Nicholas Calabria

San Diego Lighting and Grip. Owner/operator of a 2 ton lighting and grip truck package. From San Diego to Los Angeles, Calabria Lighting and Grip has been providing premium lighting and grip service to Southern California for over 14 years.

Corporate Comms.: Bayer, Sony, WholeFoods
Listed under: Crew
Operating in: United States (California)

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(760) 692-7915
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Recent clients: Wholefoods, Hyundai, Hologic, S-Suite for Bloomberg TV, Qualcomm, Petco, Garden Fresh, Jazzercise, The History Channel, Titleist and more.  


Nicholas Calabria:,,

(760) 692-7915

Super heavy duty extended V10 Ford E350 2 Ton Grip/Lighting Package. Arri hmi pars also available. 

Kino-Flo package:

All Kino Flo Fixtures come with your choice of 2900, 3200 and 5600K bulbs

2 - 4 foot 4 bank fixtures

2 - 4 foot 2 bank fixtures

2- Kino Flo full grid flozier diffusion bags

1 – Kino Single Select fixture with choice of 4ft or 2ft bulb

1 - Mini flo kit 9"

Tungsten Fixtures: open face and fresnel

1 - 5K Desisti 12" Fresnel with 8-way barn doors

1 - 2K Altman 2000L 8" Fresnel

3 - 1K Fresnels: 3- Mole Richardson Baby Baby

2 - 2K Mighty Mole Richardson open face fixture

4 - 1K Mickey Mole Richardson open face fixture

5 - 650w Teenie-Weenie Mole Richardson open face fixture

1 - 575w Source Four

3 - 200w Mini Mole with focal spot attachment

2 - Ultra Light 2K space Lights with 500w, 650w, 750w and 1K bulbs

1- 3K Barger Baglite with 500w, 650w, 750w and 1K bulbs

1-Arri Kit: 3300 Total watts with chimeras. Includes: 1K arrilite open face with chimera, 1-1K Arri Fresnel and 2-650w arri fresnels with optional 300w arri fresnel with chimera.

Softbox Package:

All softboxes have interchangable faces and come with interior baffles and 1/4, 1/2 and full grid fronts.

1-Chimera Birdcage 500w Lantern with skirt and stand adapter. optional wattage bulbs available

1-Chimera Quartz Pro plus 4x3ft. softbox (6K capability, ideal for 2K Mighty Moles, Quad Mickey Chimera ring and 3K Barger)

1- Chimera Quartz Pro plus 3x2ft. softbox (4K capability, supports same fixtures as the 4x3 above)

1- Chimera Video Pro Plus softbox 3x2ft.

1- Chimera Quad Mickey Mole ring

1- Photoflex SilverDome NXT 3x2ft. softbox

1- Photoflex Cinepro 16x22 softbox for fresnels

2- Photoflex SilverDome NXT Platinum extra small softbox 12x16

1-Photoflex HalfDome 2: 15.5x55x23 strip box (2K)

1-Photoflex HalfDome2: 9.5x35x17.5


12x12 frame set with gold/silver, ultrabounce, 1/4 and half silent sail

6x6 frames with custom made 6x6 50 degree soft egg crate, china silk, 1/4 china silk, poly silk, checkerboard, 1/4 silent sail, full grid, silver, ultrabounce

2 – Mirror Boards with hard/soft sides

C-stand package

Norms baby and matthews combo/light stands

2-Mini Mambo combo stands (17.5ft)

Sand Bags: 35lb, 20lb shot, 15lb. sand bags

Flags and nets in various sizes

Custom 4x4 monitor viewing tent

Apple Box sets

SpeedRail kit incuding mounting hardware

Grip rigging gear, clamps and support materials: mayfers, cardellinis, baby plates, norms pins, foamcore holders, grip heads, assorted lumber, safety chain, lollipops, 90 degree pins, baby triple header


Wide variety of full rolls of diffusion: Opal, Hampshire, 251, 250, 216, Grid cloth, Lee reflective bounce, Lee soft silver, ND.3, ND.6

Wide variety of color correction gels

Party Gels


Duvetine, pre cut and rolls

Rope: hemp, nylon, cotton

Tape: paper, gaffers, double sided, camera tapes of various colors and widths

Jib Arm: Vance Jib 7ft mini jib arm with optional length adjustments. Supports 55lbs.

Dana Dolly, 3ft and 5ft Glidecam sliders.