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Type: Theatre
Location: Miami
Salary: No Pay pay is a % of ticket sales
Duration: Feb-early March (specific dates not yet confirmed)

I’m currently casting for my next live production, “Impostor,” a silent physical comedy/slapstick-style play. The design style of this play is completely innovative and unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and the genre is breath of fresh air for actors looking to hone their skills on unique productions. The physical aspect of this play requires actors who are skilled in conveying meaning without dialogue and through physicality alone.

Additional info:
- Theater: MicroTheater Miami ()
Rehearsal schedule: Jan - Feb 9 (about 2 times per week); specific dates and times pending chosen actors' schedules
- Performance schedule: Feb 10 - Mar 12 (each Fr and Sat from 11pm to 1am and each Sun from 7pm to 10pm
- Type of production: one-act play, 10 - 15 minutes long
- Performances per night: 6
- Payment: 15% of each ticket sold
- Travel and food expenses: not covered
- Credit for actors: in cast list
- Synopsis: Lenny, a simple-minded but ambitious janitor working for a film company, stumbles onto an empty set. Ricardo, a stressed director looking for the male lead to his romance film, mistakes Lenny for the missing famed actor. Slap-stick style hilarity ensues as Lenny does his best (and worst) to act the part while Ricardo tries to keep the production on track.

Post a casting
Post a casting
Character Details From To Gender
Apply now Lenny
Janitor; chubby and goofy-looking; sloppily dressed; dim-witted; physically expressive; sly; yearns to be a famous actor
18 60 both
Apply now Ricardo
1920s-style director; wears a polo shirt, pants tucked into long socks, and a black beret; cleanly dressed; well-composed and serious about his/her job; physically expressive
18 60 both
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