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Ira Edelman
Personable, driven and motivated DP, Camera Operator, DIT, 1st AC and Cinematographer available for short films, features, and music videos.
Directors of Photography, 1st Assistant Camera in USA California - South
Richie Banales
Steadicam operator, Hand Held, film, Reality TV, camera operator, Spanish speaking, Steadicam instructor.
Bama State Style, Dr. K Veterinarian Exotic Animals, Dream School NY (DR);
orgs: Int Cinematographers Guild
Steadicam Operators, Cameramen / Videographers in USA California - South, USA Florida
Silvia Forni
I am a still/set photographer since 1995. I graduated from Film/Photography University in Italy and in New York at the Ny Film Academy. I own a Canon Eos 6D and a Macbook Pro Retina. I am also a videographer
A tea with Mussolini (FF);
Photographers - Stills in USA New York/New Jersey
Rael, James
Full Sound Design, from theatrical release to online streaming to disc media output in full surround sound. High resolution 5.1 or 7.1 DTS capable. Producer, director, director of cinematography, sound mixer/recorder/effects.
Succulent & Savory, The Bayou Butchers, Voo Doo You Love (FF); Blue Valley (MM); Jessopi's Fall, Madaran (SH);
orgs: None
Sound Designers in USA California - South
Graham Rich
I am a director, producer, writer and editor of music videos, documentaries and features with over a decade of professional experience.
Wrigley's Fresh Moves (CO); More Than Famous (DO); With You (MU);
Producers and Production Companies, Directors in USA California - South
Good-Rich Media
Production Specialist. Experienced Audio Mixer, Videographer and Video Editor. Over 15 years of TV & Film experience including Field Coordination & Production Management. Skilled with Adobe Premiere CC, FCP 7, Photoshop, After Effects.
Beyond Scared Straight, If You Really Knew Me (DO); MyStoryInc., Serve The Warrior (MM); #Hashtag, Cowboy Creed (SH); WAGs (TV);
Production Services in USA California - South
Lance Laspina
Storyboards, Art Direction, Animatics, Character Designs, Concepts, Poster Art. Any commercial or production illustration needs.
Planes (AN); DJ Hero (CO); Mad Genius (DO);
Art Department, Storyboard Artists in USA California - South
Kristopher Colavecchio
Director of Photography
Inna - In your Eyes (MU);
Directors of Photography in USA Florida
Jin Huang
Consulting filmmaker, need a second opinion, or perhaps help on your project? I can offer you guided advise and/or help in terms of all aspects of Film making from start to finish.
The cruel tale of the medicine man (FF); Method or Madness (SH); Sneakers (ST);
orgs: none
Editors, Assistant, Production Assistants in USA New York/New Jersey
LA Mercuri Production LLC
Specialized with international media companies:news,cinema,Tv & advertising.Providing my crew shooting services Video/Audio in ITA/ENG/SPA.High to low budget production NTSC&PAL:SDCAM,DSLR,HD,RedOne,Alexa,BlackMagic,16/9,4k,HD/XDcam
Babel, The Butterfly Room, The Mechanic (FF);
orgs: Camera Operators C.S.T. & I.C.O.
Camera Crews - Equipped, Cameramen / Videographers in USA California - South
Heather Brunk
Hard-working and dedicated, Heather can fill many different positions. She can delegate work and/or willing to take directions. 'Collaboration and cooperation is key.'
Coed and the Zombie Stoner, My Name is Vivienne (FF); E Pluribus Unum (ST);
Art Department, Graphic Designers in USA California - South
Tomas Alvear
I am a creative director, cinematographer and producer for commercial, new media and narrative films. For the past 5 years I've shot and produced fashion projects, commercials, and music videos for various fashion and commercial clients
Americana Manhasset - Collections (MM); Breath You In My Dream - Trixie Whitley (MU); VH1 - Rebelious Soul (TV);
Directors of Photography in USA New York/New Jersey
Lynell Vinuya
2 years experience in the Art department: set dressing, set building, scenic painting, prop making. Skills in painting, sculpture, basic interior design, color theory. Can assist with art direction, production design, set dressing, and wardrobe.
orgs: non-union
Art Department, Production Assistants in USA New York/New Jersey
Muzappar Osman
Dream, Money Box, Percentage (ST);
Editors, Picture, Graphic Designers in USA New York/New Jersey
Noel Galan
I'm always looking to create a memorable sonic experience for all media. Let's make some noise!
All Stars, White Tiger (FF); Keeping up with the Kardashians (TV);
Sound Editors, Sound Designers in USA California - South
Jonathan Hall
Contemporary Cinematographer for Film, TV, and Commercials.
3M, Coldwell Bankers, Lipton Tea (CO); Teen Wolf: Season 1, Teen Wolf: Season 2, The Walking Dead: Season 2 (DR); Breaking Through, Burying The Ex, Zombeavers (FF); The Walking Dead: Web Season 1, The Walking Dead: Web Season 2 (MM);
orgs: ICG 600
Producers and Production Companies, Directors of Photography in USA California - South
David Alexander Jones
I am equipped for the following services: Art/Graphic Design, Martial Arts Training, Fitness Training, Singing, Spoken Word Poetry, Light Design and Back Stage Work (Lighting and Set).
Fathering Me: The Long Walk Home (DO);
orgs: Non-Union
Actors in USA Maryland
Dedicated Drone operator available for video productions. With DJI Inspire1 I can deliver 4K shots with 24-30 fps or HD with 60 fps. More work samples upon request. Check my production list at StaffMeUp
Music video (CO); Erika Vidrio 3 music video (MU); Fighting shadows, Nomad (SH); Chase him, Sloane Stephens foundation, USTA corporate video (SP);
orgs: non union
Aerial Photography in USA California - South
Eric Won
An award winning Director/Editor available for hire. System: FCPX, FCPX7
DirecTV 'The Profiler', Hustler Casino "Poker Moments" (CO); The Assist, The Bentley Timeshare (DR); Road To Utah, The Guest House (FF); CLARE Foundation Promo, Eleven: Egg, Eleven: Phone, The Division (MM); Clockblockers, Millennium: Eternal Sunrise, On The Exhale, Sudden Reality, Sweet Madness (SH);
Directors, Editors, Picture in USA California - South
Argetsinger, Getchie
Baby Wrangler- I interact with young actors to create a fun, safe environment for children to perform on cue while on shooting. Storyteller- I offer lively entertainent for children of all ages. My work is filled with action, humor & playful spontaneity.
Sopranos (DR);
Actresses in USA New York/New Jersey