
My voice is described as Friendly, warm, rich and believable. I'm easy to work with and will do my best to get you your audio as quickly as possible. Voiceovers can be recorded in my studio or at a...
Categories: Voiceover
Located in: United States (Massachusetts, New York)
joshua timmer
Location sound mixer with own equipment, production and post-production services, and audio cleaning/restoration. WORKED ON: Online: kiz chicago, Short Films: the mentor
Categories: Audio Facilities, Crew
Located in: United States (Illinois)