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Type: Digital/Online
Location: Queens, NY
Salary: No Pay Travel and food expenses covered. Copy of material and appropriate credit for the actor(s) provided.
Duration: One day

Anthology web series titled 'Enthusiastic Corruption of the Republic'.

*Each episode will have a standalone story and unique characters.*

*There are 3 episodes ready with 9 characters available.*

Episode 1: There is a Madness

Synopsis- America. A country on the brink of collapse yet still enthusiastically infatuated with glorifying war and materialism. This episode will portray how 3 young adults in the elitist culture of the 1% (those in power) take advantage of the average people in the most extreme of satirical ways, as they plot their next big business move to corner the market in their favor.

These characters retain a classic, early 1900's look, with well groomed hair, and fitting outfits, along with over the top dialogue. The setting is in the near future.

-3 Characters.

Episode 2: The Pound (future episodes planned)

Synopsis- With the proper catalyst, a group of friends can drag themselves out of ‘The Pound'; an area of Brooklyn notorious for claiming the lives of a majority of its youth. These young Brooklyn-at-heart men are willing and able to do what it takes, but we first meet them on a night of drinking and camaraderie. The setting is today.

-4 Characters.

Episode 3: The Proliferation of Electroception

Synopsis- The setting is a not-so-distant future. Earth is in its final days. Countries have fallen all over the globe. Borders no longer exist. There are some who still refuse to accept global warming is the cause of nature's demise, but for the realists, it is all too clear. A large portion of the 1st world population has begun to leave for the Mars colony. For one girl, she hopes to board one of the last few shuttles. Her only dilemma is convincing her fiance, Dawson, to join her.

Electroreception is the biological ability to perceive natural electrical stimuli. It has been observed almost exclusively in aquatic or amphibious animals, since salt-water is a much better conductor than air, the currently known exceptions being echidnas, cockroaches and bees.

Dawson believes he has become attuned to the Earth's distress. He claims to be able to sense the demise of all organisms, and in is conflicted on whether or not he can leave his home...Earth.

-2 Characters.

*Applicants may apply and potentially star in more than 1 role.*
*Travel and food expenses covered.*
*Copy of material and appropriate credit for the actor(s) provided.*
*Dates will be issued based upon cast schedules.*

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Character Details From To Gender
Apply now Proteus Prospero
An eager and fervent trust fund baby. A natural leader. Together with Tavaron and Aristo, he considers himself the 1% of the 1%. He lacks the down to Earth clarity any member of the other 99% of the population has, and is even more obsessed than his counterparts with achieving his maniacal goals. He has the instinct and creativity to know how to stay ahead of the curve, and takes advantage of every opportunity, no matter the cost or scale.
20 30 male
Apply now Tavaron
Tavaron is hesitant to embrace the current setting, unlike Proteus Prospero. He retains some form of common sense but knows there's no turning back. He shares the same energy as Proteus, but is not as quick to jump to conclusions.
20 30 male
Apply now Aristo
Aristo is the devils advocate, and rightly titled given Proteus Prospero's reputation. He recognizes the advantages and disadvantages right away - an opportunist - a realist, but that sets him a part from his counterparts, as they are used to always getting what they want, never having to weigh the balance or tip it in their favor. Aristo would sell his stocks the moment he felt their value peaked, rather than wait for the potential to reap more profit.
20 30 both
Apply now Marcus
Quiet, stern, solemn, strong-willed, calm, reserved, collected...capricious. Marcus wants to overcome the poor lifestyle he was born into. Raised by his single mother, he relied on brotherhood to get through life's toughest obstacles, and currently stands as one of the most respected members of his community because of who his father was, and who he is expected to become...a representative for The Pound, something he's not so sure he wants.
21 30 male
Apply now Bradshaw
Bradshaw is a rational, but aggressive individual. He's seen the worst The Pound has to offer. Crime, poverty, corruption. There's nothing more that he cherishes over his friends, and would give his life for them, after ragging on them a bit. Bradshaw knows the true meaning of life is nothing. He respects art and visionary people.
21 30 male
Apply now Ray
Ray is a friendly but stern part of the group. He has a vast sense of humor and is able to keep a rhythm flowing in any conversation - a natural in getting along with anyone. He's very intelligent and keeps up to date on the happenings and whereabouts of anything in The Pound. Chatty, strong charisma, vibes well, short temper.
Ray reads and consumes as much information as he can on a daily basis. He doesn’t remember all of it, but it comes back to him at times of use, impressing all those around him. He’s an opportunist, but loyal. Born in Brooklyn, nothing shakes him.
21 30 male
Apply now Dysko
Dysko takes himself a little too seriously, and results in sounding goofy occasionally. He's a reliable friend who can hold his own, but has trust issues with most people because of their weak views on him.
21 30 male
Apply now Dawson
Dawson is extremely afflicted by Earth's decaying state when we meet him. His ability to perceive natural electrical stimuli is weighing him down, as the stress of nature dying all around him is taking its toll, and he cannot communicate this with anyone who can understand what he is experiencing. He is alone - even with a fiancee. He carries himself as if all is already lost, but is still conflicted on whether or not life is worth continuing on the Mars colony. He knows nothing will ever be the same as it was.
18 30 male
Apply now Naomi
Naomi is tied up with trying to convince Dawson to leave Earth with her. She cannot understand what has changed him. Her father is able to secure a shuttle, but time is running out. She cannot bring herself to leave without him, as they have been so close for nearly 5 years. She tries to rationalize and plead with Dawson, but falls short. Her father berates and belittles Dawson, and she caught between continuing her life alone, or staying behind and taking her chances with Dawson.
18 30 female
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