Earnest Valentino

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YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
1987 - 1991Michael Jackson Impersonator
Phantasialand Germany
Theater/Western Salon
  • Technical Requirements

    Upon Request

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    Price Range

    Upon Request

    Ideal act length

    30min - 90min Show with 4 Dancers /30min- 60min Solo Show.

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    Michael Jackson-Professional Tribute Artist

    Earnest Valentino was born and raised in Florida/USA and is currently living in Europe. Mr. Valentino started performing when he was eight years old, winning numerous dance contests and talent shows. At the age of 13 he was discovered by talent-scouts who prepared his first steps in show business. Today Mr. Valentino is worldwide known and respected for being the absolute top-act among Michael Jackson-impersonators. The high standard of Earnest Valentino`s unique stage show, his striking looks and moves, combined with a charismatic personality as well as an amazing physical alikeness to Mr. Jackson himself, guarantee first class entertainment. Earnest Valentino`s costumes are designed by top-of-the-line professionals and reveal duplicates of Mr. Jackson`s outfits to perfection.

    Earnest Valentino is an officially recognized Michael Jackson-impersonator since the year 1988.

    In 2009 Earnest Valentino had his 35th stage anniversary with performances of more than 6.000 (!) shows worldwide, including the tour "King of Pop - the Show".


    Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Dallas,

    New York (Red Parrot, Limelight)

    Los Angeles (several clubs in Hollywood)

    Las Vegas (Freemont Street Experience)

    Atlantic City

    Europe, Russia, Asia and Africa:

    Germany (Berlin, Munich/Circus Krone/Deutsches Theater, Hamburg/CCH/Panoptikum, Frankfurt/Messe/Museumsuferfest/Städel, Köln/Phantasialand/Messe/Magic Media, Bonn/Kanzlerfest, Düsseldorf/Igedo/CPD, Hannover/CeBit, Stuttgart/Messe, Freiburg/Konzertsaal, Dresden, Leipzig etc.)

    Italy (Rome, Milano)

    Spain (Casino de Mallorca, Palma, Madrid, Barcelona)

    England (London, Reading, Birmingham)

    Greece (Tessaloniki)

    Austria (Salzburg, Vienna, Bregenz/Festspielhaus, Dornbirn)

    Switzerland (Zürich, Bern, Basel, St. Gallen)

    France (Zénith Paris, Euro Disney)

    Turkey (Istanbul/Hilton)

    Bahrain (Arabian Emirates)

    Poland (Breslau, Warszaw)

    Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara)

    Romania (Bucharest)

    Touring these places Mr. Valentino was featured and interviewed in several TV-productions and did concert openings for Kool and the Gang, Cindy Lauper, New Edition and Rebbie Jackson. Years later he promoted Mr. Jackson`s Bad-, Dangerous- and History- Tours.

    Television appearances:

    ARD, WDR, RTL, SAT 1, BBC, ORF, ARTE, ProTV Romania, Polish TV etc.

    Commercials, Galas and Corporate Events for:

    Mercedes, Volkswagen, Opel, Lamborghini, Renault

    Michael Jackson`s Mystery Drink, Michael Jackson Cologne, Goldwell

    Mannesmann D2, Ericsson, Mars GmbH, Lufthansa, GZS, Frankfurt Deutsche Börse Frankfurt Commerzbank, Sanofi Winthorp, Phoenix Contact, Migros, Edeka, Coop Switzerland, Dorint Hotels, Betty Barcley, Esprit de Corp., Kaufhaus Beck, Steilmann GmbH, Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, CeBit, Disneyland Paris, UCI Movie world, Final 4 BBL, Dynamo Dresden, Rock`n Roll World Masters, Radio Regenbogen Gala etc.


    1987 -1992 Mr. Valentino premiered in Germany through a long term engagement at "Phantasialand" in Cologne. He was leading performer, choreographer and manager of his own impersonation show titled "Superstar Reflexions". The spectacle was presented up to 8 times daily. During its five seasons this extremely successful production attracted more than 2.5 Mio. people.

    1987+1992 Mr. Valentino made public appearances promoting Michael Jackson`s Bad-, Dangerous- and History-Tours in Europe.

