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GianCarlo Fernandez
Through various creative internships, full-time employment opportunities, and freelance work, I have accrued extensive knowledge of media production including broadcast, film, branding and photography. I welcome any and all “creation” challenges.
Hot Pockets (CO); I Stay Fly (MU); Rider Games (SH);
Directors, Photographers - Stills in USA New York/New Jersey
Jake Sanderson
I am a film composer. I use FL Studios to create my music. I look forward to anyone who wants to work with me on a film. I do not write music for free. I do ask for a reasonable compensation.
Black Roses, Full Circle, Insomnia (SH);
Composers in USA California - South
Santiago Claver
Videographer - Motion Graphics - Producer
Callback (SH);
orgs: Non-Union
Assistant Directors - 2nd, Editors, Assistant in USA California - South
Darren Morze
Composer/Audio Engineer/Sound Designer
Enter Nowhere, Neurotypical (FF); Brink (SH);
Audio Post / Recording Studios, Composers in USA New York/New Jersey
Sanchez Films
Sanchez Films is a 3D graphics production company in New York City. Services include Product Visualization, 3D Graphics, Animation, Visual effects, Compositing and Video Editing. We bring dreams to reality at reasonable rates.
Sesame Street (AN); Oil Of Olay, ZIplock (CO);
orgs: Siggraph
Animators, Visual Effects in USA New York/New Jersey
Mancinetti Pictures LLC
Filmmaker, Director and Artist.
Never Escape (FF); Palms - Future Warrior, Party Favor & Zooly - Meow (MU);
orgs: Mancinetti Pictures
Directors, Directors of Photography in USA California - South
Peter Macaluso
Peter directed three feature length films by the age of 23 and is currently producing a comedy webseries, Nepotism. His channels recently passed the 2,500,000 views landmark. He's passionate about olympic wrestling, pitbull puppies, and Grumpy Cat.
Nepotism (MM);
Directors in USA California - South
Camus, Aurelie
I am a french actress looking for shootings in NYC. I can speak French, English, Spanish and a tiny bit of Chinese. I can also dance (funk dance) and sing. Please contact me for any further information!!
La tête haute (FF); Derrière la porte, Erratum (ST);
Actresses in USA New York/New Jersey
Mark Olson
Take You editing project to the next level!
Impact Basketball (CC); Southland Warner TV (DR); Butcherboys Trailer (FF);
Editors, Picture in USA California - South
ProDynamix Studios
ProDynamix Studios is fast becoming one of the premier video production companies in New Jersey/Philadelphia area. We are looking for high performing, self-motivated, fun, and eager Video Staff Members.
Philadephia Flyers (MM);
Cameramen / Videographers, Production Assistants in USA New York/New Jersey
Paden James
Affordable sound effects editor for film and interactive media.
Shotgun Wedding, Sleeping Dogs (FF); Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Treyarch) (MM);
Sound Editors, Sound Designers in USA California - South
JC Chen
I have more than 10 years of feature and TV animation production experience by working with Warner Bros Animation, Titmouse, Film Roman, Universal Studio, Dream Works, Warner Bros. Animation, Cornerstone, and Fox Feature Animation Studio.
Mad VT (AN); Spirit (FF);
orgs: 839
Animation Facilities, Animators in USA California - South
Accurate Edit Inc
Video Editor offering services for any type of production.
NeYo Malibu Red, Vogue Eyewear (CO); Killing Machine (SH);
orgs: Freelance
Editors, Picture in USA New York/New Jersey
Daphne Wu
Daphne Wu is a freelance cinematographer specializing in narrative features, short films, and fashion films. Her recent credits include Vice Versa (2015) with Isaiah Washington, and Aimy in a Cage (2015) starring Crispin Glover and Paz de la Huerta.
Aimy in a Cage, The Blackout Experiment, Tourbillon (FF);
Camera Operators - Film, Directors of Photography in USA California - South
Fernando Ramos
Versatile character actor, bi-lingual English/Spanish. Play straight/gay/drag roles, many ethnicities.
'Germville' (CO); Peligro Para Todos (telemundo) (DR); True Lies (20th Century Fox) (FF);
Actors in USA New York/New Jersey
Andrei Enache
Commercials/ Music Video/ TV/ Corporate/ Educational/ Testimonials director with over 10 years of experience in the industry, recently relocated to Washington DC.
A torturer's afternoon, Tancul, Wild dogs (FF);
orgs: 2006
Directors in USA Dist. Columbia
Jesus Bacca
Video production Videography Video editing Broadcast Graphics & Animation 2D-3D
BHSF Doctors Gamma Knife (CC); Grandma's house (MM); Chef Vincent a celebrities life (TV);
Animators, Cameramen / Videographers in USA Florida
Ian Dudley
Experienced, award-winning cinematographer. Owner, 35mm synch and mos packages, Panasonic HVX 200 HD and M2 35mm cinema adapter with Zeiss prime lenses. Very reasonable rates.
ONE THIRD, STANLEY CUBA (FF); Oye Como Va?...With Celia Cruz (MU);
Camera Operators - Film, Directors of Photography in USA New York/New Jersey
Michal Shipman
I'm an editor of 6 years and have a BA in Film. Many shorts in the past and 2 features. 'The Black Dawn' lead to 9 TV episodes on NBC and Netflix. Recently finished 'The Message' starring Erica Leerhsen from 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre.'
The Black Dawn, The Message (FF); No Way Out (SH);
orgs: Non-Union
Editors, Assistant, Editors, Picture in USA California - South
Trenton Oliver
I offer cinematography, editing, and motion graphic skills. I own a Canon 5D Mk II, Glidecam, lavalier, audio recorder, and the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. I can get you the product you are looking for.
Riley Rewind (MM); Its Not You Its Me (ST);
Cameramen / Videographers, Production Assistants in USA California - South