Series of 13 sketches bundled into a movie

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Type: Film (Feature)
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Salary: Paid Payment would have to be flat fee, $250 for leads, for short rehearsal and weekend performance.
Duration: Ongoing

Small independent film company is planning a series of short 3 to 10 minute independent sketch/scene/story segments concerning human nature that together make a full-length thematic movie, each to be worked on with a selected team and shot on a weekend. Some short scenes could be shot on one weekday. Each team will help create, storyboard, produce and shoot their segment when ready. Thirteen sketches/segments will make the movie. Each will have its own title, style, artistic look and credits; some will be humorous, some serious, some provocative. Subject matter includes, racism, ethnic hatred, gun control, anti-feminism, chaos, immigration, violence, fake media, social media, religion, nudity, etc. Ultra low budget unfortunately, but sophisticated, high quality content and professionally supervised. There is no specific required age, type or look. As well as acting, candidates will be evaluated by their attitude, experience, skills and interest in and understanding of each particular theme to be assigned a role. Thirteen weekend productions offers opportunities to grow, learn, experience. If you are unavailable for two months, no issue, you only work on projects you will be available for. Preference given to actors comfortable with nudity as those are the roles most difficult to fill. On the lookout for dedicated ethnic actors who can create a character/role with impact.

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Post a casting
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Brings strong presence to a film project. Able to collaborate with a team to help create and present a great character that fulfills the need of the role for the theme and story developed. Committed, trustworthy, selfless, uninhibited and uncompromised in preparing the presenting the work. Any ethnicity, any age, any physical characteristics.
18 75 both
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