    1990 Mr. Valentino performed for the German Chancellor Helmut Kohl in Bonn.

    1991 he presented Mr. Jackson`s famous Rhinestone Glove for an auction at Christies in London.

    1992 -1993 he was contracted by Europe`s biggest mobile phone company "Mannesmann D2" for their promotion campaigns. German television presented Mr. Valentino in a documentary for the Dangerous-Tour.

    In fall of 1992 a Spanish camera crew accompanied him through Madrid and Barcelona, where he advertised additional tour dates for Mr. Jackson. In Madrid he starred in a special "Tribute to Michael Jackson", produced by fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

    1993 -1994 Mr. Valentino accepted an engagement at the famous "Palladium Theater" in Mallorca.

    1995 -1996 he moved to Los Angeles to study with the worldwide acclaimed voice coach Seth Riggs.

    1997 -1998 Mr. Valentino returned to Germany and became the official impersonator for "Michael Jackson`s Mystery Drinks", a company licensed by Mr. Jackson himself. Earnest Valentino performed for television, various galas, promotion campaigns, corporate and special events, open air concerts and in big clubs all over Europe. He received the "Diamond of the Year" - award for Best International Double.

    .1999-2000 at the early state of the year engagements included highlight-performances at the "Festspiel-haus Bregenz", "Deutsches Theater München" (Red Cross Gala), CPD Düsseldorf (Fashion Fare Gala), CEBit Hannover and the unveiling of Michael Jackson`s wax replica at the Panoptikum in Hamburg. During the summer he was engaged for the "Coop World Party" in Basel, performed on several open air events, including charities i.e. "Christiane Herzog-Stiftung" in Dresden or "Menschen für Kinder" by RTL in Köln. In October of that year Mr. Valentino was elected to become patron of the charitable foundation "SILKE e.V.", which focuses on supporting needy people, especially handicapped children. The artist concluded this millenium by performing a Christmas Special for the "Dynamo Dresden" soccer team followed by a show for the grand New Year`s Gala at the "Schlosspark Forum" in Ludwigsburg.

    2000 - 2002 Earnest Valentino performed at corporate events i.e. for the Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt, Ericsson`s MP 3 in Zürich, COOP in Basel, Goldwell in Berlin or the Commerzbank in Hamburg. He followed a week-long engagement in Bahrain/ Saudi Arabia and gave a 90-minutes open air concert in the city of Leipzig that was attended by about 9000 people. Other customers included Deutsche Telekom, Dorint Hotels, Siemens Computers, CeBit and several fashion companies.

    On June 15th 2002 Earnest Valentino gave a special 45-minutes performance at the Equinox/London in the presence of Mr. Jackson on the occasion of MJNI`s "Killer Thriller" night, honoring Mr. Jackson and the 20th anniversary of the Thriller album. This event was a milestone in Mr. Valentino`s career.

    In the year of 2009 Earnest Valentino celebrated his 35th stage Anniversary. Within these years he had already performed an astounding number of over 6.000 shows worldwide.

    After the shocking news of Michael`s death on June 25th 2009, Earnest Valentino`s world stood still in shock, disbelief and silence - along with millions of other people he could not understand what had happened and why.

    After many weeks of mourning Earnest Valentino finally decided to continue spreading the message of the man who was his mentor and friend, and who is painfully missed every day since his tragic passing: Michael Jackson, who will always be the greatest Entertainer on this planet and of all times.

    2010 - 2013 Mr. Valentino performed in Egypt, Switzerland, Greece and Germany.

    2014 - Mr. Valentino performed in the Middle East and worked on several Michael Jackson-related projects in the United States (Hollywood).

    2015 - Mr. Valentino followed engagements in Egypt and Cyprus.

    2016 - Mr. Valentino performed at diverse private and charitable events.

    2017 - Mr. Valentino starred in the Michael Jackson-television documentary "Man in the Mirror", broadcasted to audiences in the UK and the US. He played the role of the adult Michael Jackson. In December Mr. Valentino performed in Bucharest and was guest of honor at their annual "Save the Children"- Christmas charity.

    2018 to 2019 - Mr.Valentino performed for various private corporate events in Europe.

    Updated: November 2019

  • Skills

    • Celebrity
    • Lookalike
    • Solo Tribute Act
    Primary Skill
    • Solo Tribute Act