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Type: Digital
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Salary: Paid $25 to $50 an hour depending on skill set and abilities.
Duration: Ongoing - Weekly Episodes

We are working on a digital late night talk show on human behavior (sex, drugs, relationships, dating, new studies, psychological issues, topical events, etc.) in the form of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

It's an upcoming digital production with the eventual goal of television distribution in the future.

Looking for a part time, skilled, joke writer to add jokes to the monologue. Think John Oliver or Bill Maher's opening monologue. Content is based on topical news, topical studies and events.

Initially, this could be a few hours per week. When the show gets busier with more fans and press, the position could become half time or full time.

We are also open to great copywriters who have the ability to do comedy punch up. Although the position is in LA, we would consider someone out of town as we can email/skype/zoom weekly.

The perfect candidate can write great jokes quickly on the content of human behavior, psychology, dating/relationships and topical news.
If they also can writer blog articles well on topical human behavior issues and they are great punch up comedy artists, even better.

Starts: Mid April

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