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  Profile:  Albina Nahar
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Linked under Actresses in Canada - Ontario.
Credits: Lingerie (HBO) (DR).
Contact: [send email]   Tel: 416-363-7450

Albina Nahar

AMI Artist Management Inc.

Agent : Phil Flagler


Height:  5’ 6”

Weight: 130 lbs.            

Hair:  Brown

Eyes: Brown




Bloodgas                                                           Lead                                                       Nahar Films/Ophion Digital

Esha                                                                 Lead                                                     Itwaswritten Productions

Mangalsutra                                                      Lead                                                     Dalewood Productions



Lingerie                                                                Guest Star                                          HBO/ Cinemax

Kach Ke Bandhan                                               Lead                                                    City TV

“Shisha” – Massari                                                         Principle                                      CP Records/ RT!

“Hard to Breathe”- Verse                                       Lead                                                     Life Records

“The Valley”- Rich Kidd                                         Principle                                                RT!



Women of Troy                                                  Helen                                                    University of Toronto

The Crucible                                                       Ann Putnam                                          University of Toronto

Darkness Like A Dream                                       Solo Performance                                   University of Toronto

Not Really Here                                                 Solo Performance                                   University of Toronto



Commercial, Video, Infomercial and Print Lists Available Upon Request



Solo Performance                                               Paula Sperdakos                                     University of Toronto

Physical Theatre                                                 Noam Markus                                         University of Toronto

Advanced Workshop in Performance                     Alex Mclean                                           University of Toronto

Experiencing the Live Theatre                               Trisha Lamie                                          University of Toronto

Theatre in Canada                                               Trisha Lamie                                          University of Toronto

Technical Production                                           Kevin Wright                                          University of Toronto

Perfecting Your Auditioning Technique                   Al Oranto                                                 Unified Management, LA

Auditioning Skills                                                 Gilles Chaisson                                        Moresco Productions, LA

Steps to Launching your Career                            Martin Weiss                                          Weiss Management, LA

So you want to be in Show Biz                              Tom Logan                                                Film & TV Director, LA

Adam Hill Invitational                                          Adam Hill                                                      Adam Hill, LA

Prepare for the Call Back                                     Michael Harrah/Coretha Timko                    CMT/JLO Mgmt, LA

Imaging                                                             Miguel Martinez                                       Miss Universe Canada                                                               


Fluent in Bengali*                                    Fluent Hindi                   Fluent Urdu                                Badminton

Burp on Command                      Billiards                         Canoe/Kayak                             Bowling

Body Building                             Boxing                           Cheerleading                              Cricket

Cycling                                     Scuba Diving                 Fishing                                      Ice Skating

Roller Skating                             Jet Ski                          Kick Boxing                               Martial Arts       

Rock Climb                                Running                         Shooting - Revolver/Automatic     Shooting - Rifle Soccer, Swimming – Freestyle                   Track & Field                  Trampoline                                 Volleyball

Water Skiing                              Weight Lifting                 Yoga                                         Host

Improvisation                             Licensed Driver              Modeling                                    Teleprompter

Arabic Accent                             Indian Accent                 Chinese Accent                          Indoor Skydive


Dance – Hip Hop*, Pole*, R&B*,Bhangara, Belly, Bollywood, Reggae

Horseback – Western, English, Side saddle                                                                * Performs at an above-average level  

[Email Albina Nahar]
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