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One One, 2017, 8 min
Anthony Donnelly Anthony Donnelly Anthony Donnelly
Maidstone, United Kingdom
Investigating the life of a lonely man.
Experimental Noir Short Silent
Apaartha Apaartha, 2017, 12 min
Manjina Hani Black Screen Productions
Bangalore, India
A story about a happy couple with tragedy ending.
...Ke Naam Pe ...Ke Naam Pe, 2017, 7 min
Translation: In the name of
Kunal Vairage Ramesh Vairage
Pune, India
Who is the true inherent of the circus..??.. The Lord or we..?
Asian Short Silent
All a tiny bronto tells about All a tiny bronto tells about, 2017, 13 min
Vladimir Morozov Olga Nemshilova
This film is an absurdist tragicomedy about a woman named Vera who found a piece of stone used by a tiny brontosaurus that came to Earth for unknown reason.
Art-house Documentary Experimental Political Short Women
Over Sight Over Sight, 2017, 15 min
Abigail Collins Abigail Collins
Los Angeles, International
This experimental documentary work investigates the sound of drones over Gaza.
Documentary Experimental Jewish Short
The Hour ( Mamas Song) The Hour ( Mamas Song), 2017, 4 min
Doug Bedard Doug Bedard
Barrie, On, Canada
The Hour ( Mamas Song) Music Video
Music Video
Victima Victima, 2017, 7 min
Translation: Victim
Esteban Mayen Briem, Mayen Briem Rodrigo Cortez
Queretaro, Mexico
A series of disturbing videos appear online in which a girl claims to have been attacked.
Independent Short
Byson Hyde's Top Tips on How To Survive When Conditions are Too Extreme to Leave Your Shelter Byson Hyde's Top Tips on How To Survi..., 2017, 3 min
Ruth Sewell Joanna Thapa
London, International
Comedy short about a young man scared to move out of his family home
Adventure Comedy Documentary Independent Short TV
Inscribed. Inscribed., 2017, 5 min
Harsh Nathani Harsh Nathani, Shivang Shah Harsh Nathani
Vadodara, India
A story about the precious bond between a mother and her son.
Documentary Family Hindi Short
Landga Aala Landga Aala, 2017, 29 min
Translation: The Wolf Arrives
Yash N.S. Neelima Kadam, Rutu Gole, Suresh Kadam Yash N.S.
Pune, India
The Wolf of Disbelief arrives
Drama Short
Just another day in the usa Just another day in the usa, 2017, 1 min
Edward Lyon Edward Lyon Edward Lyon
Just another day in the USA
Alternate Silence Alternate Silence, 2017, 18 min
Ayaan Banerjee Subhadip Mondal
Kolkata, India
Dreams are not surreal... Dreams are alternate realities... Scattered pieces of memories...
Art-house Drama Independent Noir Short Silent
To Brazil To Brazil, 2017, 7 min
Sam Powell Sam Kynan Powell Sam Powell
Rio, International
The 2014 Brazil World Cup. A father has disappeared. His son looks for him in the midst of the football party.
Art-house Documentary Drama Reality Sport Thriller
Redial... Redial..., 2017, 5 min
Nikhil VS Nikhil VS Nikhil VS
Trivandrum, International
A conversation between an old lady and her caretaker.
Adaptation Asian Bollywood Drama Experimental Family
Ukulele Ukulele, 2017, 44 min
Henry Rees, Morgan Goodsmith Matthew Smith
Hiking across the GR20
Adventure Documentary Teen Travel
Peace & Quiet Peace & Quiet, 2017, 11 min
Brian Erickson Ariana DiValentino, Brian Erickson, Katie Schiller Brian Erickson
When his ears won't stop ringing, a conflicted speechwriter takes his Q-tips too far...
Black Comedy Comedy Drama Gay and Lesbian Short Student
Chinmoy Chinmoy, 2017, 19 min
Prithviraj Das Gupta First Cut A stop for filmoholics
Mumbai, India
Every Painting tells a story
Drama Historical Religious Short
کوپال کوپال, 2017, 99 min
Translation: Kupal
Kazem Mollaie Kazem Mollaie
Tehran, Iran
“Kupal” is the story of a hunter and a taxidermist, called “Dr. Ahmad Kupal”.
Asian Drama Fantasy Independent Romance Thriller
Desconocido Desconocido, 2017, 83 min
Translation: Unknown
cristian valencia cristian valencia
pichincha, Ecuador
es un joven que tiene un pesadilla y se da cuenta que es un pesadilla orible
Drama Ghost Student Teen
The Mill at Calder's End The Mill at Calder's End, 2017, 13 min
Kevin McTurk Tamsyn Hunnewell
Los Angeles, United States
In this gothic puppet tale, Nicholas Grimshaw has returned home to unearth the dark secret of the Mill at Calder's End.
Animation Art-house Asian Black Comedy Documentary