Writer/Producer (On-Air Promo)

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Type: TV
Location: Charlotte, NC
Salary: Paid Competitive
Duration: Full-time

The Writer/Producer is responsible for conceiving, writing, and overseeing production of on-air promo spots for the Fox Sports Marketing team. He/She will need to be experienced in writing copy, screening footage, supervising the editorial process, implementing and initiating motion graphic and design elements as needed for given spots, selecting music beds, directing voice-over talent, and overseeing audio mixes. He/She also will assist the Creative Directors on creating original campaigns and will work closely with Project Managers, Editors, Graphic Artists, Sound Mixers, and Production Assistants.
* Supervise the top to bottom process of Producing on-air promo spots and presentations (write, edit, music, voice over, etc.)
* Production of new commercials and promos airing across our networks
* Assist Creative Director on creation and implementation of new campaigns
* Production of new campaigns and highest profile spots and projects
* Supervise Associate Producers and Production Assistants assigned to the Writer/Producer’s projects
* Train support staff to move up and grow into roles that are more senior
* Supervise and direct voiceover sessions. Execute music searches and determine appropriate cuts, as assigned. Assist in the production of promo templates for promotional toolboxes and direct promotional shoots, as necessary. Remain informed of industry trends in desktop video production and on-air promotions

* Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications, or related field. Minimum 3-4 years of on-air promotion, advertising, filmmaking, or related business experience
* Must have great creative aspirations and interests
* Strong and solid writing talent
* Must have good knowledge of popular sports, leagues, and players
* Must have strong experience in edit bays and knowledge of post-production process
* Good verbal, written communication, negotiation, and presentation skills, as well as good interpersonal skills are required
* Ability to manage multiple projects, leadership skills, and strong analytical skills
* Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Outlook and Explorer are needed Knowledge of industry standard post-production technologies required
* Good organizational skills and attention to detail. Proven Creative and Conceptual thinking required

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