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Type: Film (Feature)
Location: Anywhere
Salary: Paid Negotiable
Duration: May / April


My name is Angel and i am cinematographer / editor born in Bulgaria.

I am looking for remote writer no matter from which location may be worldwide to write and help with the scenario of th? project.
I need someone who is not full day busy and willing to work hard for best final result.
I need someone serious PLEASE!

Movie will be shot on red. Huge project covered by my studio!
We have hired one of the best musicians to work with Us for the sound and music processing. Also Professional film crew, colorists, editors, drones and everything needed. Film will be captured and processed in Varna / Bulgaria.

Movie will be sent to worldwide festivals and will be rolled on Bulgarian cinema.

For the project :
Name : " Carving for flesh "
Genre : Horror
language : English / Bulgarian
Plot :
Story is about sick man held in gaol feed only with human flesh from his own brother. He is bringing to him meal once pear week hunting in the bars by night mostly for women putting a ultra dose of GHB drug in their drinks. Anesthetized the victim is barely paralyzed from the drinks. Speaking of that he will brought her into her home, he kidnaps the victim closes her in his gaol, where she is nourished and grown within a week then he rips her off, cut her on pieces and feed his brother. One night he pick up the wrong victim.

NOTE: CANDIDATES WITHOUT experience, PORTFOLIO and IMDB credit for at least 1 movie WILL NOT BE REVIEWED!

Contact me for more information and fee negotiate.
Kind regards,

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