Dance theatre

Laura Atanasov

Hey people, I'm not entirely sure where this topic fits, because I haven't really seen anyone talking about something similar on here. Although I am dipping my feet into filmmaking and film acting, my background is mostly dance, and dance shows. But I'm not a ballet dancer, which these dance shows are usually in style of. I did study ballet, but my main style and the style of dance my dance school taught mainly, was belly dancing. When I did my first theatre dance show, I fell in love with being on stage. Ever since, I have always dreamed of creating my own dance show. Write my own story, choreograph, and direct it and dance in it. But I don't know how to really find people who have the same kind of a dream, or at least interest in this. I already have a story in mind, about the story of Medusa. I think it fits into the style of dance and I absolutely love the mythology. So, I guess my question is, is there anyone who has experience in this, and could give me tips or help out? Or even direct it, or star in it. I'm open to any discussion about this topic in any way, because it's something close to my heart. It's more of a group project, where I would ideally find people to try and make this come true. So, if you have a similar interest and want to be included, let me know!

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