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  Profile:  Bignose Productions, Taiwan & Hong Kong
Linked under Cameramen / Videographers, Fixer in Taiwan.
Westerner Broadcast HD camera operator/DOP. Old Taiwan hand. Fixing and shooting.
Credits: Asian Filmmakers: Taiwan (Discovery) (DO), Taiwan: Sex in the City (Al Jazeera) (DO), Taboo: Funeral Pole Dancers (Nat Geo) (DO).
Contact: [send email]  [view map]   Tel: 886-(0)931091608

If you need anything shot/produced here in Taiwan, I will be happy to hear from you.

Access to all formats of HD video, including HDCAM, D-SLR and RED Epic.   We specialize in smaller productions where the personal touch is key, and satisfied clients worldwide include Discovery, National Geographic, BBC Channel 4, and numerous corporates such as CitiBank, Westin Hotels Group, etc.   

Based in Taiwan for 12 years, I can get you the gear and access you need, in addition to shooting beautiful pictures that tell your story. I put together a dependable and friendly production crew that work in a positive atmosphere. A key asset of our crew is our Chinese/English production coordinator/interviewer/translator, who speaks 4 languages and can ease our way in through the door of anyone from janitor to CEO. 

Most clients just send over a director; else just send me your shotlist or script, and we'll make it happen!

[Email Bignose Productions, Taiwan & Hong Kong]
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