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Type: Film (Short)
Location: New York
Salary: Paid $.75-$1.00 per minute of video transcribed
Duration: TBD

We are a transcription services company with over 10 years of experience. We are mainly a post-production transcription company, however, we do have work in other areas from time to time. Our primary concentration is with film and television videos, such as, cooking and interviews.

We are seeking competent transcribers to take on a minimum of 2.5 hours of video/audio per week.

The right candidate will possess the following skills:
*Transcription experience
*Knowledge of Transcription software, such as Express Scribe, InqScribe
*Microsoft Word
*Keen ear to distinguish between speakers
*Ability to determine dialogue with background noise and interruptions
*Type 50 wpm
*Ability to handle tight deadlines
*Self motivator
*Ability to follow the guidelines and procedures for each project

When you have completed the application and submitted your resume, a 6-minute video test will be forwarded to you. It is imperative that you complete the test to be considered for the position.

We will follow up with candidates after receipt of test and it is reviewed.

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