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Looking for an experience DP? Please take a look at my website where you can find all you need to know about me and my past work. (Reels+resume) (FF);
orgs: Local 600
Directors of Photography in USA California - South
andrew burgh
Philadelphia based fine artist with working experience on Film and Television sets in both art department and locations departments as well as working experience as photo assistant.
Adidas (CO); Do No Harm (DR); The North Star (FF);
orgs: American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP)
Art Department in USA New York/New Jersey, USA Pennsylvania
Dan Green
Sound Mixer/Boom Operator
Beneath the Rind, Two Shots (SH);
Boom Operators, Sound Recordists - Location in USA New York/New Jersey
Nicholas Lam
Film/TV/Music Video/Web Director & Screenwriter
Proctor & Gamble BeingGirl (CO); Jason Dottley 'Pop It' (MU); Real Fiction (SH);
orgs: CAPE Foundation, Believe Foundation, Fregenet Foundation
Directors, Writers in USA California - South
Michelle Jones
10+ years in theater background, Theater Major (graduation date: May 2013), dialect coach, Alto Saxophone (8 years), Baritone Saxophone (6 years)
Celebrities in Disgrace (Curious Girl), Never Too Late (Samantha), Six Degrees of Hell (Extra) (FF);
Actors, Actresses in USA New York/New Jersey, USA Pennsylvania
Ron Kalish
Veteran film and sound editor for over thirty years.Worked with Woody Allen, Ron Howard, etc. Winner 'BEST EDITING' Hoboken International Film Festival 2010 and 2011
Kojak (DR); Love and Death, Parenthood (FF);
orgs: Film Editors Guild Local 700
Editors, Picture in USA New York/New Jersey
Richard Farmer
I offer creative solutions with technical know-how. I have experience in producing, directing and editing narratives, commercials, web series and music videos. I work in Avid, FinalCut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.
Crewing Up (MM); Hammer Down (MU); The Human Condition (SH);
Editors, Picture in USA Arizona
Eye Scream Films
Full-service production and post services
Citrus Springs, Down the P.C.H. (FF); Dude Food with Sean and sometimes Adam (TV);
Producers and Production Companies in USA California - South
Tribe Films LLC
A teenager with telekinesis forms a modern hippy commune with his friends. A gang of criminals try to rob them and a gunfight unleashes his powers, confusing the small town police who accuse the kids of being a dangerous cult.
M15-F1T5 (FF);
Distributors; Film & TV Programming, Distributors Via Internet / Mobile in USA Texas
Eden Seiferheld
I'm organized, driven, and efficient. I love doing whatever I can to get the job done.
A Box Came to Brooklyn (SH);
Administrator, Film Festivals in USA New York/New Jersey
Jin Huang
Consulting filmmaker, need a second opinion, or perhaps help on your project? I can offer you guided advise and/or help in terms of all aspects of Film making from start to finish.
The cruel tale of the medicine man (FF); Method or Madness (SH); Sneakers (ST);
orgs: none
Editors, Assistant, Production Assistants in USA New York/New Jersey
Bergman, Jason
Freelancer based out of Brooklyn, NY specializing in Photography, Video Production, and Video Editing. Proficient with Canon DSLR, Canon C100/300, Sony FS100/700/7, FCP 7, Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom, Ableton Live, Logic. 
Freelance (MM);
Cameramen / Videographers, Photographers - Stills in USA New York/New Jersey
M. Parker Kozak
Professional sound recordist for short and feature films offering a comprehensive arsenal of industry-leading equipment.
Refuge, Union Square, X/Y (FF);
orgs: Freelance
Boom Operators, Sound Recordists - Location in USA New York/New Jersey
Albert Rodriguez
Proficent skills in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Primer, Microsoft Word and Excel. Speaks Fluency in Spanish and English Knowledgeable in both Canon series and Panasonic video cameras
Azucar: A family tree (ST);
Editors, Picture in USA California - South
Music Video Editor from Europe looking to build reel in United States. Will offer editing and color correction services FOR FREE. Very selective of projects Avid Certified Professional Davinci Resolve Proficiency.
Tai Chi's Journey West (FF); Caregivers, Resolved (SH);
orgs: ALP
Editors, Picture in USA California - South
Corey Hanson
Video editor/motion graphic designer skilled at using Final Cut Studio, Adobe After Effects, and Photoshop.
Overcoming Depression and Anxiety (DO); Death by Medicine, Greed Street (FF);
Editors, Assistant, Editors, Picture in USA New York/New Jersey
Adrian Sierkowski
I would write a lot of things here, but just visit my site, better to see a reel than read I suppose.
Philadelphia: The Great Experiment (DO); Birth of Seperation, The Downside of Bliss (FF);
Directors of Photography in USA California - South, USA New York/New Jersey
Offering 2K,4K, HD Editorial and Finishing Motion Graphics, Sound Design and Music Supervision
Please see site for details (CO);
Editors, Picture, Sound Designers in USA California - South
stacey jordan
Wardrobe Stylist/ Period Piece Costume designer
Ford/Tv One (CO); Super 400 (MU); Our Gotham (SH);
Art Department, Costume Designers / Costumers in USA New York/New Jersey
Froggy, Agustin aka
RED Camera Owner Operator, Editor, Knowledge of GnE department. Reel:
DOP for Marty Thomas ( Look him up) (MU);
Camera Operators - Film in USA California - South