Composer for film/visual media

Kristian Kostelac
Music Professional

Musician and composer in various styles offering original cinematic music for your projects. To get the impression, listen to the 8 minute long reel with excerpts from my previous works.

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Maximiliano Ilarragorri
Music Professional

Hello, my name is Maxi, and I'm a producer, composer, and sound designer. I would be delighted to collaborate with you!

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Kristian Kostelac
Music Professional

Hi, yes, I'm always open for collaborations. Feel free to come with any proposals. Write here or in direct message.

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Vittorio Mezza


I'm musician, arranger, composer, orchestrator for soundtrack music.

Give a look at a small part of my portfolio here:

• Orchestrations:

• Mancuso Mezza - ''Dances in my mind'' (CANADA):

• Main Spotify:

• Spitfire Competition WESTWORLD HBO:

Thank you!! Best

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Hi everyone!
I'm Riccardo Di Renzo a professional Composer from Rome.
I mainly focus on the classical orchestral genre, combining it with a mixture of synthesizers and so on.
I really like to always create new themes for new soundtracks and I prefer originality and freedom in the music channeled by the director's idea.

This is my showreel on Youtube and you can find me on Google if you search my name and surname:



Thank you for your attention and availability.

Best regards, Arrivederci!

Riccardo Di Renzo.

  • 2 weeks ago
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