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I'm a composer and arranger based in Poland open for new film projects. Feel free to contact.

Here's my website:

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Joaquín Valls
Music Professional


I'm a composer and producer based in Argentina, open to new film or multimedia projects. Looking forward to working on new challenging projects.

here's my portfolio:

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Luís Mercês
Crew, Music Professional

I'm a film composer based in Portugal, I'm open to making magic with you!

Portfolio and contacts:

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Gabriel Jaluize
Music Producer

I'm a Music Composer based in Dublin - Ireland.

Skill: Music Composition, Production, Sound Design and Programming
Crafts: original music , emotional and cinematic soundscapes that transport listeners to another world.

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Alessandro Petacca
Music Professional

Hi, I'm Alessandro Petacca and I'm a composer, sound designer, music producer with more than 10 years of experience. I'm open to audiovisual projects, commercials, films, documentaries.
I'm proficient in these musical genres: ambient, neoclassical, trip hop, drone music.

Here's my portfolio


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Donato Coscia
Music Professional

Hi, I'm Donato Coscia and I'm a composer of music for films/media, producers, music supervisors. I'm available to work on films, short films and more. I use the best setup out there are of recreating a digital sound like a real sound, alternatively I write orchestral scores for recording sessions. My genre is, orchestral, pop, house music, ambient, acoustic. My orchestral sound is similar to that of John Williams, Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard and other.

Here's my portfolio

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Hi, I am Sharare, a film and visual media composer with years of experience in the film industry. I'm available for collaboration opportunities on film, documentary, Video Games, and commercial projects

You can check out my work on my website,, where you'll find my portfolio, music tracks, and credits. You can also see my credits and collaborations on my IMDb page:

Feel free to contact me.


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Hi, I'm Federico Gasparini a music composer from Italy looking for new projects to expand my portfolio and more genres to score! I recently had an audition here for a drama short film and my last project was a horror/thriller short. My showreel is available within my profile or at this link:


Federico Gasparini

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Jacob Wędzina
Music Professional

Jacob here, musician, composer & music producer from Poland.
I specialize in ambient, folk, medieval, primal, meditation, world, ethnic, yoga, noise, mystical magic music, also I have experience in other different genres.
I'm especially interested in composing and producing music for MOVIES, short films, animations and GAMES.

My project & portfolio:


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Tommaso Cevoli
Music Professional

I am a music composer and I have just finished my studies in the UK in BA Music Production & Sound Engineering at Middlesex University and MA Composing for Film, TV and Games at University of Chichester.

I am oriented towards fantasy and Sci-Fi genres for movies, short films, games, commercials, animation and more.

Thanks for the attention,


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Maximiliano Ilarragorri
Music Professional

Hello, my name is Maxi, and I'm a producer, composer, and sound designer. I would be delighted to collaborate with you!

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Helmut Meijer
Music Producer

Hello everyone, my name is Helmut Meijer - a Dutch / South African Film Music Composer and all-round Music Producer, Sound Designer and Lecturer in Music Production. I have created a massive film music library, curated to the "T" to assist in the highest quality compositions, and the lowest cost and at the quickest turn-around time! Selah :)

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Luca Simone
Music Professional

Hi, I'm Luca, a Film Composer and Producer, specializing in Electronic/Orchestral Hybrid music but I'm open to score in any genre (I'm currently working on a post-rock soundtrack amongst other things!).

I'm available for collaboration opportunities on both Film and Videogames. You can check out my work on my website: , you'll find my contacts on there as well.


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Hi everyone, my name is Gijsbert Ambachtsheer and I'm a Dutch composer/sound designer. I also make electronic music under the moniker Wavewatcher.

The style of my work is a hybrid of electronic and orchestral music. It ranges from a traditional classical type of sound to modern ambient soundscapes.

Because I'm a music producer and a pianist, I'm able to cover the whole process of music creation. From composing on the piano to the production, mixing and mastering of a score. I'm a huge music nerd and I listen to a large variety of genres. From jazz to dub step and from classical to dance. I think (and hope :-) that all those influences are reflected in my work.

I'm available for composing/sound design and mixing for film/video games and other media productions.

Composer reel:

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Greg Kirschhoffer
Music Professional

Hi everyone, I am a multi-faceted Composer, Arranger, and Orchestrator. I compose in various styles, ranging from small instrumental ensembles to full orchestras, encompassing classical to Sound Design and Electronic music. I am actively seeking collaborations with filmmakers in need of original music to enhance their films.

Showcase link:

Feel free to contact me.

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Music Professional


Aiert here.

I send you my music composer demo reel where you can listen to different projects i have completed. Hope you like it!!


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Wesley West
Music Professional

Hi everyone!

I am a professional film composer and music producer from South Africa!
I am hard working and keen to work with people around the world.

Have a look at my showreel and listen to my portfolio here:

IMDB link here

Looking forward to hearing from you

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Hi everyone!
I'm Riccardo Di Renzo a professional Composer from Rome.
I mainly focus on the classical orchestral genre, combining it with a mixture of synthesizers and so on.
I really like to always create new themes for new soundtracks and I prefer originality and freedom in the music channeled by the director's idea.

This is my showreel on Youtube and you can find me on Google if you search my name and surname:



Thank you for your attention and availability.

Best regards, Arrivederci!

Riccardo Di Renzo.

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