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Latest Radio Crew Jobs

We post new jobs for radio crew every month. Browse and apply to the latest radio crew jobs in the world.

  • Associate Producer

    Buenos Aires

    We are looking for an associate/mid-level integrated content producer. The Ideal candidate has production background with an interest / knowledge of post production tools. This person is organized, detail-oriented and has strong communication skills. Bilingual english is key.

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  • Snr Video Editor

    Buenos Aires

    The material that a Senior Video Editor will work with may consist of raw camera footage, dialogue, music, sound effects, and computer graphics. In addition, they will usually work closely with the director or creative director to achieve the desired end result for the video. Depending on the product and client, an editor may be creating the narrative, structure, and tone of the video.

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  • Director of Photographer ($500 per week)


    The Story of Great Famine in Ireland was between 1845 - 1851 and it is the most painfully and the most sad story that the world is not know about this tiny chapter of this history. the most devastating and traumatic period in Ireland’s history. This charitable act from a Muslim country to a Christian nation, separated by 4,000 miles, was an unlikely relation. The Ottoman Empire was experiencing...

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  • Music Marketing Manager


    The successful candidate will be someone who loves working in an environment where freedom and responsibility are tenets, and passion, innovation and curiosity are mandates.  

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