Female Lead for Feature Horror/Thriller film

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Type: Film (Feature)
Location: Rockville, MD
Salary: No Pay Food+Board+Travel
Duration: 10 days

WRITER/DIRECTOR seeks ACTRESS for feature Horror/thriller film.

No upfront payment but ROOM, BOARD and TRAVEL will be covered for the duration of the shoot. Planning on keeping the crew small. Including actors, less then 10 people, and target to finish the shoot within 10 days, all in one go.

Ultimate goal is to get this film on the festival circuit, and onto a VOD platform at some point.

Director and screenwriter of multiple micro-budget horror films (Zombie music video, Friday the 13th homage commercial, Killer ghost short, etc) seeks actress to play Female Lead. Ideal actress is a DANCER, athletic, young, and attractive. This is his self-funded, debut film. Will have a professional crew.

Logline: In peaceful middle class suburbia, a timid professor must find the strength to fight back, when he is held hostage in his own home by an old flame, whom through physical and psychological torture forces him to confront his past indiscretions.

Contains love-making scenes but with NO EXPLICIT NUDITY. Please do not apply if you are bothered by sex, blood, and violence. Think Oldboy/Gone Girl/ nothing beyond that. The script is still being finalized but the main beats are there.

I'm looking for someone who is excited about pushing thematic boundaries, willing to work many days in a row, and work closely with director to create a performance that will entrench in the audience's minds long after the credits roll.

Please contact with resume/reel.

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Post a casting
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Apply now Jane
Beautiful Femme Fatale. Old Flame that appears back in our main Protagonist's life, with a vengeance.
18 36 female
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