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M. Vance Hill
Freelance PA and location scout/manager. Building a hovercraft in my spare time. Good with kids and location owners. WORKED ON: TV Commercials: Levemir, Target Feature Films: The Adventures of...
Categories: Crew, Location Services
Located in: United States (California)
creative video editor (avid, fcp & premiere) can finish in Davinci and Adobe AfterEffects WORKED ON: Short Films: Dear Lucas
Categories: Editors
Located in: United States (New York)
Adrian Sierkowski
I would write a lot of things here, but just visit my site, better to see a reel than read I suppose. WORKED ON: TV Documentaries: Philadelphia: The Great Expe...
Categories: Directors of Photography
Located in: United States (California, New York)
Adam Weldrick
Acting experience in TV & Film. Trained with David Johnson. Passed ECSPC Stage Combat (Long Sword, Single Rapier & Unarmed Combat). Ex-military/weapons trained, martial arts & performed my own stunts.
Categories: Actors
Located in: United Kingdom, United States (Georgia)
Angelina Scantlebury
Wardrobe Stylist, Costume Designer, Set Costumer, Wardrobe Assistant, Costume Assistant WORKED ON: Feature Films: Palace Living, That Is The Question, Virgin Alexander
Categories: Costume Designers / Costumers
Located in: United States (New York, Pennsylvania)
Roger Robinson
Storyboard/Concept Artist WORKED ON: TV Commercials: Home Depot Feature Films: Untitled (Overbrook Productions)
Categories: Art Department, Storyboard Artists
Located in: United States (California)
Johanna Coelho
I am a freelance cinematographer based in LA and originally from France. I am a graduate cinematographer from AFI. Hit me up for projects ! WORKED ON: Short Films: Who killed Mickey Mouse
Categories: Crew, Directors of Photography
Located in: United States (California)
Lonny Pelot
Editor / Colorist / Compositor 13+ years experience FCP, Premiere, Lustre, Resolve, Smoke and After Effects Colorist- Editor- Compositor- ...
Categories: Editors
Located in: United States (Georgia)
Job Seeker
I am someone who has a very creative mind. I always have a unique perspective when approaching an issue due to my broad range of interests and skills. I find opportunities where other people see no...
Categories: Film & TV
Located in: United States (New York)
Knerr, Alex
I specialize in post production including video editing and color correction, and post-sound. I also have experience working as a sound mixer/boom op on set. IMDB:
Categories: Colorists, Editors
Located in: United States (California)
Denering, Tyler
Experienced, versatile, and supportive crew member, with television and short film experience in numerous genres. Quick and capable worker that increases production workflow while creating a warm w...
Categories: Crew
Located in: United States (California)
Wade Vanover
Post-Production: Online/Offline Editing, Compression, Color Correction, Sound Design, Graphics/FX WORKED ON: TV Documentaries: Life is Super Gr8 Educational: No Perfect Home: The Brooks Family...
Categories: Post Production
Located in: United States (California)
Kamau Andrae
Kamau Andrae is a freelance sound engineer based in Houston, Texas. He received his Associates of Applied Sciences degree from HCC, with a focus in Audio Production for Television, Film and Radio. ...
Categories: Crew
Located in: United States (Texas)
Award winning Sound Editorial, Design, Mixing and Music WORKED ON: Feature Films: End of America Short Films: God of Love, Stereopsis
Categories: Audio Facilities, Sound
Located in: United States (New York)
Rachele Volpe
Freelance comedy writer, production assistant, assistant editor, and photographer. WORKED ON: TV Documentaries: The American Experience: General Custer Short Films: Incarnate Student Films: S...
Categories: Crew, Editors
Located in: United States (New York)
OverWrite Releasing
We are currently seeking quality black films of all genres for distribution throughout Africa. WORKED ON: Feature Films: And Then There Was You, Sinking Sands, Ties That Bind
Categories: Agencies & Organisations, Distribution
Located in: United States (California)
voodoosushi:art on film
Editor, Colorist, Motion Graphics, Creative Director, Producer with over 16 years experience WORKED ON: TV Commercials: Red Prairie Feature Films: Savage Online: Allure hair looks
Categories: Animation, Editors
Located in: United States (New York)
Forest Lake Films
Forest Lake Films is a Los Angeles based boutique color correction studio working with DaVinci Resolve 12. We color grade commercials, web videos, documentaries, short and feature films. WORKED ...
Categories: Colorists
Located in: United States (California)
Blancett, Blake
I will bring a passion for creative design, and an expertise for innovation through team work. WORKED ON: TV Commercials: Vacation Myrtle Beach Short Films: On Country Road, Snowflake Is Dead
Categories: Directors of Photography
Located in: United States (South Carolina)
Anthony Kuhnz
35mm & 16mm film, HD, 24P video. Own DVX-100 and accessories. MFA in cinematography from USC, BS in Film from Northwestern University. WORKED ON: Feature Films: Movie Boy Short Films: A Le...
Categories: Crew, Directors of Photography
Located in: United States (California)