A Game Called Love.

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Type: Film (Feature)
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Salary: No Pay Food and travel will be covered.
Duration: About 7 filming days.

A Game Called Love is about:

Kevin comes home early from his business trip to propose to his girlfriend, only to walk into a dinner party for his girlfriend's boyfriend's family. Instead of leaving, Kevin stays to prove his love for Amy.

Auditions and filming will take place in Philadelphia, one location for filming.

Food and travel will be covered.

Imdb credits and copy of film.

Post a casting
Post a casting
Character Details From To Gender
Apply now Amy
25-35. Any ethnicity. Amy has two boy friends. Amy is bored and tired with Kevin and doesn't see a future with him. She starts dating Mike because he's young, fun, and gives her joy in life. Stuck between the two, she tries to figure out which is best for her future while hosting a dinner party.
25 35 female
Apply now Norman
Caucasian male. Norman works at a newspaper company for over 30 years. He loves his wife, Tina, and his son, Mike. He supports him through his acting career. Norman is very religious and believes in faith. He tries to figure out if Amy is good for his son.
40 60 male
Apply now Tina
. Caucasian female. Tina is the mother of Mike. She is a very religious person, and believes in God's message for us. She loves and supports her son and doesn't like his new girl friend, Amy. Trying to be nice at dinner, she tries to figure out why Kevin came to dinner this evening.
40 60 female
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