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Type: TV
Location: Los Angeles
Salary: No Pay Deferred - TBC
Duration: TBC

We are an LA based startup company trying to get our first projects out of the gate. We have our own equipment and most locations are secured. DP + some crew + Audio mixer committed.

***NOTE: as we are a small entity (we do not have the luxury of a major studio) all applicants need to also help in some way to produce the show / film (examples: secure more locations or equipment / good cast / funding / distribution / any contacts with Netflix - Hulu - Amazon - Google - Youtube Red etc.) so we can get the project to the finish line (so everyone produces). If you're intention is only to do one thing (e.g. directing or writing and thats it!) then you are not a match for this project - sorry!***

- Comedy writers (with comedic writing / timing experience). Please send link to your reel + sample scripts (first 20 pages of any features/ TV shows).

1 X Spec. 30 minute comedy pilot for TV pitch, in vein of Rush Hour meets Dumb & Dumber.

1 X Spec. 30 minute comedy pilot for TV pitch, in vein of Veep.

- DP with own equipment ( see below)
- Audio/sound mixer with equipment ( see below)
- Lawyer for legal docs
- Other Writers
- Some cast



- Cameras: BlackMagic Ursa 4k camera, Kinefinity, prof. lens pack, grips, silks, filters, Hard Drives & cards.
- Aerial: 4K prof. Drone (DJI),
- Lighting: New Kino Lights + tungstens
- Audio: Tascam HsP82 audio mixer, Sennheiser MEH 164 boom mic, 5 X wireless Lectotronics radio lavs, 5 X Comteks, slater,

Deferred payment contract to be paid out at a time only when project is purchased by a buyer.

Please do NOT send a resume (unless it comes automatic with your profile on here).

Please be sure to send a link to your reel of stuff you have written and that has been produced.

Please do not submit for anything not mentioned in this posting.

Thank you for your interest.

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