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Type: Film (Short)
Location: Anywhere
Salary: No Pay If the short brings in revenue, everyone working on the project will get paid.
Duration: ASAP

I'm looking for a dramatic story for a short film. I have this thing for dreams and would like the film to be somewhere between reality and dreams. This doesn't necessarily mean the story has to be written with these intentions but just as a guideline, it would be very cool to have a story in which reality as we know it does not always prevail. HOWEVER, I'm not looking to make a 'dream movie'. I do want it to resemble reality with subtle clues to dream states. The intention is to make a film that on the surface seems to resemble reality but with an underlying dream theme or chain of events that can come off as a bit bizarre or unexpected. All of the events in the story must be things that are possible in reality: no flying dogs or three headed unicorns, etc. In the end if the story is good and based on reality, and I'm able to make the production of the film dreamy, that is what I'm looking for.

Above all in a story, I'm looking for a very strong script!

This is a very low budget film so few characters, and sets will are preferred.

If you are interested and don't already have a story that fits the bill, please contact me, I'd love to chat about it before the writing begins. If you're in the Toronto area I would love to meet up and discuss ideas.

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