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Type: Film (Short)
Location: Brooklyn, New York City
Salary: No Pay Catering provided-credit to actors, Expenses
Duration: February

After a 6 year stay in Shanghai China Mr Canaday fostered the motivation to recreate and express his experiences of living in the major megalopolis on film. The project itself is a kind of catharsis addressing the importance of brotherhood thousands of miles away from home emphasizing the highs and lows of friendship and is ultimately an "ode to camaraderie". The goal is to create the short which will be used to raise funds for the full feature.

Post a casting
Post a casting
Character Details From To Gender
Apply now Chip
Age: 30
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Accent: Neutral American Accent(Oklahoman)
Physical Characteristics: Tall, Athletic, Dark Brown Hair
Chip:(Main Character/Protagonist) A smart, rebellious English teacher who loves experimenting with recreational drugs. In his past he has dealt black hash in South Korea and dislikes smoking hashish mixed with tobacco as his lungs are sensitive. He is very particular about the company he keeps as quite often he judges the people he brings into life based on whether or not they would sell him out to the police. Chip only accepts people that he trusts and knows would never give up him or his lifestyle up to the police. Chip strictly prefers the women he chooses to have relationships with, casual, sexual, or otherwise, to be Asian. He is not attracted to white women as the status quo and makes it a point to let the lodge know that “white women don't do it for him”. He is white himself and comes from a very traditional Oklahoman background from where he served in the U.S. Army before receiving his Bachelor's and Master's degree from Oklahoma State University. Chip always lives a life on the edge, from socializing/experimenting with drugs in rough G.I. bars and clubs in the Seoul to delving into the nightlife in Shinjuku or Shibuya in Tokyo. Chip is always the party person from where the party revolves around him and from where people are naturally drawn to his popularity and fun demeanor. People in his life know they can always get drugs from him because he is indifferent to how law enforcement could possibly be following his actions with all the drug dealing that he does. At one point in time he was coined “Chip Daddy” or “CD” as everyone knew they could get Marijuana or Ecstasy from him quickly and in large amounts. After his days eluding police in Korea, he moves to Shanghai to get a corporate job in the downtown area of city. There he develops a craving for psychedelics from where none are available on the current black market. He is one of the original members of the lodge and introduced Joe to the rest of the lodge for the first time in Korea back in 2001.
28 33 male
Apply now Joe
Age: 27
Ethnicity: Bi-Racial African American/Asian
Accent: Neutral American Accent(Coloradan)
Physical Characteristics: Tall, Athletic, Black hair
Joe, 25(Challenge Character) An intelligent, confident in the classroom, but yet paranoid English teacher who accompanies Chip on numerous drug-escapades in Shanghai, Seoul and Tokyo. From back alley drug deals with shady characters in Seoul to cocaine drug deals with Nigerians on the Bund in Shanghai, Joe has accompanied Chip on countless drug related instances going as far back as to the onset of their friendship, all the way up to when they find a connection for Xin Jiang Hashish in the city of Shanghai in which the product is delivered to your door. Being of African American decent and also a college graduate, Joe, who is from Colorado, was introduced to Marijuana initially in Boulder and who has also developed an all encompassing paranoia when doing drugs. He developed this paranoia and lack of trust of all people after being arrested in high school for the possession of Marijuana via an undercover sting operation. Subsequent to his bust, and after receiving a mere slap on the wrist, he is constantly alluding to and at time feverishly suspecting undercover police and international police oversight during all of the lodge's escapades. As a result, Joe's ability to trust people is not very strong as he questions everything and everyone as the lodge attempts to find that higher “high”. Joe managed to clean up his drug habit significantly after high school and throughout his undergraduate experience but after getting his Bachelor's degree and moving abroad, he slowly gravitated back into a life of recreational drug use due to the mere fact that he was thousands of miles away from home and feels no one from his normal life would ever have any knowledge of his actions abroad. Joe's preference for women is unlike that of the other lodge brother's in that he quite often has relationships, casual, sexual, or otherwise with women of not Asian decent in Asia, but women of European, Russian, and traditionally Anglo-american decent. The lodge, as brothers, give him a hard time about not being attracted to Asian women and do not understand how he is attracted to white women. When in Shanghai Joe dated a Russian Model by the name of Oksana. Oksana would regularly get work through modeling agencies in Shanghai and at one time appeared on the front cover of a popular Shanghainese magazine. They lived together in his downtown Shanghai apartment for quite some time from where they enjoyed the nightlife and restaurant scenes. Oksana was very accepting of Joe's recreational use of pot and was a very loyal girlfriend. In the Fall of 2008 Joe travelled alone and visited family in New York City. Oksana, busy with her modeling work, stayed in Shanghai as she waited for Joe's return subsequent to the short 1 week visit. Also in New York for business Joe paid a visit to Trump tower on 6th avenue and randomly met Ivanka Trump, daughter of business developer Donald Trump from where he introduced himself to her. While in the presence of Ivanka Trump, Joseph near the end of their pleasant encounter requested of her to take a photo with him. Ivanka cheerfully agreed and the two took a photo outside of the TRUMP bar on the main floor of Trump Tower. Later that evening Joseph posted the photo of he and Ivanka on facebook from where on the other side of the planet Oksana, Joseph's true love in Shanghai, was casually browsing the site and came across the photo of Joe and Ivanka Trump in Trump tower. Oksana, being born and raised in Russia, had no knowledge of who Ivanka Trump was and was completely heartbroken to to see her true love in a photo with another woman. In tears, Oksana packed all of her belongings in Joe's apartment and moved out. Unknown to Joe and also while in New York Joe tries calling Oksana and gets no answer. Upon his return to Shanghai he discovers that the love of his life is no longer home and no where to be found. Joe is devastated. Joseph had always possessed this unusual and uncanny ability to run into celebrities in the United States. His encounter with Ivanka Trump was subsequent to a similar encounter he had with Serena Altschul of MTV news at 1515 Broadway. As student in college Joe always loved watching MTV. He was infatuated with the female Vjs like Idalis, Daisy Fuentes, Allison Stewart, Carmen Electra, Jenny McCarthy, and Serena. As an intern for MTV Joseph randomly entered an elevator one day with Altchul and introduced himself to her. She greeted him kindly from where he requested a photo with her. She said yes and the two were captured digitally on photo in one of the elevators. About 5 weeks later near the end of the MTV internship Joe brought the photo of he and Serena to her office from where he met her again gave her a print of the photo. He kindly requested an autograph on back of the photo and managed to get a hug from her. Joe is perhaps the most daring of the Lodge brothers.
25 30 male
Apply now Jono
Age: 27
Ethnicity: Caucasian(Australian)
Accent: Australian Accent
Physical Characteristics: Tall, Slim, Light Brown Hair
Jono is intrigued with the American way of life, however at the same time pokes fun at subtleties that may seem counter cultural to Australian society and life. Idiomatic words such “a billy”, or “to ring the dealer” are just some of the language differences the lodge and Jono will all poke fun at when they are casually smoking or tripping. Jono is right up there next to Hard Drinking Bill when it comes to pot. Nearly all his personal visits to see the lodge brothers in Shanghai result in the local Xin Jiang Hash dealer Ali being called for a rock of Xin Jiang Hash which is delivered to their door. Having an artistic ability, Jono in conjunction with his teaching, gets a job in the downtown area of Shanghai making extra money in a tattoo parlor.
25 28 male
Apply now Ted
Age: 33
Ethnicity: Caucasian(Canadian)
Accent: Standard Canadian/American Accent
Physical Characteristics: Medium Height, Muscular Build, Dirty Blond Hair

