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The Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts is Britain's and the world's oldest theatre arts training school. It grew out of the first production of the play that was to become a children's classic "Where The Rainbow Ends". Italia Conti who was then an established actress was invited by the producer Charles Hawtrey to teach the children for the first production of 'Where the Rainbow Ends' which opened at the SAVOY Theatre in 1911. The Academy continues to grow and flourish and is committed to giving access to the performing arts to as many people as possible via a full range of courses including short courses at its numerous associate school branches that can be found throughout the Country. Italia Conti students receive the unique benefits of training based on over 100 years of knowledge and experience geared to the needs of the present day.

Connected mandy members:

2022, The Director's Cut, Featured Performer/ Vocalist
The Landor
2022, Red Velvet, Charles Kean
Anna Rossa
2022, Guys & Dolls, General Cartwright
Avondale Theatre
Lana Lei
2021, Waiting Room, Harper/Hecate
Avondale Theatre
Isabel Wood
2021, Waiting Room, Jackie
Hannah Backhouse
Wardrobe Supervisor
2021, Various student productions, Wardrobe Supervisor
Sam Peace
2021, The Laramie Project, Dennis Shepard, Baptist Minister, Matt Mickelson
Avondale Theatre
Zara Alleyne
2021, The Devil's in the Detail, Amber/Taylor
Italia Conti Academy of Theatre arts
Sam Coates
Musical Director
2021, Singing & Music Faculty, Sessional Singing & Music Lecturer
Harry Ladell
2021, Revolt She Said. Revolt Again., Marriage Proposer/Manager
Nicole Bowden
Costume Maker
2021, Red Velvet, Wardrobe Supervisor
Harry Ladell
2021, Red Velvet, Henry Forrester
Italia Conti
2021, Morning, Alex
Debbie Waters
Stage Manager
2021, Made In Dagenham/Legally Blonde/Guys And Dolls, Prop making/sourcing
2021, Made in Dagenham, Connie Riley
The Landor
Eloise Angel
2021, Made In Dagenham, Lisa Hopkins
Harry Planck
2021, Made in Dagenham, Eddie O'Grady
2021, Made In Dagenham, Barbara Castle
Italia Conti Acting
2021, Machinal, Lawyer for Defense
2021, Legally Blonde, U/S Pilar
The Landor Theatre

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