Internship: Props Research & Assistant to Executive Producer/Writer/Director

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Type: Theatre
Location: New York, NYC
Salary: No Pay Local Travel Reimbursement , Theater Credits , College Credits
Duration: 1st Performance July/August-2nd Performance Fall 2017

LIVE FROM NY! ITS; YOU AS MY ASSISTANT! ***Theater Internship*** as Assistant to Executive Producer//Writer/Director of multimedia theatrical production with many moving parts @ a Super Cool theater associated with SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE with packed houses and lines around the block every night!
**My show will also be at another Super Cool, Super Popular theater in the Fall for an extended Monthly Run!**

**We are currently in pre-production: Initially - Assistant will help a busy Executive Producer with a Props Research Project as well as some calendar/scheduling work**

**The Assistant to the Executive Producer will get a lot of experience learning how a show with a large cast and crew gets from script to stage.**

1 Big- Funny!- Show
2 Cool NYC Theaters

If youre a super high energy, crazy organized, student who loves theater and helping to organize people, places and things - lets talk!

Def need someone who is down for whatever to help us make this show amazing! Once we get in full production swing --

You'll need to be great at things like:

-Being super dependable and responsible

-Being a Nudge! Proactive! Constantly reminding me of upcoming deadlines/things we need to get done!

-Google Suite - Calendar, Docs, FTP

-Organizing my Calendar: Setting up meetings with the Directorial Team, Cast and Crew

-Following up with Cast and Crew to make sure they're where they're supposed to be!

-More importantly: following up with me with any and all details re: assigned tasks!

-Prop coordination and management

-Interfacing with my Co-Directors, Cast, Tech Director, Animators, etc! to Assure everyone involved in the production is on the same page with the pre and post production schedule!

-Distribution of Production Schedule and Updates to Cast and Crew, making sure they all get changes and Updates

-Sense of Humor!

-Maybe getting me some coffee - and while you're at it some for my 3 Co-Directors/Directorial Team! And some for yourself too! We'll need it!

Assistance Needed May - Fall of 2017 for both performances

Experience as an Assistant preferable!
Love and Experience in Theater and Comedy a plus!

Email for Immediate Consideration


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