Ted, 35- An expletive-mouthed, homophobic, athletic, English teacher living in Seoul South Korea who stays in constant correspondence with the lodge over the phone and urges the lodge to find “Charlie” and means to access prostitutes before he arrives to Shanghai. Ted by far is the only lodge brother who has experimented the most with sex and from where his knowledge and experience with brothels exceeds the rest of the brothers. Even with all his vices Ted is perhaps the only lodge brother with the most intense sense of humor. Quite often his everyday conversations with people spiral into unexpected, hysterical and uncontrollable laughter as he often finds himself trying to maintain his composure while in public. This behavior alludes to the notion that he has gotten away with quite a lot in life and somehow has managed to hide this from most of the people in his life. He holds a Master's degree in Education, has a very healthy and muscular physique, and takes part in extreme Spartan races in Korea. Stories of Ted have circulated throughout Seoul of a “foreigner who has been known to do crazy things or have found himself in crazy situations” For example one heavily intoxicated evening at a local casino in Osan, Ted ended up at the end of the night without his clothes and money, high, drunk and demanding assistance from the staff at the front reception desk of the casino. Apparently he lost all his money that evening and then had to resort to paying his gambling debts with his clothes. Other stories speak of an instance from where a foreigner who with a very muscular physique was painted head to toe in green army paint to resemble the “incredible hulk”. Reports of a drunk and high “Incredible Hulk” groping Korean Women all around areas of Itawon and other parts of downtown Seoul started to spread around the expat community is Seoul. In his 20s and early 30s Ted was extremely sexually active and had casual sex with over 40 women in Seoul alone. He has been known to enjoy boat parties when he visits his home in Canada where women are known to frolic topless.
29 33 male
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