White Rabbit

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Type: Film (Feature)
Location: Amsterdam
Salary: Paid 70$
Duration: May 15th-May 25th

We are looking for the main cast/ side cast for the "killer hooker gang" and "the drug smuggling musician gang" for our feature film "White Rabbit"

White Rabbit is hour and a half movie about a killer virgin hooker in Amsterdam being captured by, then tricking a drug smuggling music producer in a psychedelic Alice in Wonderland style trip.

The film is being shot 100% analog on 16mm film. -with this we only get a few takes per scene so usually we have a rehearsal day ( it is 60$ for rehearsal days and 70$ for filming days) to ensure the filming goes as smoothly and with as few takes as possible.

We have filmed some of the film but still have a great deal to go -filming will take place may 15th to May 25 or early June depending on some scenes.

Post a casting
Post a casting
Character Details From To Gender
Apply now Brit
The snarky snapper as referred to in the narration, she is one of the main cast. Brit is British. –a rambunctious party girl. She has always been into the rave and VIP club scene and shows it in her outspoken way (-possessing a feisty attitude. ) Brit and the main character "White Rabbit" do not get along. Part of the killer hooker gang.
18 25 female
Apply now Queen B
A transvestite. She is one of the main cast. Queen b is the leader of the pack; the gang ruler of the hooker gang. –she really is full of herself, though still calm and ambient. Straight postured, and sweet dominatrix like.
25 35 male
Apply now Sam
Our main character "BILLY"s" right hand man in in the drug smuggling musician gang. He is one of the main cast. Only speaks when he needs to, or feel he needs to. A little pretentious but not overly, he know he is above the rest but he knows he number 2. He also doesn’t mind directly question Billy. He’s got balls, as he knows if Billy kills him. Billy is then in cause screwed with a lot of work.
20 35 male
Apply now Ron
Ron is a paranoid, anxious, and smart person. He has tons of conspires theories which constantly drive him insane, however due to his genius he stays semi sane, and always has good plans, though is scared to speak up to much unless paranoid. He's a part of the in the drug smuggling musician gang.
18 35 male
Apply now Little Ted
A scary looking big-mo-fo. But in all honesty. A big/ dumb/ nice/ sweetheart. He is one of the main gang musician members - Little ted doesn’t say giant sentences but is always happy and talking about positive things. He is mostly reading and giggling, though works as the body guard in the drug smuggling musician gang.
20 50 male
Apply now Cody
One of the gang member musicians. Cody doesn't have much lines before Billy "takes him out", but he seems to be daft, jolly, and a little full of himself.
25 45 male
Apply now Daphine Doomer
The front desk clerk to the brothel and a part of the killer hooker gang, and obvious veteran of the place. She puts up the whole tough redneck mamma thing, on (with a little less sass as she’s younger and sluttier). She’s rough and has power, but till only a clerk.
20 35 female
Apply now JAWS
Jaws the calm and dominatrix right hand to QUEEN B and the killer hooker gang. She is straight postured and talks only when she needs to be, and never as dominatrix as queen b.
20 35 female
Apply now Thunderbolt
One of the lower hookers, wacky personality; with a sort of fun style. She is younger around 18/ 19, and newer to this but crazy from that.
18 25 female
Apply now Mr Moto
The pimp and store owner of the hookah lounge. Moroccan. Mr Moto is a stoned like at first friendly figure who is racist after awhile of talking with him. –like your grandpa! He is stereotypical semi bad English (you can understand him, heavy accent and bad grammar)
25 50 male
Apply now Bellhop
a nice guy, overly cheery for someone who works as desk clerk to a shady semi classy hotel. Always in a a straight posture and uplifting tone, while being a bit eerie in his pure joy.
25 40 male
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