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Type: Film (Feature)
Location: New York
Salary: No Pay lunch, transportation
Duration: March-April

We are casting for a new film (feature-length, Non-sag) called The Race. The movie is a modern comedy with a classic comedic style Two newspaper hawks who must a score the biggest story of their lives. Two audacious news execs must win an interview with a real-life Prince who is on an unprecedented tour. The duo must come up with a plan to woo the prince and clinch the story of the century but pandemonium breaks out when the prince is part of an elaborate scheme that involves a stolen document and international intrigue. A New York comedy full of high romance and hi-jinks is the subject of a new movie that will surely grab the headlines.

Post a casting
Post a casting
Character Details From To Gender
Apply now Harry Hawks
The editor-in-chief of The New York Eagle. He is a wise and seasoned news editor who knows how to beat the deadline. He is overseeing the story of the century and must rally his editors to the cause. He is no-nonsense editor who wants his editors to fall into line. Now he is overseeing a big story but when an international cabal could be part of an elaborate cover-up, he must show great tact and ability to lead his news room.
32 55 male
Apply now Rebecca Street
She is newest face to join the New York Eagle as a writer and must team up with her co-editor to cover a big story that could be her biggest break. She is a quick-thinking, unswerving news exec who must live up to the challenge and try not to be swept away by the cause celebre. A great role for an up and coming actress.
21 35 female
Apply now Prince Frederick Fontaine
He is the Prince of Monaco who is traveling in New York on an official tour. He is subject of an international conspiracy and must somehow outlast the pressure and machinations of a rebellious faction. He must now rely on the latest media speculation if there is a chance to outlive the attempts on his crown.
21 55 male
Apply now Mr. William
An Ambassador for the embassy of Monaco. He is a good-acting, honorable man who is now caught in the midst of a international conspiracy. He must help bring down the conspirators and be a dependable source for the reporters covering the story. He is a major player.
21 55 male
Apply now Markoff
A international conspirator. He is a cunning, duplicitous double-agent who is out to get the Prince and bring down his rule. He is part of international conspiracy to undermine the legacy of the prince by usurping a historic document.
21 55 male
Apply now Sergei
Also an international conspirator who is assisting Markoff. He is perpetrating an worldwide conspiracy and is complicit in the disappearance of a important document that could bring ruin to a revered kingdom.
21 55 male
Apply now Journalists
Needed are journalists with speaking roles who can take part in press conference. Actors will act out the role of real-life reporters.
21 55 both
Apply now Officers
Actors who can play officers are needed who will be part of several scenes that show the officers overseeing the high points.
21 55 both
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